2/9/05 Salon Visit REGIS SALON - Regis Hair Salon Citrus Heights, CA Complaint Letter

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Regis Hair Salon Citrus Heights, CA Complaint Letter

4806 Manzanillo Street Fair Oaks, CA 95628 February 10, 2005 Regis Corporation

7201 Metro Blvd

Minneapolis, MN 55439 Re: 2/9/05 Salon Visit REGIS SALON




(916) 726-0666 To Whom It May Concern: This letter conveys my observations and concerns at a recent visit to a Regis Salon in Citrus Heights, California. If my complaints were solely due to a poor haircut, I would NOT be writing this letter. The Regis Salon in Sunrise Mall is, in my opinion, poorly run and unsanitary. I made an appointment a few weeks prior to my visit to the aforementioned Regis Salon for February 9, 2005; I was told Emily would be my stylist. I reconfirmed my 3:00pm appointment the morning of February 9th and arrived at the salon at 2:50pm. When I got there, I learned that Emily was on her lunch break and having her hair done by the manager. Although this was my first visit to the salon, I found it odd that the person with whom I had an appointment would be on her lunch hour. Clients will easily accept a substitute if the stylist is not there; however, in my situation, the stylist with whom I had my appointment was having her hair washed by the salon manager. This is not acceptable. I should have been told that someone else would be doing my hair when I called to reconfirm my appointment. I almost left, but I was assured by the staff present that Jessica was every bit as good as Emily. I was also reminded that I did not request Emily; therefore there was never a stated guarantee that I would see Emily - "this is the way it is here" the manager said. They accept "walk-ins"; kind of like Supercuts. I didn't want to go to a salon like Supercuts! As I proceeded to hang up my coat in the restroom (which I thought was odd), I noticed how dirty the salon was. I can overlook some hair on the floor of a busy salon, but I noticed hair on the ground all over the salon and even in the bathroom. The chairs and sinks were grimy, and I think what bothered me the most, is that the staff was sitting around chatting rather than making some effort to clean up. The restroom, which served as a cloak room, was a mess. I'm guessing I arrived immediately after a fury of activity; it's too bad that the manager did not insist that salon be cleaned up. No one lifted a finger while I was there. Jessica was the young lady assigned to cut my hair. Since I knew nothing about this person, I had a lot of questions. I asked for help in deciding how much to cut off, what style I was hoping to get and input on how this could be achieved. We looked through numerous books and I had a lot of questions, some concerns. I got the feeling from the rest of the staff who sat around watching, that my questions were not welcome, or at the least bothersome. Jessica informed me that she was relatively new. I'm not sure how much better Emily might have been had she worked on my hair, however, I came away disappointed with my hair cut; I can't help but think that maybe Emily would have been better. After all was said and done, Jessica had to go back and cut longer hairs she missed. In fairness to Jessica, I thought that she was interested in helping me and very pleasant.

Any mistakes I pointed out to her were promptly dealt with. I have short, fine blond hair and was hoping to get someone who understood what styles would be best for my hair type, someone capable of making suggestions. But it was obvious, she lacked the experience and maturity I would have expected from a person employed as a stylist at Regis. I realize age has NOTHING to do with experience and maturity, but Jessica seemed to lack both. As I was describing what type of style I wanted, I indicated to Jessica I wanted my hair to be "symmetrical". She did not know the meaning of "symmetrical". Shouldn't that term be in a stylist's vocabulary? I would certainly think so! And she could not give me any suggestions or input. I finally gave her suggestions on what to do; I was hoping it would have been the other way around. Each observation I describe to you, taken by itself, is not a big deal or worthy of a complaint letter such as this. But together they describe a dirty, poorly run salon with mediocre stylists; a place I will never return. I am not the type of person who systematically writes complaint letters. I am doing so to bring this salon to your attention. My former stylist is no longer in the Sacramento area, so I was hoping to establish one at a quality salon near where I live and work. I'm disappointed that my search has to continue. I am certain, as I left the salon, that Jessica knew I would not return. Under normal circumstances, I would have notified the salon of my dissatisfaction and requested that someone else at the salon "fix" my hair, but to be honest, I would not consider ever going back there again. In my opinion, the salon appears to be unsanitary and not worthy of a return visit. Although I was tempted to ask for a refund, I would rather give another Regis salon in my area a try. Therefore, I am asking that you: Send a representative to the salon in question to check out the conditions first hand.

Use this letter as a constructive learning tool to inform the manager of my complaints.

Insist the manager impress upon the staff at this salon the importance of having a clean, customer friendly environment; a seating area where customers can wait (I had to sit at a hair dryer and then by a dirty sink where I looked through magazines), a clean and tidy restroom, a coat rack in the salon, not in the restroom and, clean floors, sinks and chairs. I had no place, but the floor to set my purse, which after closer inspection, had hair and dust stuck to it.

Ask the manager to insist that stylists who have appointments, keep them, especially with new clients. This alone is a huge deal. The attitude of Emily and the manager when questioned why I had to see someone else was inexcusable. I felt like my patronage was not important!

I would appreciate a written reply indicating that the issues described above will be investigated. I would also appreciate a certificate good for another haircut at an area Regis Salon to compensate for my troubles. Please do not hesitate to contact me at COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_72927# Consumer if you have any questions. Sincerely, Susanne A. R Click this link to e-mail the above consumer: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_72927# Consumer


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8cf74600, 2007-11-10, 02:22PM CST

Screw you and your unrealistic demands.

The reason your unhappy is because your fat and you were hoping for a hairstyle to magically cover up your weight and your acne. Before you start calling out the sanitary condition of anything, you might want to wash your ass.

946d2995, 2008-02-16, 03:36PM CST

I hate this salon, they cut everyone in my family's hair crooked and over charged! They are so unprofessional! They just sit around and gossip about each other.

61baddfa, 2008-09-16, 11:44AM CDT

I am a stylist at another regis salon in another part of the country and I can support alot of these claims. I'm generally appalled and embarrased by the lack of professionalism amoungst my co-workers. Most of them are young but some have been there for 10+ years and act like it's a high school study hall. I've lost clients due to the behavior of my co-workers and the context of thier conversations. I would love to find another salon to work for but I don't want to lose my accrued seniority or vacation time.

As far as the overall state of the salon, immediate cleanliness is the job of the employees, however in the case of my salon, we haven't been remodeled since we opened in the late 70's. Our sinks are dropping off the wall, our stations and equipment are outdated and the building in general is falling apart. The regis owned Holiday hair across the way is planning to be remodeled soon even though they were remodeled 7 years ago. They look better than us and are much cheaper. When someone's paying $25+ for a haircut should the environment and people reflect they prices we charge? The company as a whole see's it's employees as expendable and really couldn't care less about our complaints and needs.

Personally I think Regis Corp as a whole needs to re-evaluate thier operating proceedures and pop-in on thier salons more often to look for things like 'Suzanne' has complained about because it's everywhere.

c458eec9, 2008-10-17, 01:41PM CDT

Your childish immature comments aimed at this person shows just how sad a person you really are! I guess it's true the truth really does hurt, Regis Salon needs to be put out of business!

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