Saturn 2000 LS1

Posted on Friday, February 11th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by 1f0a0027

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Saturn 2000 LS1

The right tail light/brake light fixture started giving me problems. I had to wiggle the bulb socket to get the bulb to work properly. After a few weeks the left tail light/brake light bulb fixture started to do the same thing. When I looked at the fixtures, the ground contact tab was burned brown.

The plastic under the tab was burned black. I called a Saturn dealer in Memphis, Tenn for 2 new fixtures. I made a mistake and said I had an SL1 instead of an LS1 that I have. They told me that I would have to purchase a harness modification because all the tail light fixtures would start to do the same thing one by one.

I got the modified assembly. All the fixtures were wired together to a harness. The female plug of the harness was made to plug into the male power feed plug. When I went to plug the harness in, I found out that the male and female plugs where made differently. That's when I realized I had gave Saturn the wrong model number.When I gave Saturn the right numbers, they told me that they can give me just the individual light fixtures.

My complaint is that my LS1 is having the same problems as their SL1. My LS1 has no good fix for the problem. Also, shouldn't there be a recall is Saturn is expecting all the tail light fixtures in its SL1's to fail. This is a safety hazard in my opinion that may be in several Saturn models. The harness repair for the Saturn SL1 cost $35.00 per side.

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