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Posted on Wednesday, February 2nd, 2005 at 12:00am CST by 96ceb627

Company: JC Penney Credit Services

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Due to an error in the JC Penney Credit Services department, my credit report has now been tarnished. A year ago we changed our address, moving from one state to another. A couple months ago I purchased some items from JC Penney. I went back to buy something last month and I was advised that I was unauthorized to use the credit card. I immediately went up to the credit desk and found out that I was 2 months late making a payment. I called the credit services department and found the reason was that they had sent my bill to my old address.

I proceeded to give them all the updated information (again) and told them to send me a bill as soon as possible. A couple of days later I started getting collection calls for JC Penney, harassing me about paying my bill. I advised them that I would pay in full (a whole $150.00- obviously not a huge sum) as soon as I received a bill. After 2 weeks, they had still failed to mail me a bill, so I wrote them a letter on January 11th, 2005. Within a week I received a bill that also included late fees. I paid the bill in full the date I received it (1/15/2005). JC Penney did reply to my letter with a scripted, "sorry but you are out of luck" letter. Since we are buying a house my credit report came up.

Excellent except for JC Penney! Though they were at fault, and I did everything that I should/could, they still wouldn't take it off my credit. Also, I checked my account today, and they now show another late fee due! I called the credit line and spoke with a representative. I explained the situation and she advised me that the bill was due on 1/12, and that I didn't send them one until 1/28. Obviously this can't be the case, since I mailed them a letter on 1/11!

After reading the letter to her, giving her the date I mailed the letter, the date I mailed ENTIRE payment, she agreed to finally take off the additional late fee. My credit, however is still effected. I would like to know how they can do this when I did everything in good faith. Oh, but they did offer to increase my credit line and add additional members to my account.



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9c7fa870, 2008-09-18, 07:50AM CDT

I have a similar problem with JC Penney's.

Only I have NOT MOVED and JC Penney made changes to my mailing address without my knowledge or consent.

At least you received calls - they did not bother to call me at all.

I live in a rural area and USPS does not provide home mail delivery. So I have a PO Box and have had it for the last 14 years.

JCP changed my mailing address from the PO Box to my street address and never did anything to correct the changes or contact me in regards the account when they received the statements back as Undeliverable as Addressed.

First I was aware of the account with 0 balance was when the collection agency called.

JCP gave them the wrong address too.

You need to file a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. They violated the Fair Credit Billing Act, by not sending statements to your Current address.

In my case I have also filed formal complaints with the US Postal Inspectors for Mail Fraud - they consider the unauthorized changes to be mail fraud.

I have also filed a complaint with my states Attorney General's Office.

c5cf654c, 2008-10-09, 09:37PM CDT

I also had same issue with JC Penny card. After i have signup the card, i used it for $21 (its very small amount) and never use the card. And i went to vacation to foreign country and cam back after two months and my address has got changed. After that i have got started getting calls from their collection agency. Then i have paid the $35 with late fee. But it has got ruined my credit. Please help me in this regard. And let me know what action need on my credit.

6e003726, 2008-12-01, 04:25PM CST

I fail to see why JCPenney is at fault. You knew you made a purchase. When you didn't receive the bill, why didn't you call JCPenney to inquire?

Because you do not receive a bill, doesn't mean you don't own the payment.

Sorry, I'm with JCP on this one.

4d6f6c6b, 2009-06-19, 08:38PM CDT

JCPenney is terrible. I'm currently trying to get my credit report cleared of a JCPenney credit card record that belongs to my dad, he died 6 months ago and I am a JR. with obviously a different social security number. When we lost dad we closed the JCPenney credit account which was always in good standing no balance due. They asked for a copy of the death certificate which has his social security number on it, and when they reported to credit agencies they also reported under my social security number (which was never given to them by me or my parents) that I was deceased. Lovely computer systems we have these days and stupid people at the keyboards compiling information that does not belong together. This locked up my credit for all intent and purposes, the most important at the moment is my now inability to renew a bond required for my contractor's license. It's been a month already and it has only gotten worse, I now have two records of JCPenney same account on my report, one is "deceased" the other is open in good standing and these again.....do not belong to me.

JCPenney to "fix" this reopened the account under my social security number, which never should have happened. Dad's account was established when I was in 5th grade, prior to me having a social security number....36 years ago. But they refused to just remove it from my record. They said the only way they could remove or add a social security number was with a photo ID of my dad's, which I suppose I was lucky enough that mom still had dad's driver's license. Still waiting for them report to the credit agencies and hopefully before my current bond expires soon or the state will suspend my contractor's license until a bond is put in place.

Nobody gives a darn that this is affecting my livelihood, besides the sadness of dealing with this mess just 6 months after losing my dad. They just tell me their hands are tied even though they know very well that it's all their mistake. Their mistake for ever cross referencing the name and my social security number in their computers, and reporting me as deceased, and reopening the account so now I have two incorrect records on my report...including that I'm still showing as deceased.

I sure can't wait to be alive again. Never will I do any business whatsoever with these people, not even a simple cash transaction for a pair of socks.

ef82bf64, 2009-07-27, 12:44PM CDT

You should have still known that you had a monthly bill that was due to JC Penney. The payment is due at the same time each month, so when that date rolled around a little bell should have gone off that something was wrong. That is not a good excuse to have not paid the bill in two months. If you did not get your car note in the mail would you just not pay that...no, because you know that there is a date that it is due. I am not good at paying my bills either, I forget or just don't have the money, but you can't blame the CC company for it! You should've known that your bill was missing and payments were due. It is your own fault, sorry. That sucks!

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