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Posted on Saturday, December 3rd, 2005 at 12:00am CST by 6cb7975e

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Norton Internet Security

December 2, 2005

I have run Norton software for many years. In the past few years it has become very labor intensive to keep updated and it is not compatible with some other software without removing Norton Internet Security and reloading it after you have installed your new software. But too top it all I began to run a system scan and my PC stopped and a DOS screen appears saying something like "DOS extensions missing". I tried to reload my operating system without formatting or re-partitioning my hard drive, just a repair of corrupt files. The system would not load and kept going back to DOS with an error message like "VMCMS.VXD file missing. I was lost at this point and took it to a computer store for repair. They told me that the hard drive had a bad cluster and I needed a new hard drive which I purchased. I loaded the operation system, no problem, and then all my programs that needed to be loaded prior to loading Norton. I learned that 2 years ago. Then I loaded Norton Internet Security 2005, again, got all the Live Updates and then started the System Scan. Low and behold the system dropped right back to DOS with the error message "VMCMS.VXD" file missing. The file name could be something similar because I'm not doing it again to get the "exact" name and here's the reason. After I reloaded the operating system and my program but without Norton Internet Security I go to the Symantec Support website. I cannot send them an e-mail because I don't have Norton loaded! I can call them for a fee $29.95 per call or $2.95 a minute take your choice. You've got to be kidding me. After running their product for close to 10 years the support has gone down the tubes. If you want support please purchase some of the other virus/firewall products that actually support their software. I would actually like to help them identify their problem but not at my expense. I have spent to much time and money on this last repair. I have a system running Windows ME, 512Mb ram, 1Ghz processor


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