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December 2, 2005

I am a consumer of this credit card, I recently had my providian credit card sold to SST Card Services, (which I was'nt aware of until the bill came). I also noticed that the

APR was now 29.99% !!!!! I called them and explained that I never gave permission for

my private information to be given to anyone. Upon paying the first payment which I decided to do over the phone....same day it was due, (which I often did when it was Providian, with Providian it would also be posted the same day). To my surprise, now not only does it not get posted immediately (now I have a late charge, plus phone in charge)!! By the time I paid this months bill with everything now tacked on it almost tripled my old monthly bill. I recently received another bill for the month of December...SST has not applied monies that I have sent on this bill, and now they are asking for another late charge.... I tried calling to get information on my account, this line allows me to put in all my information...Then at the point its there turn to give you your says "call back some other time". Upon trying many times, I've come to the conclusion "THERE IS NO INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR ACCOUNT''!!!!!!!!!! They only want you to send money for a bill that will never end-

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665c8070, 2008-03-21, 01:13PM CDT

I also had my account sold, also without my knowledge AND they also didn't honor the settlement agreement that I had with my previous card (Washington Mutual) and told me, even after they said they were aware of the agreement and would honor it, that they didn't know about the agreement at all and I was still responsible for the entire balance. How is this possible? SST is a snake organization. If you have your account sold, do whatever you can to get it back in the hands of the original organization.

5c689ecd, 2008-04-14, 05:09PM CDT

I am not alone obviously. I am furious that they

sold my paid account to SST providian. What can we do? I have paid so many charges and never use the card.

9053accf, 2008-04-30, 05:03PM CDT

I'm with you. The same thing happened to me. The first bill was nothing but interest on the Wash. Mut. bill I had paid in full to Wash Mut. When I got bills from SST I was throwing them away because I thought they were junk mail. When I finally opened one it was a bill for 10 cents interest. We argued and I was told to avoid interest charges send extra money when I send payments. My nest bill was $40.30. I sent $40.40. My next statement showed a $.10 account adjustment. They took the 10 cents. When I called again to ask where my 10 cents went they said anything under a dollar they do away with. So I said from now in I will only pay the $$ amount and skip the cents and they can write that off.needless to say my 10 cents was credited to my account. I haven't used the card in almost a year. We will see what happens now since I just used the card.

13142b70, 2008-05-19, 05:32PM CDT

My card was sold to this company 2 years ago. I haven't had any problems with them at all. I pay my bill on time every month and while my interest is high, I know why it is. I don't like that my card got sold to this company, however, I know why it was. I didn't pay my bill with Washington Mutual (the original card account) and they didn't want me to ruin their bank credit rating.

I just paid off my bill online and it was credited just fine. I think a lot of blame has to be put upon the consumer, not just the company. I accept the blame and have worked hard to correct my error. Maybe you should do the same.

dfb5dee1, 2008-06-30, 12:49PM CDT

I will add also had my account sold, also without my knowledge AND they also didn't honor the settlement agreement that I had with my previous card (Providian). Only after Providian got stupid and raised my interest rate to 23.99%, I complained but it did no good . Soon after I paid the account in full and informed "Providian" to immediately close my account. Then as I write above and same with most of you, I receive mail from SST but chucked it...After awhile, they began to charge yearly fee's, balance fee's and the such bringing the account to a balance of $215 and placed in collections status. Was told I need to pay the balance due...they also made sure to blunder my credit report and shit mail from their collection agency CIGPF1 Corp. As far as I am concerned they can blow me as they will not receive 1 dime!!! Same goes for other crooked sharks...I have since closed all accounts, sold my home and all possesions for a new life overseas...Life is great!

361e9a20, 2008-09-17, 10:21AM CDT

I am experience higher than ever late charges and penaties add on by this SST Card service aand I am question If they are legal a scam. I plan to write MY state Attorney General Office about SST. I have not used this card even before it was reported sold. I have paid this debt for some time but it does reflect the payments the balances Higher and higher each statement. Iamaa not going to make any more payments and foward my issue to Attorney General Office.

8ddf3af0, 2008-12-03, 01:50PM CST

had auto loan transferred to SST 7/25/01 went through all their bull.. extra fees, crazy interest rates. Was laid off from work in2006 tried to keep account current when possible, they contacted us in late 2007, early 2008 about sending someone to house to verify we were here they said would speak to me to verify, after waiting approx a month called sst, lady looked up info said person contacted me (news to me) I said no she gave me wrong address house description etc, said also talked to neighbors, I asked all of my neighbors (on good accord with all) they said nobody contacted them, so she said would investigate, never got back with so figured was settled. Contacted them 3/17/2008 for payoff, received amt, sent money in, received lien release statement and title paid in full around 3/27/08 around 3-4 months later after no contact at all get call from sst you owe us 40.00 for (field call), said no was paid in full, she said no we owe, got called deadbeat even after payoff, told her to send a bill, after a month get payment statement that shows 40.00 on 3/27/08 day when paid off, get calls every day, called sister in law, wife at work? tried to be upfront paid off loan and this. if any action against sst I would like to be contacted .

a86e3c5f, 2009-07-27, 01:19PM CDT

i to had my card account sold to sst. I wasnt behind when it was with providian. And i was sending sst the payment alil over a week before they were do. And still i was getting late fees. so i paid more then the ammount due. 2 weeks before it was due and still got late fees. then they raised my interest and kept adding late charges no matter when i paid them. Cause of it my account went over my limit. so i called them to bring it under the limit. and once again i had late fees and over limit charges. so i kept paying the bill. And i went to a debt consuladatin program. and the accepted the prepossal they call day in and day out. and they still are putting late charges and over limit fees. i hate the company. i had them almost paid off before the changed to sst. I try calling them to talk and they wont talk to me. i just dont know what to do.

d15b241b, 2010-04-14, 08:57AM CDT

sse did the same thing to me.i would mail my bill 10 days in advance and was getting late charges.when i inqiured about the charges the nice lady on the phone replied,"sorry hun but we only have old Rupert working in the mail processing center and he's 87 yrs old,you should send your payment earlier."Do yourself a favor ,cut the card up and pay your payments a month in advance with extra principle until you get it paid off.Go Suzi!Go Suzi!Go Suzi!

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