Ott Lite lamps Not Repairable

Posted on Tuesday, August 9th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 482e320c

Company: Ott Lite lamps Not Repairable

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Ott Lite lamps Not Repairable

Ott Lite lamps are 'full spectrum' lighting, to provide a daylight clarity while crafting, sewing, etc. All fine and good when the lamp works, but when it stops working, you can't find parts. My lamp was $169 about five years ago, and has stopped working. When contacting Ott Lite Company, the response I received was, 'Well, use a 40-50% coupon at Jo-Anns stores, and buy a new one.

The lamp you have is 5-6 years old." Well, how is it that I can still have a working, operating lamp from my mother's era (well over 30 years old), and this over-priced piece of junk is supposed to be 'disposable" after only 6 years? They also mentioned they can't repair it. And I've tried looking for anything I can use to fix it myself (it might be needing a new ballast, but yikes, you can't find a ballast like this anywhere, either....). For the price of one of their over-priced Ott Lite bulbs, you could buy a 'copycat' lamp, probably American made, and who knows, might even last longer....! Ott lites are adertised and sold just about anywhere crafting is done. Just don't waste your money on them.


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03e7242f, 2008-03-27, 10:20AM CDT

I agree. My Ott-Lite Vero lamp died just after a year -conveniently after the warranty expired. You can buy US or Chinese made lamp full spectrum lamps that offer much better quality. I have two Chinese made that are several years old and seem much sturdier. Ott-Lite is crap.

a6d664d9, 2009-06-30, 05:06PM CDT

I accidentally purchased the wrong bulb and I tried to return it to JoAnn's only to find out that they no longer carry the plug in bulbs. (This was a backup bulb and the one in the lamp is still functioning.) They discontinued those bulbs and now carry only the screw in type. JoAnn's would not refund or exchange it. I contacted Ott Lite company and the only thing they would offer was an exchange with a restocking fee of $5. Not only did I have to pay to have it shipped but I also had to pay them to take it back! I will never buy another Ott Lite product. When the bulb in the lamp is no longer functioning, I will convert it to a screw in bulb and buy a competitor's bulb. There are plenty of full spectrum lights available. This was VERY, VERY poor customer service. Do NOT buy Ott Lite. The competitors products are much less expensive and are just at nice.

83820618, 2009-09-16, 08:10PM CDT

I agree with these comments. My Ott Lite table lamp has a socket where the bulb is held in place with two small plastic tabs, which are made of cheap hard plastic and break easily, whereupon the bulb will fall right out. I went and looked at some store demonstration lamps, and sure enough, the tabs were broken. What a piece of crap!

54791cba, 2009-12-10, 10:32PM CST

I had an Ott light stop working after 4 years. I looked to the web and all I saw were negative comments, I went to Ott and they had me send them the model and serial number, and I did. They told me to send a picture with the unit's AC adapter cut off and they would send me a whole new unit for less than $20 shipping and handling. I now have a new one. I'm happy!

ec896bf5, 2010-02-27, 12:49PM CST

I definitely believe that the Ott Lite lamps are poorly made. About two years ago I bought another OttLite (model L139AB)because the socket(on the older ottlite-same model) broke when I took the old lamp out.So I decided to buy the same model because when it was working it was nice. I had the new one about 2 years before the lamp went out. So I went to OfficeDepot to buy the replacement lamp. I went home and put it in. The thing does not work!! I thought it was a defective light bulb so I exchanged it again and tried it. Same results!! This is ridiculous that the last 2 ottlite has broke on me. My brother has the same lamp, which still works, but the cover actually broke off. It still works but the lighting is so harsh without the cover. This is a poorly made product and now I have to trash my ottlite and get a new lamp. I've decided not to get an ottlite again and won't recommend them to anyone.

a40a3409, 2010-08-29, 02:23PM CDT

I am extremely disappointed at the poor build quality of my Ott Lite. While the lite stillworks (it's only a few months old), the swivel head design is a joke and continually just flips around so that the light is pointing at the ceiling., It can only be pointed straight down (right in your eyes, blinding you), or it flips upside down. The whole construction is cheap plastic. Would love to return it or get a replacement, but from what I've read, Ott Lite is not responsive to customer complaints. No wonder, they must get a lot.

e86ec504, 2010-10-30, 09:14AM CDT

My wife a fashion designer has owned 5 Ott Lites over the past 6 years. 2 Have died and I pretty much echo the sentiments of all posts here. Not fix able. Poorly made. Poor customer service.


e5a0e62d, 2011-01-07, 03:59PM CST

I second your disgust. I replaced the lamp twice and it did not work. I figured it was the transformer that puts out 18 watts. So I took the lamp apart (6 or 8 screws, pretty easy) and got the cover off. There the 2 wires from the plugged in transformer were exposed at the base of the lamp receptacle. I used my volt tester on them and nothing - DEAD. Poor quality and $35 bulbs to boot. DON'T EVEN THINK OF BUYING FROM THEM! This did not even get heavy use!

36adc3c5, 2011-01-10, 10:22PM CST

I own a full spectrum task light with a clamp that worked fine for 2 years. Then it went off. Bought 1 spare bulb $12 that did nothing then a second one. I think the transformer went bad and I can't find a solution to have it replaced. I feel frustrated to own piece of equipment which looks like new and can't be fixed after 2 years of light use while some basic appliance can last much longer and only require changing a bulb. That is very disapointing.

d889433a, 2011-02-02, 12:52PM CST

You can purchase a new ballast from customer service... I just ordered one. I've had my lamp for at least 6 years, and it's on all day everyday for my parrot. It worked great until my boyfriend just broke the ballast, and all it took was a 5 minute phone call to get a new one on the way. I love my Ott Lite.

c201a98d, 2011-06-02, 05:28PM CDT

Mine is a decorator table lamp I use in the bedroom. It too was over $150.00. T he bulb started to flicker but I had planned ahead and had a new one. It also flickers and does not come on all the way. I have not been able to find another bulb locally. It is a 13 watt compact swirl plug in bulb not a tube. I am thinking it is the lamp. I had not used it for extended periods of time so I think it might be the lamp itself. I agree with above. I have 5 ott lights in my home (crafty style) and they work fine.

e589d364, 2011-06-15, 07:30PM CDT

I have had an OTT floor lamp model for 3 years. Within a month of owning it, it quit working. Customer Service is unresponsive at their e-mail address and a phone call is answered by someone on a blackberry who took my e-mail address and said they would send me a form I had to sign - some sort of release - before they would sell me a part. Have not heard from them since. I agree with other comments - they run true.

c144cdfa, 2011-11-05, 02:01PM CDT

My Ott floor lamp worked for 18 months and then stopped. Electric lamp repair shops will not touch it. I paid a lot of money for a replacement bulb (from OTT) and it still doesn't work. It is a handsome 30lb piece of trash!

f2bc55a2, 2013-05-29, 10:58AM CDT

I bought a 13W replacement bulb from JoAnne's at a cost of $34.99. It had the same info on the package as on the lamp (13W PL Type A) but when put into the lamp the bulb would not work. I called the OttLite customer service and was told that this bulb will not work in my flip up desk lamp even though the prongs and base look the same as the old bulb. Apparently, the company has changed manufacturers and the base of the new bulbs will not connect to the lamp when inserted. It was suggested that I just buy a new lamp from the company online. REALLY????? Now I have to go back to JA and try to return the bulb. This is VERY frustrating as there was no info on the bulb's package to indicate that there would be a compatibility problem! If the company knows about this it should be printed on the packaging so that consumers don't waste their money, time and energy!

746aed23, 2014-02-04, 11:46PM CST

I've tried 3 replacement bulbs for my folding table ottlite, model GX7825. Each ones emits only a faint orange glow at the base of the bulb. Could something be wrong with the lamp? I've had it only two years and have used it infrequently. Please advise. Evelyn Hersey56492894

Richard H., 2014-04-01, 07:50PM CDT

I echo many of the above comments about the poor quality and poor service of Ott. Our floor model with prong base bulb first lost the pin that holds up the telescoping pole. Then the bulb died--had a heck of a time removing it. Bought a new bulb ($20) but it has not worked. I would give it to Good Will or Salvation Army, but they'd be stuck with a piece of (s)crap. It's surprising that Joanne's Fabrics continues to sell Ott, given its poor ratings and service.

e8f9c540, 2014-04-09, 11:38AM CDT

I echo all the negative comments set out above. I wish I had seen them before I forked out $35.00 for a new bulb that, of course, does not cure the problem of a dead lamp.

steve b., 2014-06-17, 05:22PM CDT

i bought a new 18w bulb for my table lamp. and guess what?? it doesn't work... i was going to send the tube back as faulty but after reading all the trailing messages, will have to do some testing to see if power is making it to the tube or not... i am not optimistic... and i like the looks and service of a properly working ott... too bad they have a bad rep for quality...

Bob C., 2014-07-25, 08:13AM CDT

We have an Arial by Ott-Lite that is over 10 years old and has worked perfectly. Last night, the light broke off of the swing arm where it was welded together. 10 years is pretty good, I'd say. After these remarks, I'm not sure we'd get another one though. Maybe they were made better 10 years ago. I'm going to contact Ott to see what they say and will follow up here.

Bruce H., 2014-10-11, 01:12PM CDT

In finding this discussion, my search for a replacement bulb for my Ott-Lite desk lamp has just ended. I have my explanation ... this is a plainly irresponsible company that just doesn't bother with a sufficient supply of replacement bulbs! (Their website is clearly wildly inadequate, offering only 13 different kinds of bulbs; they surely must have manufactured at least dozens of desk lamps.) Such a shame ... the lamp I bought is beautiful and very high-quality brass with a heavy marbled-glass shade. But I guess I was foolish(?) to assume that I'd be able to order a replacement bulb when the time came. On the other hand, the first bulb did last several years. Unless I can somehow jerry-rig the bulb I received that doesn't quite fit, this gorgeous lamp will be either a paperweight or (gulp) going to the landfill. I'm so disappointed.

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