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Piggly Wiggly

(608) 882-5308. 8 County Road M Evansville, WI We are a small town (under 3000 people) and Piggly Wiggly is the only grocery store within an 20 mile radius. Because of this the attitude of the owners Jim Koepke is becoming intolerable. We would like to know who we can process a complaint through because of the following. 1. We have had our debit cards grabbed out of our hands by the cashiers. We had cards that were becoming very hard to scan and on at least 3 different occasions we had cashiers grab our cards out of our hands without our permission and try to scan them. They have also commented each of these times that we need to get new cards because they don't have the time to deal with things like "that". When we complained to the owner, the owner stated that they have every right to do what they did and hung up on us. 2. We purchase soup bones for our dogs there occasionally and about every other time we do, the meat is bad when we open it up when we get home. We live over 10 miles away from the store and it makes it very difficult for us to take things back. 3. The biggest problem that we have with Piggly Wiggly in Evansville is the scanning. The last 6 times we have been there and purchased items, there have been an average of 2 items that they over price us for. When we try to get our money back, they argue with us. We have proven that they price is correct, however, there has only been one time that they have seen they were wrong and that is when our dozen eggs rang up at $60.12. The prices are marked clear, however, they will continue to argue with you and will not want to refund the money most of the time. This is overcharging and they seem to know that they are doing it. We are moving in the next couple of months and one of the reasons are because we do not want to be in a town where we feel that we have to drive 20 miles plus not get taken advantage of. This store needs some serious attention and I truly believe that is someone investigates it they will find my complaints to be true. Please let us know what we may do about these situations. Thank You Mary Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_46944#


e06e6818, 2009-03-01, 03:39PM CST

Regarding Piggly Wiggly, Warner Robins Ga.

Last month I was at the freezer dept and saw hundreds of dead flies laying in the bottom, I took pictures on my cell phone.

I contacted PW via internet, which is far from easy to do!!! The Manager incidently is Jeff Banks.

A rep of PW called me and apologised,nothing from Mr Banks. I no longer go into that store, BUT, as I am a care-giver and have three clients in that area, its inconvient not to shop at PW.

Surely Mr Banks would have sent me a nice letter assuring me things are no longer so disgusting, and to include a considerable amount in form of a cheque/coupon to encourage me to return.

f749d07a, 2010-05-22, 06:48AM CDT

This about your lack of quality control at your PW store west ashley charleston sc quadrangle is atrocious. past complaints. enticed to comeback with pw card. i did. 1)salty salty salty white rice 2) fresh fresh fresh green limas 3) limited cheese in the mac and cheese(i was previously told you did quality control on the recipe, but that obviously is not the case).You need quality control at the deli. the customers have a right to be treated properly. The seafood friday special isn't special. i wondered why the people bought only the whiting and not the seafood dinner@ $9.99. I discovered why.The seafood was terrible, crumbly hushpuppies/foul taste;oyster-was a hollow rubbery tube with tan meal covering this "thing"/foul taste. I realized I was the fool falling for this special. no quality control!!!!!!!!!! I resent the statement, "well, nobody else has complained".They had to find out some how and passed the word not to buy it. I tried! Thanks for your kind attention. Sincerely, Reginald HarperMD


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