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Posted on Sunday, August 7th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 8d4c8c34

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I recently sold my house to payoff Mortgagee, from above Organization. Current Principal Balance stayed at, it seems to be, 80355.84. My Real Estate Act. has been trying for 2 weeks before July 29, 2005, singing of papers, to get quote. It finally came in the day before, then it wasn't RIGHT. a couple HOURS BEFORE ON July 29th at after 1 in the afternoon, it comes in at 108010.01, I received Buyer Check for 125000.00. Then Ocwen slapped back owed EXPENSES TOTALING A Huge AMT. OF COSTS TO THEN SINCE 3/5. Before 3/5 I had a Discharge Eff. 2/5. Apparently all of these charges and things were still mounting up, even though I continually called them to let them know I was selling my house. I WANT TO KNOW CAN THEY DO THIS AND GET AWAY WITH IT????? The Company in name is Ocwen, P. O. Box 6440, Carol Stream, Illinois 60197-6440 Mary


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mary w., 2012-09-18, 01:45PM CDT

i made a payment on the 14th, electronic transfer for my mortgaget at Huntington bank. I got confirmation it went throug h the bank but no confirmation from ocwen

Helen I., 2014-03-17, 10:10PM CDT

I have attempted to submit a payment using your provided on line service, but it doesn't go through.

58de5489, 2014-03-13, 07:49AM CDT

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Sarah S., 2014-03-12, 12:01PM CDT

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Our face-book page is https://www.facebook.com/ameridocsprocess?ref=hl

We have helped hundreds of clients who are being defrauded by their mortgage companies.

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jerry c., 2014-03-14, 02:17PM CDT

I sent an enet transfer to Ocwen for the pay off on my house and they said I had to send a certified check in the amount of the pay off that they couldn't tale the pay off over the payment forum, so I went to the bank and got the pay off and Ocwen took the electronic payment out of my account after they said they could not,. So now they have 2 pay offs on my account and they received both and only have a record of one of them and they said they reversed the enet money, but I haven't seen it listed on my bank or their site.

Unbeknowest to me Ocwens Number connects you to a place in India, so I recon since I can't call the bank in Carol Steam Ill. direct, that I'm a sitting duck unless they send my money back. I'm insured for the amount in Fraud, so If I don't see the money by Monday returned to my enet account that they said they have sent,, then I'll have to file through the Federal Reserve for the loss and let them handle it. Good Luck to the rest of you,.I need to edit this to show how it happened on the 11th of this month (march) 2011 I sent through my enet account on Ocwen $140,144.56 that was the principle I also sent a personal check as I have done since 2007 #1495 for $550 making the pay off $2 more than I owed according to Ocwen. When I woke on the morning of the 12'th the money I posted on my Ocwen site $104,144.56 was not showing so I called them and the lady said I had to have a certified check to pay off the mortgage, so I went to the bank to get the check and befor I got there I called Ocwen again to make certain I had to send the check, and the Lady said I had to have a certified check befor I could pay off the Mortgage, so I went on to the bank and explained what happened and told them what they said so the Bank sold me a certified check for $104,144.56 which I took to the Post office immediately and told them to have it there over night and they did by 11:45AM the next day by tracking number stating delivered, go here.. EI 200517682 US that's a USPS site and tracking number. As of right now no one knows where the picked up money is or who picked it up, they have no record of it, and this is where I send my payments too since GMAC went bankrupt and Ocwen took the loan as a collecting agency.. But I called and they promised to have my money back in my account on Monday 3/17/2014.. If its there I'll update and let you all know if it isn't I'm going to notify the FDIC on the Fraud charge they done on me,, The only place I can talk to any one about this is in INDIA,, so I'll have to get the FDIC involved to get this straight for they robed me with false decpetions and tricked me into making out a check to them and then did what they told me they couldn't do,,. Now I am out $104,144.56 times 2 = $208,289.12. Plus a check #1495 for $550 = $208,839,12 for a mortgage pay off of $104,144.56 for which no one knows where the money is, and they aint even saw the $550 dollar check and neither have I and it hasn't as of this update been taken out of my bank account that I sent for additional principle. I will follow up on this Monday morning, and on the 3/20/14 I told them I would call and see what they was going to do if my money and a clear deed isn't presented,, And I'll persue this if I have to go to Carol Stream Ill. and pick up the money myself,, They have been warned,,, I will not put up with this type of a rip off of the US people including myself,, I'll wait at their mail box till they arrive and watch who opens it and stop them in their trpcke and ask where my damn money is, if that don't work I'll ride on down to their florida Address and see who is in charge there;) see you all Monday;)

jerry c., 2014-03-17, 01:59PM CDT

Today is Monday 3/17 2014 Post mentioned above, as of today I haven't gotten on reply for my money. They show on my web site that it was sent reversed on the 13'th and I said I would update it today.. Also last week I told the Lady in INDIA, and the Man 'both' that on the 20'th I'd give them a call and we'd see what their plan was, I been informed that the interest I could charge them from court is 10% and they will have to pay all court cost and ligitigation fees, so if I don't have my money by the 20'th Ocwen will get a Bill from me and My Legal attorney and probably a call from the FDIC and Congressmans Secretary on this issue,. These people are causeing me Mental Angwish too and I will be going to the Doctor for Nerve meds , I have an appointment on 4/2/14 to see a phychirtis for my nerves, these people stole my oney, and they are in India, and My nerves are shot;

Helen I., 2014-03-21, 10:41AM CDT

Have you contacted the Better Business Bureau with all of your proof? My complaint situation is different with Ocwen, but still unresolved (they have yet to provide me with pay-off papers after 3 months!!); contacted them on March 2nd, and they said that they would put in my "request", but that I would have to call them again in 2 weeks to check on it! I was completely dumfounded!! I have NEVER heard of such a thing in my entire life! Attempted to call them today, but call kept getting dropped; if no results, I'm seeking legal advice and any any legal fees that I may incur in the process. Good luck to you.

jerry c., 2014-03-18, 02:42PM CDT

I just got back from the bank after consulting my Congresmans secretary,, se said go to the bank and let them deal with Ocwen,, Upon arriving and showing all the downloads,, where Ocwen took it off and put it back, after the Certified check was sent the bank put my money back into my account,,, not to mention they checked on the certified check for which Ocwen received and pretended they didn't receive it,, Ocwen had already cashed the check it was for the amount of my Principle loan of $104,144.56 and clearly marked principle, being both amounts was taken the same day from Ocwen, proves that Ocwen used and broke their own terms of service, by downloading the amount from my account and not using the cashiers check that 'they' themselves said I had to have,, The Bank was very supportive in their help. And they will deal with Ocwen,.. Even the bank caould see the deception. So I got my money now Ocwen can worry about the Interest they will have to pay my bank for a while and I'm debt free,,, By Ocwen and good riddance,, the bank can verify my account #6016 is now paid in full.;) I'll take the paper over to the court house and clear my deeds and Ocwen can send me my Escro and Insurance monay back or I'll get a real estate attorney to collect it plus interest,,Bad boy Ocwen ,,,, Bad Boy,,,..Youre doing business in the United States now,, Act like it!!!!!!!!!

jerry c., 2014-03-21, 05:45PM CDT

To Helen, The bank is watching my account and they have seen the evidence, I have a huge accounin that bank, and Ocwen wont get by with anything I garentee, even the Bank didn't know their main office was in India,, now that was a trip for sure,. The money was put back in my account and they owe me a huge refund for paying it off early,,. If anyother agency needs notified my Bank will take care of it,, But thanks for the help;)

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