free marlboro miles catalog

Posted on Sunday, August 7th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by d5b46fb7

Company: free marlboro miles catalog

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free marlboro miles catalog

I would like a free marlboro miles catalog so I can redeem my miles

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81d33e27, 2008-06-03, 04:46PM CDT


I have been saving your marlboro miles for years, just to find out that you discontued it without notifying me, ge thanks, I guess I know how philip morris feels about their customers and now I don't want to be your customer anymomre, unless you redeem every one I have.

550c9c3e, 2008-07-19, 06:43PM CDT

I have been saving my miles for several years. I came online to find what I could buy-only to find out they have been discontinued!I changed to Marlboro because of its incentives-buy one get one free and the miles. HOW INCREDIBLY DISAPPOINTING! Maybe I should again look for another brand with rewards!

70cf0e39, 2008-11-21, 12:04PM CST

My son redeemed his miles a couple of years ago and got the "Marlboro Man Corduroy Coat w/removable liner". How can I get another? I need a L Tall, and a surprise for Christmas!



1a97fba5, 2008-11-23, 05:58PM CST

Please send me a marlboro catalog so that I may redeem my miles.

Roger Shapiro

P.O. Box 111

Reisterstown, Md. 21136

06e6ef1f, 2009-01-19, 06:02PM CST

i would like the marlboro catalog and the cookbook sent to my house please.I was on the mailing list but i moved awhile back and stuff stoped being mailed to me. I would like for me to be put back on the mailing list thank you.

505397b5, 2009-02-25, 02:38PM CST

Why put it in your adds if you are no longer doing it. Lets up date your AD O.K.

bedc0b7e, 2009-07-05, 09:29AM CDT

did't think you people still had marlboro miles ; I used to get alot of nice stuff w / the marlboro miles.....

387ed19c, 2010-04-24, 03:54PM CDT

wow are you serious? my boyfriend has been driving me crazy riping marlboro cpu's off of my packs and now i hear they arent even redeemable? wow, you guys didnt even let anyone know. thanks alot, im switching back to true's. Thats a shame for you, because we buy 2 cartons a week.

1354303e, 2010-09-06, 12:25AM CDT

we felt the same way as you when Marlboro abruptly discontinued the miles program....we were left holding hundreds of unusable miles, too!!

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