Nikon 8000 Repair / Mack Camera

Posted on Saturday, August 6th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by e7ff467b

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Nikon 8000 Repair / Mack Camera

I am a photographer in Chicago that has been dealing with repairs to a Nikon 8000 for over three months. I initially sent my scanner to Mack Camera for a repair which was still under the extended warranty. I purchased this extended warranty when I bought the scanner almost three years ago. Mack Camera received the scanner on the 29th of April and after several weeks, they had to send it to Nikon for the repair. After almost 8 weeks, the status of the scanner was still at "in repair" mode when I logged in online. I phoned Mack Camera and they said that they would call me back with more info within minutes. After a WEEK of waiting, Mack Camera still did not contact me. I phoned Mack again and got in touch with Nick from repairs. Nick claimed that the scanner was back in their repair facility at the time of my initial inquiry. He said that it had been dropped during the shipment back to Mack Camera from the Nikon repair center. He didn't really give much information about the next steps to replace the scanner except for: "you need to contact UPS to get a reimbursement check or replacement scanner". Apparently, UPS did not have the scanner in their claims department. They stated that the scanner was sent back to Mack Camera. I contacted Nick again and he said that Mack Camera did, in fact, have my scanner and was waiting for UPS to contact them. A story TOTALLY different from our initial conversation. I was beginning to get the "run around" from Mack Camera. It has now been well over 15 weeks since I sent this scanner out. I phoned them today (August 5th) and the repair department said that their records show they sent my scanner back to me on June 13!!!!!! I told her that that was not true and that the whole experience getting a scanner back has been miserable. She told me that I should call back on Monday and talk to Nick. Me?? Call back? I told her that Nick should call me back, at which time she said have a nice day and hung up the phone. My advice? DO NOT PURCHASE AN EXTENDED WARRANTY THROUGH MACK CAMERA IN NEW JERSEY!!! It is worth more to pay for repairs when needed. They are no help and will give you any excuse in the book to cover the butts when you catch them sleeping on the job. Thank you, Ryan Chicago : 60607 Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_47045#


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17dde75c, 2008-03-13, 08:46PM CDT

Oh My God,they just screwed me.I sent them my camera coolpix 8700 to repair the flash.It come s back after 4 weeks several calls,with the lens barrel chipped.A asshole named scott then get rude with me about it.I am planning to go down there and complain in person,since I live in New york.Any advise other tahn reporting them and satying away in the future?

dfd7d1df, 2008-04-14, 03:56PM CDT

We only give estimates on what is not a manufacturer defect as stated in the service contract. When you, or any other customer calls regarding an estimate that was given and dispute the fact that it was dropped, something was spilled inside, or whatever the case may be we must hold firm to our contract.

I apologize that you were given an estimate, but impacts are not covered under the standard service contracts.

d534c280, 2008-10-25, 11:27AM CDT

Mack Camera has been putting me through incredible delays, requesting documents, etc. They DO NOT WANT TO DO REPAIRS. Now that I found every crummy piece of paper they want, they are sending me to a repair place in NY for an estimate. But they say they do not have to honor the estimate and that I have to wait at least a week for their response. They are hoping, of course, that I won't want to make 3 trips to the repair shop, one for the estmate, the other to get the printer fixed, and a third to pick it up. but you know what: I will make those trips and I will notify Andorama, the store that sold their warranty to me that mack camera sucks. .

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