Publisher's Clearing House complaint

Posted on Thursday, September 1st, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 6bd278f9

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Publisher's Clearing House complaint

August 31, 2005

For the past several days I have been getting emails and phone calls stating that I requested information, which I haven't. I supposedly answered a survey, of which I have no knowledge. Sometimes when you go on a site there are boxes already checked, and if you don't uncheck them, you are agreeing to have them contact you or send you emails. I am usually very careful about unchecking those boxes, which I think is not right in the first place. I could not have missed that many boxes to request that much information. One other possibility is that someone has signed me up for all these things as a cruel joke. I have been getting phone calls about loans, window blinds, annuities, a Florida resort, debt consolidation,. etc, all claiming I asked for the information and that I answered a survey from Publishers Clearing House. I also had several emails, some of them subscriptions to magazines, information on Crafmatic Adjustable beds, Bi-polar disorder, and inventions. I would like this all to stop as I can't even answer my phone.


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