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Repairs & Parts, Best Buy

August 30, 2005


Paula, We exchanged emails several weeks ago and I would like to update you on the progress of the situation. As of now my computer is still sitting in Chicago, waiting for a replacement screen, I am currently using a loaner laptop courtesy Best Buy. While it is nice to have at least something to use on a day to day basis, I need a computer of my own to install my school software on. I have been given a choice to get a voucher for the purchase price of my laptop, or to wait until mine is finished, which could be a long while. While speaking in a conference call with my father (Wisconsin), myself (Indiana) and Ron Hamilton (Chicago, where computer is being fixed), Ron recommended that I look at the Toshiba Qosmio as a replacement, and gave specs that would be suitable for my needs. I looked at the computer (Best Buy Lafayette, IN) and agreed that the specs would meet my needs as an engineering student. I gave my father the SKU# and he was going to pick it up so that it could be brought down to me today. After he got to the counter, he was told that he would need to pay

$1000 for this new computer, he immediately called Ron and asked why he recommended this computer as a replacement. Ron made excuses as to why he recommended the computer and they came home with this temporary computer. We are nearing 2 months for this ordeal and are very unhappy with the service and lies that we have gotten. The software I need to install is very expensive and only good for one computer, I need one that I will use for a very long time and the loaner is not up to spec. I run monte-carlo simulations which require massive amounts of CPU and RAM, as well as a very good lcd. Based on how my computer has been handled at the shop, I'm not sure I would trust it to continue working. On Monday, my father will be in contact with Best Buy corporate, and as per request of a relative who has a personal relationship with Toshiba I will be forwarding this email to the Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin, where the computer was purchased. I am writing this email as a

request for a corporate contact, someone high enough to resolve this issue, but more importantly for an end to the lies. Kevin

Purdue University

School of Nuclear Engineering


> My inquiry is specifically related to: Repairs & Parts


> Primary Phone: 4144ssss

> First Name: Kevin

> Last Name: Mueller

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> Questions or Comments: To Whom It May Concern:My name is Kevin Mueller > and I purchased a laptop with the performance service plan from Best > Buy in Greenfield Wisconsin, on 76th street. My laptop was sent in > about a month ago to have the CDROM drive replaced. (IT FAILED TO READ

> CD'S) The laptop came back with a new drive as well as a new LCD > screen. I inquired as to why the screen was replaced, but no reason > was given by the technician that performed the maintenance. I brought > the computer home and began to check it over. The screen would no > longer go to a setting of 1400 x 1050, leading me to believe that a > lesser LCD had been installed. I returned to the store and my > suspicions were confirmed. They sent the laptop back as a "redo". > Yesterday, nearly a month after it was originally sent in, my mother > recieved a phone call regarding the service of the laptop. The > technician had called because he could not confirm that the original > LCD had been the sxga+, and they could not order the part until my > mother, who does not drive, faxes a copy of the receipt to him. My > mother said to him that he can look it up on the system or contact > Best Buy Greenfield to have the information sent. He replied that he > was not allowed to do that and needed her to fax the copy to him. He > gave her the fax number and his phone number. So last night my mother

> and I go to the local Kinko's and pay 5 dollars (Long Distance Fax, 3 > pgs) to try to send it. We spent over an hour trying to send this fax > to the number given, but it was unsuccessful. We went back home > (Midnight) and I decided I would try to call this technician. Turns > out that based off the information that my mother read from the > receipt, they were able to order the part. So all is good, right? > Nope, one month ago I said I was leaving for school (Purdue Univ.) on > August 13th, and absolutely needed my computer by then. It is now 3 > days away and they have just ordered the part. This means that my > parents will have to take an extra trip down to Purdue just for my > computer. I have completely lost faith in Best Buy computer service, > had I been an average computer user, I would have been taken for $270 > dollars (difference in screen price). I expect that this matter be

> resolved and that I be somehow compensated for the hours that I have > spent in Kinko's and at the local Best Buy store. When I purchased > this $3000 laptop, I never imagined such a piece of technology could > become such a nuisance. Thank you for your time, also please wait to > contact serviceman until he no longer has my laptop and is safe in my > hands.

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