Unreliable service with Yellow Cab Co. (Clearwater, Florida)

Posted on Thursday, August 4th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by a66de67a

Company: Unreliable service with Yellow Cab Co. (Clearwater, Florida)

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Unreliable service with Yellow Cab Co. (Clearwater, Florida)

Hello, I used to be a good customer with the Yellow Cab Co. in Clearwater, FL. I took cabs to and from work each day for about a year. What I don't understand is why Yellow Cab isn't reliable. After all, they are the biggest business in the state of Florida!

It was all going fine until one day they showed up late at my home. I was supposed to be at work by 7am. I called more than an hour in advance (5:50am). They have a policy that they will show up at your door within 20 minutes. I waited, waited, waited, and waited by the front door. Still no cab!! Finally they showed up an hour and a half after I was due at work. They couldn't have possibly been that busy when I called 5:50 in the morning that they couldn't send me a cab.

Then they screwed things up in the office. I would give my work address for pick up and they'd show up at my house address instead. When I called after waiting an hour outside my work in the rain, they had the nerve to tell me that I was a "no show". Then I said, "I beg your pardon, you're the no show! If you desk people can't even give a correct address you shouldn't be working for Yellow Cab!"

Let me say also, that the cabs were not always late, but late more often than not.

To my surprise, one time a cab driver was early. This might sound like a miracle, but it was as far from joy as Pluto is from the Sun. Well anyway, my driver was waiting in the parking lot. When I stepped into the cab, the first thing I noticed was that he had set the toll meter. It was at $5.00 before I got the chance to sit in the cab. I tried to debate the issue and he told me he had been waiting there for 8 minutes. I said, "You can't charge me for your waiting. You arrived too early!" Still he kept on mumbling. He was the first Arab cab driver I have had. So when he dropped me off at my house and the toll was more than double the normal fare, I said that I was only going to give him the amount of money that I normally spent for cab fare. I handed him the cash and he shouted, "what's this!?" I stepped out of the cab, closed the door, and proceeded to walk up to my front door. He rolled down the cab window and started to shout and curse at me in either Arabic or some other language. He sped off down the road. I locked my front door. I stared out the window and I saw him turn around and speed 70mph back down the road. I could understand someone feeling frustrated, but that man was severely irrate about

everything. I had an overall bad experience with this company! Use it at your own risk!!

After the continuous late pick up in the morning and evening, I discontinued using the Yellow Cab Co.

I then switched to St. Pete Taxi, which was no better. I am going to post a complaint about that company, next; please read it.

Terrible service with St. Pete Taxi,

Hello, this is sort of a continuation of my Yellow Cab Co. complaint.

When I switched cab companies from Yellow Cab to St. Pete taxi, I thought that things would get better, however, I was terribly mistaken. The first week with St. Pete taxi went smoothly and it was less expensive. The second week, a cab arrived and I ran and waved to catch the cab. He drove right past me and took off! I told the company and they had reported me as a "no show" again. Well, I had just about enough of this taxi nonsense. I was about to file a lawsuit for discrimination. I knew they were doing it on purpose! It was sort of a game. It couldn't have possibly been a coincidence that both companies accidentally take off without the passenger.

One driver with the St. Pete taxi ate his dinner in the cab and made me sit there and wait inside the taxi until he finished his taco bell. I though it had to be some sort of joke, it most likely was. At that moment, I started looking for Candid Camera. It wasn't really candid camera, just an inconsiderate driver.

They started making me wait for hours to get picked up. One friday, I spent 7 evening hours waiting to get picked up! Seven hours!!!!

The cabs are in terrible disrepair also. The doors are ready to fall off and the motors clunk around. I would think that a company who earns $5 per mile could at least get their vehicles repaired!

I finally got a private cab driver. He was the best! He only charged me half price and waited for me without taking off like the other drivers. If you ever use St. Pete taxi, ask for Karl. He's only the driver that knows how to treat customers with respect. Thank you, Karl!



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