1995 Astro

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1995 Astro

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I found a 95' Chevy Astro on Auto Trader advertised by Kern's. Now, it's important to note that this was obviously an as-is type of vehicle. It was a coversion van that was in descent shape with 130k miles on it with working AC and cruise, and full power options. We test drove it and were satisfied that it seemed to be a good choice. However as we continued on our trip (we came from an hour and a half away and continued on further another hour and a half) with the Astro, trouble started. First the check engine light came on. Then as we were sitting in a drive through line, I noticed the engine temperature light in the red. We got on the road and the air movement dropped the temperature down to normal, however it was only when moving at highway speeds that it would stay at normal.

We made it to Columbus where I found a Tuffy on 5th Avenue where the gentleman was kind enough look at it and determined that the raditor was about two gallons low and filled it up at no charge. I haven't noticed any leaking since and so I assume that Kern's most likely never even had service look to make sure something so simple checked out okay. Not to long after, the stalling started, at random when stopping. I believe that through replacing the EGR valve, O2 sensor and replacing the broken down oil (from being overheated) I may have remedied this as well. Finally, we were about to head back to Indiana when I noticed the battery light heading into the red as well. We made it over 15 miles on almost no power after being directed to a Pep Boys on W Broad Steet. After being told Monday was the soonest they could get us in, and we then explained our situation, they pulled in the van right away. Bad Alternator. After a couple of hours we made our way back to Indiana thoroughly frustrated and concerned that we weren't going to make it back. We did make it back and I spent the rest of my weekend wreching on the van, hopefully remedying most of these issues.

Now, like I said, this van was "as-is." However, I think a dealer who is in the public eye should have the descency to check out simple things like coolant, oil, trans fluid, brake fluid, etc. Also, it doesn't take a large amount of time to check the electrical system, fuel pressure and engine compression.

My biggest disappointment was when I called to let my salesperson know about the situation, he "acted" concerned and said he would call back to see what they could do about the situation. I later emailed and so far, no response whatsoever. I think it would have been fair for them to cover at least the repair expenses, especially since we were stranded twice the same day we purchased the vehicle. I am not claiming that Kern's did anything "wrong." It is just my opinion that they were neglectful in selling a vehicle with such easily identifiable problems. I knew it wasn't "certified," but I guess I assumed that they would have at least popped the hood. We'll never be back to Kern's Ford.

- Actually copied and pasted from the Autotrader.com page that had the van advertised.

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