Rockaway Bedding in Middletown, NJ Deliveries

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Company: Rockaway Bedding in Middletown, NJ Deliveries

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Rockaway Bedding in Middletown, NJ Deliveries

August 29, 2005

September 28, 2005 - Business Reply - From: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_25668#

I e-mail the customers daughter and she responded to my e-mail with the information I needed to do a through investigation of her complaint. Rockaway Bedding credited the customers VISA card a total of $95.00 to cover all expenses and corrective action was against the personnel who made this delivery.

Fred Bielenberg, Director of Customer Relations,

Rockaway Bedding

October 2, 2005:

Yes - $95 was credited but it did not cover ALL expenses. There was still a delta of $33.86 (medication was $34.62 X 3, $16 for overnight delivery and the $9 tip = $128.86 minus the $95 thus the delta). But this was much too stressful and I needed to move forward so I dropped it after Mr. Bielenberg last communication. I urge their company to do better assesments of the delivery companies they contract in the future.

August 29, 2005:

Just last week I had a futon deilivered to my mother. She lives in a senior complex and deliveries can only be made Mon to Fri during the day. I work, live over 2 hours away and was unable to be there at time of delivery. We paid extra to have them deliver set up the futon. While the delivery guys were there setting up the futon they also stole my mother's prescription medication from her kitchen! My mother did not notice until she went to take her meds the following morning. I had to scramble on how to get her meds refilled and overnight expressed to her. Not to mention the stress this put on my mother. And my mother had even tipped the loosers $9 for their efforts!!! Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_47448#


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