ESA a division of Daewoo Electronics

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Company: ESA a division of Daewoo Electronics

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ESA a division of Daewoo Electronics

August 29, 2005

ESA a division of Daewoo Electronics

120 Chubb Ave

Lynhurst, NJ 07071

CEO; Ed Asher

Phone 1-888-372-6961

I purchased an ESA, DVD-Video player combo on 6-8-05. The DVD portion of the unit works fine but the video tape unit does not function properly in the rewind mode. The manufacture states on the package and in the owners manual that it is a "4- Head High speed rewind VCR. The fastest way to rewind a tape is in the play mode in "search rewind" which takes approximately 12 minutes to rewind a one hour recording. Entering rewind from the stop mode is almost 20 minutes for a one hour recording to rewind. I have contacted ESA/Daewoo on several occasions and have yet to even get a phone call returned. They tell me that they have not had any prior complaints about this problem, but I am familiar with three of their units and they all have the same problem. According to their manual my unit is still under warranty, but what good is a warranty if no one will do anything. When I made my first call I was told that they usually did not repair these units it cost more to repair them than they were worth. The patent line when I call is, "We will forward this to Robert at headquarters."

My first call was Aug 9/05, then again on Aug 17/05 and 4 additional times since then. I would either like the unit repaired, or the unit replaced, or my money back.

I do not think that any of these options are out of line.


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0c0940eb, 2008-02-03, 03:50PM CST

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