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August 29, 2005

I HAVE TO SAY THAT I HAVE NEVER SPOKEN TO A MORE RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL AND UNPLEASENT CUSTOMER SERVICE EMPLOYEE BEFORE NOW. At 11:30AM on Aug. 29TH 2005 I called the cuisinart customer sevice dept. and waited about 10 min.before speaking to a representative. I told her that I was wanting to order a replacement 12-cup carafe in black for my Grind & Brew coffee maker and that mine had broken. She said in a not so friendly voice " Model # ?" I said I didn't have the model #. She said I can't help you, there are 2 grind and brews. I said yes, but one has a stainless steel carafe and mine... I was interruppted by " O.K. there are three then. Get the model # . and then she hung up on me. I could not believe what just happened. I decided to call back and try again, but this time I was hung up on before I could say anything after waiting again for 8 min. I went online and looked up my coffee maker and found out that there IS only one Grind and Brew coffee maker that comes in 3 colors. All the carafes are identical except for color. I feel I had given her all the information she needed to help me. She obviously decided it was far easier to be rude and hang up, then to do her job in which, God only knows why, she gets paid to do. Now I was really upset, so I called back and waited again. Finally some one answered. I told her how I had been treated previously and that I would never order anything from them ever again. I found it cheaper on-line and ordered it from someone else, and you can be sure when I buy another coffee maker, or any appliance for that matter, I will definitely remember this experience and consider every other brand first.

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c8f9d534, 2008-04-16, 09:13PM CDT

My daughter purchased a cuisinart Grind and Brew 10 cup automatic Coffeemaker. the coffee maker was a gift. I have had trouble with it. Several times the coffe had not gone into the coffee pot. I use the filters reccommended and am very careful with the measurement. I had thought perhaps I had too much water and tried making fewer cups of coffee. The problem still exsists.

It was purchased at Cosco in Yorba Linda. My daughter lives in Hawaii and while home on a visit tried to return the coffee maker. Cosco no longer carries the Item and would not give her a refund. Please advise.

Roberta Herlihy

5dc85d9e, 2009-07-29, 01:26PM CDT

We received a coffee maker as a gift for our wedding - less than three years ago. According to Cuisinart, the serial number refers to a unit that is out of warranty. When I asked about other customers returning units, the rep stated that they have had many returned for that same problem.

We were expecting at least an exchange since there is a known problem with the unit, but instead the rep stated that they would do nothing. When asked if they cared that they were loosing a Cuisinart customer, they seemed as if they could care less. I will buy from their competitors from now on.

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