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Mr. E's Music

August 27, 2005

I have never been so appalled by the actions of a manager like I was at Mr. E's Music store. The manager at the Hulen store in Ft. Worth, Texas (between Hulen St. and Bryant Irvin Rd. off I-20) treated me and my mom with nothing short of absolute rudeness. We were merely there to see if we could exchange a marching clarinet reed (value of $20) that we had purchased there only a week earlier. The manager, first of all, states quite rudely, "No! We can't take anything back that's been in someone's mouth!" I pulled out the 30-day warranty paper inside the package and read that it said along the lines of "TRY this reed and if you aren't completely satisfied then return it." He pointed out that it said "return it to the company itself," not the store where you bought it from. Okay, fine...but...

We stood there for a few seconds...they didn't even TRY to help us. My mom began to explain that she thought THEY (Mr. E's) could take the reed and give it back to the company themselves. Afterall, we aren't the ones doing business with them, THEY are. So they offer no words of help or advice of what to do and then he goes on to criticize ME about how I have not been taught manners (he accused me of slapping down the reed/package angrily when really I had only slapped it down to close it, and of course I was dissapointed! We drove an hour to get there!) And what kind of manager GLARES at his or her customers? He glared at me! I may look young but I am nearly 18, an adult myself. My mom told him that we were never coming here again...pretty much thanks for nothing.

Right when we were at the door, he tells us to come back and he gave us our money back. I just can't believe he acted this way. I'm glad he finally gave the money back but I just can't stand for him to get away with it. I want to make it known and I hope he doesn't do that to anyone else.

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