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August 27, 2005

I have been a user of Incredimail for years. And, unlike many of the posts here, it has been far and above the best email program I have ever used. I was happy to be a paid "life-time" premium member.

However, recently they removed their "free" spam filter and now require all users that want a spam filter (which the call SpamFilter Plus) to pay $39+ a YEAR. Not a one-time fee, $30+ a YEAR!

I made the mistake of following their direction/suggestions to "keep my software updated" and really wish I had the older version - which they no longer offer.

So, paid or not, I'm stuck. It hurts me that they have taken such a stance and all of our correspondence shows that all they care about is "pushing" us to pay more - even those of us how have strongly supported, and paid.

So sad, too bad. Guess I will move on and find another e-mail program. So far, WikMail looks promising. But they are new - we shall see.

My complaint? Incredimail is a predator! They even take advantage of supporters and paid customers.


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06c2d4e4, 2008-10-10, 11:08AM CDT

I am so disappointed with IncrediMail. We are a Premium user and used to use it for our business. We purchased new computers and cannot upload our back-ups into the new incredimail program. I have written to them several times and they will not respond to my emails. There is absolutely no support. We are back to using Outlook for our business email. And I will use Thunderbird email program for home use. I cannot trust Incredimail anymore, especially when there is no support. I do NOT recommend this program to anyone.

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