1st FINANCIAL BANK USA Credit Card Issue

Posted on Saturday, August 27th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 42fdface

Company: 1st FINANCIAL BANK USA Credit Card Issue

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1st FINANCIAL BANK USA Credit Card Issue

August 26, 2005

This is a credit card company which gave a credit card to my 18 year old unemployed son. He is a full time college student and does not work anywhere since he also plays football for his school. I am his mother and I pay his bill each month. Because I pay everything on line I wanted to set his account up on line. I have called there several times only to be told that the site is secure and for card holders only. Well duh! If I have my son's social security number, date of birth and all of his other pertinent information, is should not matter who sets up the darn account! I told the woman on the phone that I make the payments and it should not be an issue for her to speak with me. All they want is the payment. I asked her what would she do if I did not make the payment. She said well you can call customer service to make a payment and we will charge you a fee if you call it in, or if you make it over the phone. I asked why they charged a fee. You know it costs them $9 to duplicate a check! I find that a little difficult to believe. This is one of the worst credit card companies I have ever dealt with. Each time I send in the payment at least seven days in advance, for some reason, they "CLAIM" it arrives one day after the due date. Now I can see this happening sometimes, but not all of the time! I know that my son is just starting out and he has exceptionally outstanding and unblemished credit but I can't continue with a company that has no regard for its customers or for the persons who try to ensure they make payments on their behalf. There is no flexibility with this organization and the last two times I said I was going to close the account they upped his limit. Tell me how does a full time college student with no job and not credit get a credit card with a $3,000 limit? There is definitely something amiss about this company. Zina H. Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_47566#


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1b35f983, 2007-10-16, 10:26AM CDT

This is the worst credit comapny ever these people are crooked....run run run....Don't let your kids get this credit card. Every college student that I've talked to who has this card hates it. Every time that you talk to someone in customer care, they tell you somethning different everytime you call. They have no standards...they lie and intenetionally add additional fees to your bill. They are Crooks!!!!!! Becauae of all the extra fees. its taken me 9 months to pay off a 300.00 bill. BEWARE!

978a038a, 2007-10-19, 04:34PM CDT

This person has no idea how the world of credit works. There are privacy issues now days as well there should be. And if her son is in college he should be able to set up the account and then give her access to it. It is not uncommon to give a college student a $3000.00 line of credit because chances are more likely than not they will be responsable with the card and when they graduate be making more than the average person and then the credit line will go way up. If you don't want the late fee then mail the payment earlier!!

d7259b8a, 2007-11-14, 04:32PM CST

This card is the biggest rip-off going. We cut up our sons after 1 month. They didnt send him a bill - good thing Mom noticed, because the late fees would have mounted (for ANYTHING - there is a fixed fee of $37 for ANY transgression). They tacked on a $37 fee for going $50 over his limit of $250 - 1 penney over will generate this charge! Big fees if pay on-line - big fees for the student to pay over the phone.

A VERY. VERY bad credit card. Definitely NOT worth the pain!

Second Day:

Well it just gets worse - First Financial gave erroneous information to us, from which we stupidly paid our bill in full. My son was over his $250 limit by $1.00 - for that he was charged $37 PLUS another $37 for the next biling cycle - before he even had a chance to see the first blll and 1 month before that first bill was even due!!

A horrible, horrible company. I have written to our local Consumer Complaint Board.

c9c1bb45, 2007-11-26, 07:11PM CST

So yes I gte a $900 increasse on my credit and spend about $312.70 and now I try to buy a christmas gift online and the websites say my credit is declined. Then I call YOUR company and they say I have an account balance of $444 or something like that. How do I have only $444 dollars when I should have around $600 still on my credit card? I am very unhappy about this. I need to buy gifts now.

66fd82cf, 2007-12-14, 04:45PM CST

This credit card company is horrible. I received a mere limit of 150 due to my not having a credit history, 7 months and on time more than the minimum payments, i find myself with no credit history still. This credit card company is horrible and I would not recommend it to anyone.

638e757e, 2007-12-17, 12:15PM CST

This is the truth. My grandson received a card from them and had similiar problems. Pay by phone -$9.00, if call answered outside of USA the cost is now $12.00. To pay on line $9.00. Late fee $37.50 and they never receive it on time even if you mail the payment the day you get the bill. This Bank needs to be looked into for its practices. I thought there was some type of regulatory board to over see these credit card companies and banks.

1d7eb566, 2007-12-27, 09:23PM CST

I am a 19 year old breaking from school and working full time. I, too, got this card in the mail before I went to school at 18y/o and went for it. Twice I paid more than $325 when I had a $250 credit line for going less than five dollars above the balance, both times due to late fees. Online payments are $9 each. Phone payments are $15 each. The only way to avoid paying fees is either returning a payment by mail or using their automatic-withdrawal service which I do not trust at all..

Do not get this card. Don't even get started with these people. They will get defensive on the phone when you can't believe $100 has been added to your balance overnight and school you on their internal "codes and practices." It'll drive you positively nuts.

89e88409, 2008-01-10, 03:32PM CST

This is a good company. I have had a card from them for about 3 years now, and have never had a problem. They have waived the fee to pay by phone multiple times for me. For instance, one time I noticed my bill was due on the day I was going to mail out a check. I called them up and told them my dilemma and they waived the pay by phone fee (which is actually a fee to wire them money from your bank) and didn't issue me a late charge. Another time I accidentally made a check out to 1st National Bank, instead of 1st Financial Bank, and a late charge showed up on my next bill. After looking at my bank statement and seeing the photocopy of the check I wrote, I explained the problem and they abolished the late fee and additional finance charge. I think this company is great to build credit history. They have even called me up when I subscribed to an online service (which I had never done before) and got gas at the same gas station twice in one day just to make sure that someone else wasn't buying things with my card. They are forgiving if you know how to communicate and have good manners on the phone, and they have always done the right thing for me. Like I said, this company was great for building credit, and now I can get better credit cards that give me rewards, cash back, and free airline miles. I am now 23 and my credit is impeccable, thanks to 1st Financial Bank.

7479c30e, 2008-01-15, 07:53AM CST

I agree even if you send the payment ahead of time they claim they recieve it late and charge a $37.00 late fee which is crazy. Then they add an additional $37.00 for the next billing cycle. This company is a rip off and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. The customer service representatives are so rude and all they want to do is slap more and more fees on your account.

4b741ff2, 2008-01-20, 06:30PM CST

I absolutely hate this credit card!! I have had it for five years now and they have never ever increased my credit limit!! When I first got it they told me my limit was $2500 which seemed weird since I did not have any established credit yet!! Then a couple days later I received a letter stating that they made a mistake and my limit was only $250!! I thought this was fine and a little more reasonable!! I have paid this account off several times and I have still never gotten an increase! I will be closing this account when I pay the $40 I currently owe. DO NOT GET A CARD FROM THEM!! GO TO CITI CARDS!! THEY ARE SO MUCH BETTER!!

68415573, 2008-02-01, 05:53AM CST

I have had my 1st Financial Bank card for 4 years now and never had any problems, my limit started out at $250 and is now at $5400. I don't use it very often, nor am I irresponsible enough to spend over the limit. I will, however, probably close it soon because the lack of features. I have a Citi Platinum Select card with features like Virtual Account Numbers(so even if someone does intercept that information on the Internet it is useless) and a fully featured online account system. You can't even look at statements with 1FBUSA. My Citi card lets me look at them online and opt-out of paper statements, which I like.

So after reading all of these posts and adding them to my initial suspicion I am going to close it, even though I havn't had a problem but mainly to obviate any possible problem.

eefa01fb, 2008-02-26, 12:58PM CST

When I was 18, my parents got me this card so I can establish credit of which I had none. I think the initial credit line was $1000 but I'm not sure.

I'm 26 now and still have the card--mainly because if I close it, it will lower my credit. Plus my credit line with them is now $17,000.

Let me be honest. The people here who are complaining-like the majority of people-do not know how to be responsable with a credit card. You are late, yes, you get a fee.

Here's the skinny:

-yes, paying onlinee is a $9 fee, and the phone is $12, BUT, ask any cust serv rep, and they will send you paperwork (1 sheet) to have your monthy charges automatically debited from your account at no charge. Its free. You even save on postage. So there isn't online billpay for free, but there is a way to pay for free.

-I suggest getting another card with a low apr for major purchases, but this card is good for establishing credit.

-yeah, the APR is high, but if you pay your balance off in full every month, you'll never pay a penny in interest. it doesn't matter if its 0% or 10 million%....pay it off in full, and you don't pay interest. interest is for people who can't or won't do this and only make minimum payments.

-they are nice on the phone...if you are nice to them.

-ive had the $9 fee waived twice

-i had an issue with mail theft, and not only were my statements stolen, but the replacement cards as well. it was a nightmare. but they were very helpful, and the 3 cards they replaced for me were at no charge.

they are a decent company. not great, but good enough. I say I'm staying because of my 9 year history with them.

2da2b717, 2008-02-25, 03:10AM CST

I got this card when I was 18 with an original credit limit of $250. I liked that there was no interest for balances of $250 or less. They upped my credit limit to $1000, then $2000, and a few more increments up to my current limit of $11,800. I also got an MBNA credit card a year after I got this one. You have to be very careful with the 1FBUSA card in order to avoid fees. I opted for the free automatic payment so there would be no chance of late payments. With these two cards and no late payments, my FICO credit score, at the age of 22, is 810. I still keep the 1FBUSA card because an old account boosts your credit score, and I use the interest-free $250 sometimes. If you know how to play them, you can profit from your experience with them.

34e855c1, 2008-02-26, 07:28AM CST

Hi.. My daughter just got this card last fall when she started college. We missed one $10.00 payment and she now owes over $`148.00 in late fees. They added on a late fee for next month before she even got this months statement and realized she forgot to make a payment. The late fee took her over her limit so they charged extra for that. She called and asked why there are already late fees on this account for next month when she hasn't had time to pay her payment and make it right this month. They said they will drop two of the fees and they had better or I am closing this account minus all those fees and they can go straight to hell. I've had credit cards with everyone in the world and I have never seen anything like this. Also the customer service is the worst. They didn't belive my daughter was who she was and grilled her until she got mad and said just take care of this. I think they are just trying to take advantage of young people. I am complaining to the Better Business Burea about this company because it is unethical the way they are charging late fees and acting to people on the phone.

236c4a40, 2008-03-04, 08:32PM CST

All the extra fees + finance charges are more than what i've actually charged. I am in the process of working to close this card after final payoff. My other cards do not charge a $9 handling fee when I pay online.

I strongly suggest that you look elsewhere for a card.

110d85f2, 2008-03-11, 08:39AM CDT

I used this card 12 years ago. I had issues (trusted my husband!)but had to file bankrupsy. Even though I have paid the price of a bankrupsy and learned my lesson 12 years ago with great credit now, this card continues to send my old account through collection agencies still trying to get money. I just got a collection notice yesterday (cleared in court in 1997 - now 2008!!) This is ridiculous! Hope others have better experience, but doubt. This is the only debtor I have ever had a problem with since 1997!

26f9fea0, 2008-03-12, 09:56PM CDT

Thank you! Finally someone gets it!

26f9fea0, 2008-03-12, 10:01PM CDT

Thank you! Finally someone gets it!

ad623d68, 2008-03-19, 12:25AM CDT

Great company, pay your bill and all will be fine. No online pay? suck it up and mail in the check or get the automatic withdrawls............ its all about responsibility

6f1fcd2c, 2008-04-08, 07:31AM CDT

Okay, I am 18 years old with NO CREDIT.

I'm in high school and I have a job, and I get paid at least 200/month which isnt much, but its enough for me. Right now I think its important that I establish credit. I get approval forms for credit cards all the time, and I was think about getting the 1st Financial Credit Card because I thought it would be a good way to establish my credit. But reading most of these comments make me think otherwise. The thing is I HAVE to establish credit, I will be going to college soon, so this is an important aspect I need right now. Which credit card would you recommend I get? PLEASE HELP ME.

9f9bc829, 2008-04-13, 04:07PM CDT

Ok, I'v been looking around for 2 1/2 hourse, I can't find you'r Credit card app. ANY WHERE!!!! If you could send me one Via E-Mail that would be Awsome. Thank you Jeff S.

P.S- Make you'r web site a little bit easy to move around in. It Suck's, And you should Fire you'r Web master.

93791eb2, 2008-04-14, 10:30AM CDT

1st Financial Bank Cardholder - My first credit card was/is 1st FB's Card, and to tell you the truth it's done wonders for me. My initial Credit Limit was 150 which was perfect, i've since moved on to Am Ex but the 1st's card definitely helped me establish my credit, (725), and i'm only twenty one.

281c1f62, 2008-05-28, 05:45PM CDT

My daughter got this card. She told me she was charged $9.00 to pay online and I didn't believe her. She tried paying the card in full and they wouldn't let her saying she could only pay as much as the statement said she owed. That way she always ahd a balance. She thought she would always pay on the same date each month but the due date kept creaping forward every month until she was late making a payment. She got a late fee ($39) which pushed her over her limit which caused another fee ($39). If this card is used to teach kids about credit it is a hard lesson to learn... people are trying to take advantage of you any way they can. Just because they put something in their "rules" does not make right if they just put it in there to charge fees. My daughter is honest and doesn't want her credit blemished but these people are evil

5947f2b1, 2008-06-17, 06:11PM CDT

Two things here, when a company issues a credit card in a given name... it is FOR THAT PERSON TO USE, (UNLESS HE/SHE GIVES AUTHORIZATION) BUT MORE ITS THAT PERSON'S RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE THE PAYMENTS... NOT THEIR PARENTS, NOT THEIR GRANDPARENTS, NOT THEIR AUNTS OR UNCLES, NOT THEIR BOY/GIRL FRIEND!! The company is measuring the ability of THAT PERSON to maintain the cards balance, payment history, upon which, a credit score is reported. As to the "get a card to an unemployed person, no income etc... yeah, this I do disagree with, and there are many companies that offer, HOWEVER AGAIN.... THAT PERSON... CAN DECLINE THE CARD, NOT USE IT... IF THEY FEEL THAT THEY CAN NOT PAY FOR IT!!!! AS TO YOUR SON... HE IS 18... HE IS AN ADULT... LET HIM ACT LIKE ONE, RIDE HIS OWN BIKE, LET HIM SINK... IF HE CAN NOT MAINTAIN HIS SPENDING HABITS!!!

a0922c77, 2008-07-05, 02:39AM CDT

Everyone needs to stop complaining about the pay-by-phone and online fees... yes, it's uncommon and annoying, but 1FBUSA isn't keeping it a secret either. If you don't want to pay a fee, send a check each month or sign up for automated payments.

I got their card just before my 19th birthday, and have had it for just more than a year. My limit went from an initial 2,000 to my current 5,000, and I've basically just kept a balance of $250 the whole time. You simply cannot beat no interest on the first $250, and if you stay under that like I do, you'll never pay any interest.

And regarding the late payments, I know I've paid late several times and have never been charged a late fee. I can't believe the people claiming 1FBUSA intentionally processes payments slowly, etc. Maybe the company just likes me. :-)

b4d7e3f1, 2008-07-10, 03:34PM CDT

1st financial bank is a great company. They gave me the opportunity to establish my credit when I was 18 with a credit limit of $150. I paid the card every month and now at the age of 22 my limit is at $10,000 and my credit score is close to 800, and it's all because 1FBUSA gave me a chance. They are also very helpful over the phone and even waived a late fee. All you have to do is communicate clearly, competently and calmly

Yes they do charge $9 online payment fee - which is why I signed up for automatic bill pay (for free).

Yes they charge you late fee if you don't pay on time - which is another reason i signed up for automatic bill pay.

Yes they charge you a fee if you go over your limit ,so DON'T DO IT! Every CC company does that, not just 1FBUSA.

Don't be mad at the CC company because you didn't pay your bill on time or you went over the limit, that is your own fault and no one else.

You people should understand that this company is taking a huge risk in giving credit cards to young college students, which explains why they have so many fees. Besides, how else can an 18 year old establish credit? Even with all the fees, if you follow the rules, you will pay nothing in fees.

d6c84931, 2008-07-15, 02:49PM CDT

Its funny. I got this card when I turned 18. People who are saying they promise you this and that don't READ when they send. They claim to give you a balance of this and that IF you are approved. I asked for $500 and got $250. They increased that to $800 after 6 months as I had no prior credit. I have paid the full balances with the exception of Christmas time (December) and right after graduation from HS (June). I calculate it it so my account balance was always below the $250 so I have not paid any interest. They have contacted me about 5 times about unusual charges to my account and checking to make sure they were legitimate charges.

They send me my bill every month in a timely manner and have had helpful customer service EVERY TIME I have called. They tell u up front that you will pay fees for paying online or by phone. If you have an issue with that then...don't get the card. They have no surprise charges, only ones people don't read. If you want proof, read through your WHOLE invitation from them.

Parents if you have a problem with this card for your kids then why don't you add them to your credit card account? No student will find a card without problems, unless through a credit union.

And the lady who didn't get the bill and mom noticed... first of all you need to take responsibility for your own actions. Second of all find me a credit card where you don't have a bill to pay, wake up and smell the coffee hun.

Bottom Line-this card has been great for me and others, in retail there is the 99-1 rule. 1% of customers are like you who complain about retarded things which have NO reason to complain about. If you pay your bill on time, and READ what 1FBUSA sends you, you know all of their charges. This is simply a credit card not some thing where you log-on to the website and have to be given a map to navigate its straight forward. For somebody who just wants to establish credit and not use this as a crutch to make minimum payments this card may not be for you. Their fees can be high, but you have to deal with it. So stop complaining about the bank and read...

a6635a01, 2008-07-16, 06:27PM CDT

I just got to say one thing. How many credit cards do you know that don't charge any intrest up to $250? I have been looking for cards like the first financial card and can't find any. Lets think people! All you are doing is paying back what you took. unlike all the other cards you are mentioning were you have to pay interest!

b04ebb0d, 2008-08-11, 07:25PM CDT

oh man they got me too, everything said here is true.....rude customer service, just slap on fee after fee to prey on high school and college kids. These people know what they are doing and have no ethnics and are so very very rude on the phone. Its almost like their boss tells them, say what you want to say to get the money. Just plain crooks

2e407736, 2008-11-04, 04:57PM CST

All the complaints here are from irresponsible people. This is a good company and has helped many young kids establish credit. I started out with them at $1,000.00 when I was 18, and now at 22, it has grown with me over the years to a little over $4,000.00.

If you or your kid isn't quite an adult yet... don't get this card, don't give them a debit card either. Use cash. Because they/you are obviously not bright enough to handle a credit card on your own, without winning about going over limits. Grow up.


a1cf1367, 2008-11-04, 04:57PM CST

All the complaints here are from irresponsible people. This is a good company and has helped many young kids establish credit. I started out with them at $1,000.00 when I was 18, and now at 22, it has grown with me over the years to a little over $4,000.00.

If you or your kid isn't quite an adult yet... don't get this card, don't give them a debit card either. Use cash. Because they/you are obviously not bright enough to handle a credit card on your own, without winning about going over limits. Grow up.


05552122, 2008-11-21, 12:06PM CST

I can't agree more!!!! this company is nothing but a complete and total rip off and absolutely should be SHUT DOWN. We did the same thing with our son when he went off to college and he paid the entire, complete bill as listed on the statement. We told him to then close the account. However, the next month we received a bill with a balance of .03 which we ignored because we had paid the balance in full. The next month there was a 37 dollar "late fee" accompanied by threat letters that his credit would be ruined and a collection agency would be assigned. This company should NOT be allowed to prey on college students and should be prosecuted for predatory lending practices.

39bfac55, 2008-12-01, 11:40AM CST

i'm having crazy problems with this company too. i paid my november payment on october 30 and they counted that towards october, so when i did not pay a payment in november they charged me a thirty five dollar fee.

7809ccab, 2009-01-06, 03:01AM CST

I'm eighteen years old, and about two weeks after my 18th birthday I got something in the mail to apply for the 1st financial bank credit card. I took a class in high school that taught me all about what I have to look out for in the future, when I get out into the real world. And, of course, what I should look out for with credit cards.

So I read up on it, and it actually seemed pretty good. So I applied and got my card. It hasn't been long, but I love this card.

They gave me a $150 limit, which, at first, I thought was completely ridiculous, considering my other credit card is $800...but looking back, since I was an eighteen year old female consumer, the 800 dollar card got maxed out within two weeks. I'm still paying that one off.

So, they ARE looking out for me...especially since I don't get charged interest.

These complaints aren't making much sense to me. The 9 dollar charge for eAutopay doesn't compare to what you would normally be charged with interest, for one.

Another thing, which is pretty obvious, people without jobs shouldn't have credit cards. Point blank. If they can't pay for it, they shouldn't have it.

So while I read this ridiculous complaint and most of the comments, I'm going to go with the people that aren't bashing the company. They seem to be the only smart people here.

942d164b, 2009-01-11, 10:47AM CST

This company was the first credit card I ever got while attending college. I thought that the $150 limit was smart since it gets quite tempting to buy things on credit at first. I've never had any problems with them. I just make sure that what I purchase on credit I pay later when the statement arrives. So far, this credit card company has been quite good. Just need to make sure that you send them a payment before its due. All I can say is that if you don't have any source of income coming in then maybe its not so smart to apply for a credit card in the first place.

8f252646, 2009-01-18, 01:42PM CST

1st Financial does indeed process payments slowly to charge late fees. I always do on-line bill pay for all of my bills and put the payment due date when is submit payment and the bank sends it out 5 business days in advance. This is not good enough to have an on time payment for 1st Financial. The first time they did not receive it on time they agreed to split the late fee. I then made sure I always put the payment due date at least 3 days ahead of the actual due date so when my bank sends out the check it is actually 8 business days ahead of the due date. Would you believe they still received it late. I have been paying ALL my bills on line for several years and these two bills were the only ones they were claimed were sent in late out of 100's of bills paid. Very fraudulent. Just got the bill yesterday and do not have weekend personnel to talk to, so I have to wait until Monday to get this resolved. So no it is not a good company. I will keep the card open, but will never use again. Please do not get a card with this company.

3f7b904d, 2009-01-30, 08:11AM CST

This is the worst credit card I ever got in my entire (short) life. They got me in college too. Unemployed and taking classes. They charge you $9 to make an online payment. What??? How stupid is that? Especially since now I get payed on a monthly basis and the due date on the bill keeps moving earlier to the month that I'm forced to do an online payment so it won't be late. My current interest rate is 24.99%???? How is that even legal? I would now rather borrow money from my neighborhood loan shark than keep paying a 25% rate.

b5da98bb, 2009-02-02, 01:40PM CST

I, like others, received this card when I was a freshmen in college. As the time I had a job so making the payments wasn't a problem, but when I made them online they would tell me that they were late because they would take 5-7 business days to process them while the money was taken out of my bank account by the next. After about a year I stopped using the card for about four years. One day I need the card for a bigger purchase for my mother and began using it again after that. About two weeks ago I was awaken by a call from the card company saying that some used my card that morning! I immediately put a hold on the card so that it could be used. I checked just to make sure that I didn't lose it, and I didn't. Coincidentally, 1st Financial took over a credit union in my area that I had an account at but I had not used in about two years, they to gave me a call a week after saying that someone has use my debit card recently making purchases on websites I've never heard of and that I have to go file a police report in order to get this straighten out!! Now I would say this was a case of stolen identity but I also have other credit cards and bank cards that were not affected. I think this bank may have something going on because these were two accounts at the same bank. My mother has heard of a recent scandal involving banks improperly disposing of account information and trying to make up for their mistakes by blaming customers and increasing fees. Now we're both unsure if the this bank was affected, but beware!

498df063, 2009-02-07, 12:14PM CST

I am a 5 year customer of this company and I can tell all of you 18 year olds starting your credit that this is not the answer! I found this out the hard way. When I got my account, my thoughts were, "yes" i can build my credit, make a name for myself... so on and so on. In reality this company has been more of a hassle than i could have imagined. I have had the problem of misapplied payment and supposed late payments. Ever since i received this card I have paid twice a month on the same dates to make sure i wouldn't make a late payment and they all have been done through online bill pay with my bank. Not to mention that by having a credit card it really doesn't do a whole lot for your credit. I found this out after 4 years of having this card, i went to get my first car loan and found out the hard way, when i got turned down by multiple banks or I was offered a 14.2% interest rate. Which if you don't know is outrageous, I currently have a 4.2% rate. When you go out to get credit you are much better off getting a small personal loan and paying that off. It will do leaps and bounds to your credit score and when the time comes to buy that car or house, a bank is much more likely to give you the loan. A small credit card is fine but a credit card is not the answer. Joshua M. Age 23

fe67ab67, 2009-02-13, 07:13PM CST

We are having the same problem. My daughters credit limit was $150.00 they closed the account. Everymonth they charge a fee for maintaining the account plus and online payment fee. Her We paid $140 in Nov her total limit was only $150.00 and now she owes $268. when yesterday it was only $221. Plus her statement balance from January was $151. Tell me how this happens unless they are overcharging with fees. I think they charge one on the original statement and then another a few days later using the excuse that it was for a previous month. They are full of SHIT and need to be stopped. I am going to call the NYS Banking dept on this compay.

81ee25ec, 2009-02-24, 07:35PM CST

I think that be there ya problem!! lol

One, the cardholder isn't necessarily making the payment so if I were the Co. yeah I'd be a little untrusting of the information I'm receiving.

Second, to pay a bill before its due seems a little inconveinent to me, I mean, how much do you know to pay?! What if it's not the amount you actually pay? If you're going to pay it in full, why's it such a problem to pay it in full when it's actually do?!

Third, I have been with this company for maybe a year, I'm 24, it's my only credit card and I have not had one problem whatsoever. I've stayed under my $250 limit (that is without interest) and have immediately paid in full my bill when I receive it.

Fourth, because I've paid my bill on time and in full every month, they of course raised my credit limit, I think I'm up to 7500 actually, but I never go over $250.

Fifth, why does everyone "trust" online bill pay, it obviously isnt convienent and helpful, maybe there are things that aren't supposed to be "quick and easy".

Sixth, maybe this is a clue that you need to stop babying your son and tell him to get a job and pay for his own stuff! Don't complain about your son being "qualified" for a credit card - you're obviously the one that signed up and ok'd him for it! Why do parents think that a credit card is a good idea to give to an 18 yr old, when a Debit Card (connected to a checking account for those of you that don't know) is so much easier to control the balance of and "credit limit"!

74325a0d, 2009-02-28, 06:40AM CST

Well, As parents of kids in college we must also be parents that are smart enough that when a credit card compsny offers our children a card....What a gift.... Remember how long we had to wait for our first credit card that did not have a "cosigner"- So we could start to build our American dreams of a car, house, and other items. We must also applaud them for their act of protecting our children's privacy. How does one know over the phone know you are the "MOM" or the parent or Guardian. It is my understanding the card holder just needs to give the bank the ok to speak to us. WOW... That seems to difficult.. YES for our kids to stop playing sports and college work to take the time out to write a note. We take care of the payment. We should more active and either visit or send our kids a letter for them to sign and send in for them. I speak for myself. I had a problem where I was not aware my son was not making his $15 a month payment. Well this company took a chance on my son, helped us buy his books and extras needed. Yes, they would take my payment but not talk to me until my son gave the ok. I myself always find it hard why we bite the hands in our life that help us. This bank also does student loans. Now, you complain here then they are the only one who will finance your child to make the familys dream come true...get real.. make sure the payments are on time, get the bank proper paperwork so they will speak with you, and for last if you do not like them....close the account. Good luck finding another low percentage lending card - messing around with this bank and it allowing it to raise the percentage and early mess with your child's credit. That is not showing responsibility, when we are set up to pay the bill. Also- to all of you who have kids who got these cards without your knowledge. I understand in school they can work there and pay you and the bank back. There is also always summertime jobs. That is called responsibility. Sorry for my outblast to all of you who think you have valid complaints.. maybe a few of you do..I did not read them all but a complete website for a bank who finances college student loans is another way to lesson our kids in getting into some of these schools otherwise could not afford it. I praise them for taking the chance on our kids. Don't ruin for the other account holders with your bias slander against them.

c23fc3b2, 2009-07-19, 09:24PM CDT

I originally got a card with them when I was 18, with a limit of $150. A year later, the limit is $900, and I've never had a problem with them.

Once when I made a purchase that pushed me over the limit on the card, I received a call from them, and all they asked was to make a payment to reduce my balance to under the limit. No over the limit fee or anything, and being over the limit wasn't reported to the Credit Bureaus.

Overall I'm very satisfied with them. I make electronic payments via BoA Billpay, which is free. Payments usually post within 3 days of setting up the payment on my BoA account.

d881f533, 2009-10-27, 09:42AM CDT

This is the absolute WORST company for any young person to be using or trying to establish credit. This company gave me a $6500 credit line, then charged $10.00 to pay online, AND $5.00 to pay by mail.


Go with a secured card to establish credit, this company is not the answer.

4485792c, 2009-11-06, 02:55PM CST

I have a card with this company. If you check your statements, they also apply payments made minus 3 cents. Thus, if you pay $450, they will only apply $399.97. I just caught onto this recently but I'm not so sure it's legal for this company to do that. Also, if you're just starting out with credit cards, this is not the company to go with. They do not have any regard for customers who pay on time or who have good credit. They treat everyone the same with these ridiculously high interest rates.

f6a0156b, 2009-11-30, 12:46PM CST

It is a deccent card. as long as you pay ontime and by mail (mail out your check at least a week in advance)they have decent rates. however they jsut changed their most attractive feature. There is no longer 0% interest under $250. They charge the same interest on all purchases. 23.something% in my case.

912e842c, 2009-12-11, 09:30AM CST

This credit card company is absolutly ridiculous. I have a 2,000 limit and i am 22. I always pay twice a month on this card and of course it hasn't come down from 1,995. If I pay on July 30 for my August payment... they put me down as being a late or NO payment for that August depending on when thier billing cycle ends/starts! Why is that my fault? I am making the payments yet they charge me late fees on my credit and payment over the phone fees on my credit... Needless to say I only pay once a month now WITH a check.

c1e0958d, 2009-12-13, 08:49AM CST

i was wondering is this good because im basically in the same boat as your son and how long did it take recive the card

343e3529, 2010-01-03, 04:03PM CST

I got this card when i turned 18 just like everyone that has replied to this site. I recently lost my job and have taked to them left and right so they are now telling me not to pay my car payment or other bills to pay them. they have also suggested that i borrow money from somewhere (parent, friend, family, or a loan) to make my monthly payments to them instead of working something out because I am trying to help my disabled mother and only have $2 in my checking account. I am currently 21 and this this card is a load of shit

c4b5933d, 2010-01-07, 12:23PM CST

i got this card wen i was 18 as well and i remember the lady would let me hang up untill i signed up.....well i did and i will admitt tht it was a great card for a young person lookin to start there credit history. well i began payin back my $250 limit and was well on my way to good credit untill they decided to charge me fees. ive been paying on the same $250 for almost two years because of the stupid fees the have charged to my account.

845a4a4a, 2010-02-01, 11:06AM CST

I AGREE!!! I've had this card for 4 years. I've never missed a payment or been late and they jacked my rate up to 24% over night FOR NO REASON!! I am paying the card off in full and will keep the account open only because of my long credit history. I am completely unsatisfied with this company and WOULD NOT recommend anyone getting this card.

5bfdafc9, 2010-02-08, 03:23PM CST

It's the first credit card that was interested in me so I went with it since I wanted to build credit early I got it when I was 18 now I'm 19 now. When I first got the card I used it from time to time and payed it off then college stuff came up and I blew like $700 so it came in handy. I have payed a good bit of it off too. Also they expanded my line from 1,000 to 2,000 I figure that's good for my score. Since I have been using them I also have been receiving credit offers form major credit unions. So 1st financial is a good starter credit card for responsible people who can pay it off monthly and it comes in handy when emergencies come up also I like that they have the 0% interest on up to $250.

14887a1d, 2010-02-18, 12:22AM CST

This was my first credit card, and while this definitely shouldn't be your main credit card as you get older and gain respectability in the credit market, it is a great tool for building credit. They offered me a credit card while all other companies deferred me. I started out with a $1000 dollar credit limit, have always paid on time and with a check. The $9 online payment fee is ridiculous, but easily avoidable by sending a check. I have since been offered cards from more reputable companies.

Don't do anything stupid, and this card will help you build credit. Definitely recommend it to RESPONSIBLE 18 year olds looking to establish credit.

648ace8a, 2010-02-24, 07:12AM CST

This card really is a horrible card. I have had this credit card for about 3 years and have made my payments on time every month. when circumstances in my family have caused me to max out 2 of my credit cards, My first financial card went over the limit and I got charged a $39 fee I called the company and they would not work with me at all when I asked them what we can do about lowering my interest rate. even though I was a good, loyal customer, this company charged me ridiculous interest rates that made it impossible to pay down. Now that I am finally in the position to pay off the $5,400 balance I will pay it off and not be using this card more than once every few months on a very small purchase just to keep a good revolving credit score.

b285eb8e, 2010-03-04, 12:31AM CST

I have had this card for some time. I always pay ontime and over the min. My issue with this company is when you call for questions or just general stuff you get treated like you are in collections or refusng to pay a bill. I called to change my due date and the lady was so rude to me. "Well, what day do you want?" in a very annoyed tone. I recently called to see if I could get a better interest rate and I spoke with a "supervisor" Melissa. She was the rudest person I have ever dealt with in my life!! She said, "if you don't like the terms and conditions then too bad." She was extremely unfriendly and should be placed in a non customer service related area. I felt like I was talking to collections rather than customer sercice. If they are not able to help you then they should be nice about it and find someone who can. I will be paying this card off and never using credit cards again. I agreed to a "fixed" APR of 14% and because they issued credit cards out to people who couldn't pay or failed to pay; we are now paying the price with ridiculous interst hikes. If I fail to pay then charge me; if I pay then reward me or at least don't change the game in the middle.

05dd04ec, 2010-03-28, 10:20PM CDT

The reason that they won't give you any information is not because they are trying to be difficult, it is because there are privacy laws that regulate releasing information to 3rd parties when it comes to financial accounts. It is simple enough to have your son call in and give permission to speak with you. After this is done they can give you payment amounts etc.

d800eb49, 2010-09-13, 03:38PM CDT

1st Financial should be closed down and WE have the power to do just that! I encourage EVERYONE to post comments on U-Tube or TWITTER. The company is sent a letter regarding a minimum payment of $30.00 for my son who is a student and the balance is only 130.00 with no late or missed payment. Rejection notice was due Sept. 01-10, letter mailed certified to P.O. Box 1100, and per US mail the letter was delivered Aug. 27 @ 09:21AM. Today is Sept. 13th, received new statement, of course no acknowledgement of the letter, with statement payment of 30.00 Due!

6d605e8d, 2010-11-07, 01:02PM CST

Positives: Used responsibly, you will build your credit; decent consumer service.

Negatives: High APR (mine was 24.99% after 10 years without a missed payment & a credit scores in the mid-700s); a $9 convenience fee to pay online; delay in processing checks for payments, especially if you use your bank's online banking system (they do NOT accept ACH payments); annual fee fee which changes year-to-year.

Thoughts: This card markets exclusively to college students but the features (high annual fee, payment processing fee, high APR, liberal credit lines) are very unattractive toward that group. There are too many other cards available to college students (including secured and many with rewards) to recommend this one.

484ac2d8, 2010-11-28, 01:06AM CST

How did you find out the $9.00 convenience fee bec i didnt know that till now! Is that the eAutopay?

ive been trying to look in the site since i found this out and unfortunately i cant find it.

124337d2, 2011-02-02, 09:26AM CST

1st Financial Bank sent a credit card to my 18yr old senior in high school. Why they target kids is beyond me. Of course the kids are going to get it and bam, they are screwed. Outlandish APR and they WILL lie about the date they recieve payment. They then charge a$35 late fee and then up you apr to 23.45%. The government should shut them down. It is company's like this who screw up or economy, send younger people into debt so deep that without outside help they just sink. I am making it a personal mission to let everybody know how crooked this company is. I have personally stopped 132 high school students in my county from getting this card. I now have 46 other parents in 8 states going to thier local high schools protesting this company. Do it in your own area by posting free editorials in your local paper and go to the superintendent and they are willing to help stop 1st Financial from harming our kids anymore. Shame on 1st Financial!

d29f44e8, 2011-04-28, 04:51PM CDT

As a financially irresponsible college student, the 1FB card is a nightmare. I have since learned to be a more responsible financially, but this card will have me in the hole for quite awhile. They keep rewarding your account by upping the limit. I was up to about a $20,000 credit limit with them. Then they decided they'd make their APR near 30%, adding to the misery (their "penalty" rate). Minimum payments of almost $500 a month, with the principal balance going nowhere fast. I've been dealing with them by getting rid of them through balance transfers and the like, and it's just a disaster.

Yes, it's my fault, but they prey on folks like me, and once you're in deep they laugh at you and tell you there's nothing they can do. Can't wait until the day my balance with them is $0.

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