Amni Electronics, Dallas Texas, Panasonic TV repair

Posted on Friday, August 26th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by ac47c70e

Company: Amni Electronics, Dallas Texas, Panasonic TV repair

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Amni Electronics, Dallas Texas, Panasonic TV repair

August 25, 2005

Amni Electronics, 11722 Marsh Lane, Dallas Texas, 75229 (972) 488-2885. Amni Electronics repaired a Panasonic Big Screen TV. After returning the TV 2 weeks later than the estimated repair time the TV cabinet was scratched on the top and the red convergence would not align properly. The service man did not bring anyone to help him unload the TV off his truck and had to have my wife help him unload the TV. When I called to complain the next day the service man asked if this was a complaint and then hung up the phone on me. He would not answer the phone or take my calls after the first call. The web page and yellow page ads for the company state "in home" big Screen TV repair. The service man did not bring the proper tools or parts to repair the TV at the house and had no intention of doing so. The company refuses to fix the convergence problem, said I was lying about the scratch and said my wife told them she was an experienced TV mover and would help them move the TV. After many delays in fixing the TV the service man, Bill, admitted he was not qualified to repair Panasonic TVs. This company's ability to repair the TV was very unsatisfactory and their customer service is nonexistent. A very unhappy, dissatisfied customer,

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