1994 Ford Ranger Chassis Rust

Posted on Friday, August 26th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 0146744d

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1994 Ford Ranger Chassis Rust

August 25, 2005

I bought my Ford Ranger from a Ford dealer. It was a lease vehical but it had factory rust protection. I have had it for many years and have kept it serviced and running well. The other day, I started to do some body work on it to repair some minor rust and to prevent the floor and bed from rusting through. They were in good shape. But, what really disturbed me was the chassis. The metal brackets that fasten the rear springs to the frame were so severely rusted that they were near catastropic failure. It wasn't just one bracket. All four were in ruin. These are heavy, riveted to the frame parts and the rust proofing had come loose in sheets. They simply rotted even though the frame is in good shape. My mechanic and even the Ford parts person confirmed that Ford Rangers have a chronic problem with these chassis components and there is a considerable demand for replacement parts. Clearly, if these chassis parts were made properly, they wouldn't do that. I believe that it was irresponsible of the Ford company to put these inferior components on their truck chassis for years. Because of what they did, many people are at risk of having an accident if they hit a bump and their rear suspension crumbles. I have to wonder if Ford dealers are selling used Ford Rangers without replacing these components. They obviously know that there is a problem. The Ford company should have at least notified the owners to inspect these suspension components annually for rust through. I think it is time that Ford did something about this. Robert Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_47579#


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d7605ac7, 2008-05-04, 12:15PM CDT

My 1994 F150 is the same way.

My truck was originally a 2 wheel drive and i converted it to a 4x4.

While working on the truck i noticed the far back braces were replacement ones from ford and were bolted on the frame,but the front ones that are at the front where the springs attatch are pritty bad and one even has a hole in it,these parts are avalible threw Ford but i do not know about any safety recall yet about this problem,i agree with you this can be a real hazzard if these things break.

60dcd1aa, 2008-10-19, 11:00AM CDT

I bought my Ford Ranger brand new, and took pride in taking care of it. I did have it oil undercoated early on, but didn't keep up with it.

I just put new tires on it 500 miles ago, new shocks all around, and new exhaust.

Now, my mechanic told me that the lower contol arms are going to rust off, and the oil pan is rusted. My inspecton sticker is running out this month.

Let me know if there is a class action lawsuit starting.

Can you imagine my dissapointment.

I am going to buy a Toyota!

5057fc7a, 2009-10-12, 03:51PM CDT

We have a 2000 Ford ranger and just found out the frame is rusted and shocks shakles are rusted through.

Let ME know if there is a class action suit.

59f23783, 2010-01-11, 08:44AM CST

I can only hope there is a class action suit against Ford. Sitting at a stop light last night and all the sudden truck dropped,took a look and the leaf spring holder on drivers side rusted out.GOD forbid if that would of happened when on highway might of died!

59f23783, 2010-01-11, 08:56AM CST

got a 94 and sitting at stop sign leaf support on drivers side popped rusted out hope there is class action suit

18064cbb, 2010-10-12, 08:32AM CDT

I also have a 2000 Ranger, less than 100k miles with the entire frame rusted to the point that the truck is unsafe to drive. Is there any remedy out there for me and othere's in the same situation?

49a1f872, 2011-03-06, 08:02PM CST

yes, My Ranger rusted out to where it was unsafe. I had a shop take the two rear brackets off. weld on new plates ( left & right side). Then kind of ticked me off, as they welded the brackets on to the new- improved frame. I wish they would have drilled out the piece and re-bolted the brackets on. They also fixed around the spare. Then coated the complete frame heavily with enamel paint. Ford Ranger 2001 About a year or two earlier the brackets had rusted out. When I called the dealer --- " oh -- 100,000 miles, that is about when they go!"

c33711c2, 2011-08-29, 11:00PM CDT

I have a 94 & oh ya I replaced all 4 leaf spring mount not to bad $17.00 from ford & I had to replace the aft cab mounts both sides , now I found the frame rotted all the way through by the right front coil spring mount, looks like it was caused by the drain water from the a/c , that water is real bad stuff & should not drain right on the frame BAD design . If a law suit out thare I would like to know , I will be making a new frame rail because a new truck is just to much money , oh & the guy out thare who thinks that a toyota will be better gess again thay suck to , rott faster then fords frames do , so bewear.

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