My dad totally burn out 2001 Ford F150 icw cruise control sensor

Posted on Thursday, August 25th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by e91b80a4

Company: My dad totally burn out 2001 Ford F150 icw cruise control sensor

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My dad totally burn out 2001 Ford F150 icw cruise control sensor

August 24, 2005

On 11 July 2005 at 04:48 hrs my dad Jose Luis Provacia coach of the 2004 Little League World

Champion team representing the Carribean and coming from Curacao Liga Pabou 2001 Ford

F150 pick up cut in fire/flame an burn out completely because of the cruise control sensor


At that time we were in Antiqua playing the Carribean qualifications tournament in the Junior

League Division to represent Latin Amerika in the World Series at Taylor, Michagan. That news leaved my dad completely lost and God bless us this time we didn't leave the pick up at mine home as usuasly we do when we go out for the regional/international baseballs trip, because I should lost my wife, my son, my house, my van and all things i have in that fire. On 10 August 2005 I came to Miami to see what Ford Motors will be ably to do about the lost of my dad 2001 Ford F150 pick up.

I made several contact with them thru there Customer Sevice Center and Word Wide Marketing

Center and they always telling me that they cann't help me because the pick up is not register in

the USA that was from 15 of Augut till 18 of August 2005.

I toll them that the pick up was brought in Miami and transported to Curacao Ned.Ant. and that a

Ford car register in the States or in China or on the Moon is and will be always a Ford car and

they were aware many years about the problem and they stay quit now they need to take their

responsability because I could lost my family because of the neglection to save money . My phone number in the USA is 305-542-9ssand in Curacao 5999-6930sss or 5999-661-4sss or at work 5999-466-3sss or 5999-466-2sss. I hope you can help me and my dad to solve this against Ford Motors Thanks you for your cooperation.

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8997feac, 2009-06-19, 05:22AM CDT

I feel your pain, and i'm sorry about what happened but i own the exact same truck and the Ford Motor Company sent me several letters stating that they were having problems with the cruise control and that i should bring my truck into the nearest Ford Dealer and they would fix my truck and they did without any cost to me.

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