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August 24, 2005

I signed up in April 2005 for the service, online. The so-called matches they sent were so grotesque and so unlike what I had stated I was interested in that I cancelled the subscription within a few weeks (before the first month of a three-month agreement was over). I did this at their website, though it was a very convoluted route to follow in order to be allowed the privilege of canceling. I received only a "sorry you're leaving" message, sans confirmation number, from them, then (thankfully) nothing more.

Yesterday I discovered a $50.97 charge on my credit card statement from, dated 3 August, 2005. I called to inquire and was told they had no record of my cancellation, and that I was on "automatic renewal" because they offer NO OTHER OPTION. And, of course, they provide no refunds, even for services that have NOT been provided.

What kind of crooks are these people? I've filed a BBB complaint against them. I've also been trying ~ in vain ~ to file a dispute with my credit card company (owned, unfortunately, by First National Bank of Omaha), but that's another nightmare.


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