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Posted on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 51813fdf

Company: Pre-paid Legal

Category: Business, Finances

This company had, from October 2004 to July 2005, been debiting $17.00 a month from my checking account, WITHOUT MY CONSENT.

The sales rep, a NATHAN GREENFIELD, had signed up my girlfriends son, who is incarcerated,

with a membership application, in the name of Justin Bucci. The initial payment was paid by check, by me, on a ONE TIME payment, to start the service. THERE WAS NEVER ANY AUTHORIZATION for a continual payment to be set up. Mr. Bucci was to pay for his own membership.

Mr. Greenfield obtained my routing and checking account number from the check, and submitted the internal documentation (membership application) with the aforementioned numbers, with the

authorization area REQUIRING a SIGNATURE by me, LEFT BLANK. (This documentation was discovered by his mother going through his personal effects after his incarceration)

During a financial reconciliation in June 2005, while balancing my checking account, I discovered the debit, and subsequent investigation and perusal over prior bank statements led to my discovery of the ongoing deductions from my checking accounts, going back to October 2004.

I contacted PRE-PAID LEGAL, and demanded they stop all deductions, due to their salespersons actions, and FAXED THEM A COPY OF THE MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION, which clearly DOES NOT HAVE MY CONSENT for any deductions. Additionally, I demanded a FULL REFUND of all monies deducted from my account.

Pre-paid Legal stopped the monthly debit from my account, BUT AFTER SEVERAL CALLS, AND FAXES (with their application faxed to them) REFUSE TO REFUND MY MONEY FROM OCTOBER 2004 TO JULY 2005...and will not return my calls, or written requests, or emails.

I smell a rat...


Canoga Park, Ca. 91304


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