Acer customer service in Holland

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Acer customer service in Holland


I have a story that will keep you going in circles. On June 13th of this year I purchased an Acer Aspire

3002WMLi. I got it home and set it up. It was not 2 hours into running my new notebook that I started

getting clicking and humming sounds from the hard drive. So I sent an email to customer service in

Belgium. (I live in Belgium), telling them of my problems. They gave me a phone number to call. I

called customer service and told them of the problems.

They said that it was not normal for that noise and they would pick it up the next day. Well that did

happen, I got the notebook back from customer service a week later and turned it on. Well the clicking and humming noise was still there. The letter they sent with the notebook stated that the noise was normal. I sent an email back to them telling them I was not happy with them doing nothing and that the sounds were still there. I get and mail back from them asking if the sounds were there all the time. The email I sent back to them said yes that there was no change in the sounds. Ok email back to me they are picking up the notebook again. Again they have it for a week. I get it back and turn it on and again the clicking and humming is still there. Now I am a little angry, I read the second report from them telling me that they did not hear any noise and found the notebook in working order.

At this point I recorded the sound and sent an email back to them with the sound track attached. I get an email back saying that they listened to the sounds and will replace the hard drive but still think nothing is wrong with it. So now for the third time my notebook goes back to customer service in Holland. This time they say they will replace the hard drive. A week goes by and I get the notebook back and I turn it on. All my data and programs are gone. (I backed up the hard drive before I gave it back to them.) I spent a couple of hours setting up my notebook and there was not clicking or humming from the hard drive. Great I was correct all along about the hard drive having a problem. But one thing was wrong the notebook was running very slow now. There was a big delay before a program would start. I look on my papers of what type of hard drive was in it at the time I purchased it.

It turns out to be a Western Digital 2.5 40 GB Hard Drive Model:WD400UE-00HCT0 5400 RPM hard drive. What they replaced it with was a Hitachi Travel Star 2.5 40 GB Hard Drive Model:HTS424040M9AT00 4200 RPM. I sent them and email back telling them I wanted the same hard drive that was in my notebook at the time I purchased the notebook. Now the story gets even stranger. After customer service having my notebook three times to check out and finally replace the hard drive, they tell me that they do not sell that model notebook with that speed hard drive. I told them I do not care what you sell or not I purchased an Acer notebook with a Western Digital 2.5 40 GB Hard Drive

in it and that’s what I want in return. They then emailed me back and told me flat out that they were

not going to replace the hard drive with the one I had in it. Then I get the next email from them telling me now that it must have been the dealer who switched the hard drives.

Now I can not see the dealer opening up the notebook and taking out the slower hard drive and putting in a faster on. Plus when I purchased my Acer notebook the book was sealed. I had to break the seal before I could even open the box. Now getting back to the email from Acer customer service, they also said that they should have not even handle my notebook in the first place because that hard rive does not come with that model notebook. Talk about passing the buck, I went to the dealer with the email from Acer customer service in Holland and showed them what Acer was saying about them. They will be taking up the matter with Acer about what they said about their company. How anyone in customer service could even make a statement about another company like that is on the boarder of deflation of character. Never in my life have I had this type of problems with customer service. If you have a notebook 3 times in your hands to check over and on the 3rd. time you replace the hard drive which

you have been dealing with so many times, you did not see what type of hard drive it was. But to come up with this BS story that we do not sell the hard drive in that model or put the blame on the dealer for

switching the hard drives. I find Acer customer service in Holland deplorable. The time and money

spent sending my notebook back and forth, telling me nothing is wrong with the hard drive then replacing it after I send them a sound track of the problems. Thank You


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Anonymous, 2009-11-18, 10:50AM CST

Really don't understand a company like Acer, why they con't consider the basic training to their customer service is important.

I want to know if my Aspire 2930 can run Windows 7 64 bit or not, so I called their CS telephone number (Belgiam phones are automatically redirect to their Holland office). the girl who answered the phone can't answer my question (even worst, you can sense she was not interesting to listen or handle my question from her tone of voice); she replied "Yes".

Ok, that's a good news. But I asked her what and how, then she said she has to transfer me to their technical department. Guess what? It was dead end on the phone.

This is not the first time I encounter customer service nightmare with Acer, only feel sorry that all those they haven't improved a bit.

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