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Posted on Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by f8e34acb

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These people are not associated with the Conquest Group; they are, apparently, a separate company altogether. Their surface address is Political Call Center, 1201 South Alma School Road, Mesa, Arizona 85210. I followed up with a call to the 480-603-3796 number and a written request to the address above requesting I be taken off their call list. So far, so good.



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65cacaab, 2007-12-03, 10:19PM CST

I've been getting calls from these people, too. They are called the Political Call Center and are conducting surveys and fundraising I think. I found more contact info and other people's comments at http://www.callferret.com/480-603-3796.html I wish they'd leave me alone.

71c50a7d, 2007-12-12, 02:49PM CST

I just got a call from someone named Joyce with the PCC. She wanted to know how I felt about abortion and I said that was no ones business but my own and asked why she was asking the question. She said to others in the center, "Some people are just so rude." Then she hung up. If they call again, I will show them rude.

e25ad3a0, 2007-12-27, 05:21PM CST

I work at the Political Call Center. The calls you are getting from us are fundraising calls. If you don't want us to call , next time you see our number on your caller ID, pick up the phone, ask to be removed from the calling list, and you won't get any more calls.

7c7ca1ea, 2008-01-30, 08:26PM CST

I saw this comment on Numberzoom.com. Maybe it can help.

This is some sort of a political call center and if you call them back you can request to have your number removed. I called them back and told them about the e-complaints they were generating. the call center is located in Arizona Mesa, AZ (Arizona) 85210-2008 Phone: (480) 603-3796. Political Call Center 1201 South Alma School Road Mesa, AZ (Arizona) 85210-2008


58468426, 2008-09-23, 02:05PM CDT

I recieved a call from them they said they were the republican committee and they ask who I would be voting for Obama or McCain I said niether. He goes so your undecided and I said no I am voting for Barr. He then goes good job pause wasting your vote like that.

3c01d266, 2009-02-03, 09:08AM CST

Got a phone call from these people yesterday wanting money. When told that we make all of our donations through our church, which happens to be Catholic, the lady said rudly "Well, some Catholic you are!" and hung up.

In reading some of the other comments, apparently this is not an isolated incedent. Nice people working out there at PCC in Mesa.

7e2577a5, 2010-02-22, 11:09PM CST

not all of the callers on here are rude, they make the company look bad.we call for fundraising causes and its your choice if you want to donate or not.

53540389, 2010-05-19, 08:07PM CDT

Well, I got a call too, from a pushy female that wanted to know if I was pro-life or pro-abortion. I responded that it depends....as an adoptive mother, I could not do that but as a volunteer in women's shelters there is always an exception when it's another person's life.

She said there is legislation pending that has to be stopped. I asked her what the bill number was; she said that I could look it up on their website.

Well, of the bizillion items on the congress of the united states website, that is virtually impossible. If a person calls to lobby for a bill, it looks more credible if they know something about it.

The Political Call Center in Mesa AZ with phone number 1-480-649-2753 is the number that was given with star 69 on my phone. Thanks for the suggestion to request Do Not Call status.

a2a90a19, 2010-05-26, 03:50PM CDT

I received calls even after I requested them to stop calling. They have 2 numbers 480-603-3796 and 480-649-2753. If a lot of people were to call these numbers several times a day and leave annoying messages it just might get their attention.

1a17e91b, 2010-05-26, 04:15PM CDT

I got through to a live person by calling 480-603-3795. I was told that Margaret Danello is the person in charge. She was not in. I left a complaint with Tomasita.

dffdc376, 2010-08-11, 05:19PM CDT

I received a call this evening from this place. I politely listened to the message and they asked if I was pro life. I responded by saying that I wouldn't be sharing my personal views with a stranger over the phone and she hung up on me. I am pissed - you bothered me at home - I politely listened to her beginning and statement - when I responded that I preferred to not share those things she hung up on me. I have called and asked for response about why I was treated rudely. I will call every day ...

fed65105, 2010-08-30, 01:20PM CDT

Thank you. Now I know WHO it is, but WHAT do they want? Why are they calling for?

9e89ec93, 2011-01-12, 05:42PM CST

I used to work for PCC in Arizona. That place is a complete scam. They hang up on you because that is what they are taught in training. When I worked there I was getting about 500 calls a day. But never once was I rude to anybody. What really bothers me is that they have people working for them that are not even Republicans or Pro-life and only 3% of what you donate to those campaigns actually goes to the cause.

d957e403, 2011-05-13, 05:33PM CDT

These people are the worst scum to walk the face of the earth. The person who runs the company (Margaret) is a cheating cunt who will write out false checks to her own employees and fail to honor them when caught. She is a women who was had several abortions and is a Democrat. I encourage everyone to report this group to the local authorities and demand that they be banned from calling your state. Only 1% of what they raise goes towards the registration fees that they pay to call themselves political action commitee. Be warned and don't donate!!!!

d4bf0016, 2011-09-18, 02:54PM CDT

...call 480-603-3792...that

will connect you with a manager...

d4bf0016, 2011-09-18, 03:01PM CDT

Call a manager at 480-603-3792....

d97d6474, 2011-10-19, 06:14PM CDT

You are a disgruntled employee I suggest you stop lying because I am sure that a libel suit against you could be forthcoming

1126cfcb, 2011-11-07, 03:04PM CST

I also worked for PCC. I didn't know it was a scam at first. They target the elderly and refuse to take no for an answer. It doesn't do any good to request to be taken off the call list. They never took anyone off that requested it to my knowledge. Also they had me tell potential donors that we had a place to pray for them in the center. It was a total LIE!!!! I don't know what I would do if this organization targeted my elderly relatives. It's 80-90 yr. olds, and if they have dementia or alzehiemers all th4e better.

fa3d975b, 2011-11-28, 02:45PM CST

I believe that this place is a true scam, I worked here for 3 months, I am an Independent not a republican. As far as pro-life I believe in saving babies. However, I also worked at MDS and they are a fundraising company as well. MDS is a Christian based company you meet the clients you work for and everyone has heard of them. PCC on the other hand is a scam for Margaret to get peoples money! Also I don't believe that the money she collects goes anywhere but in her office and to issue paychecks and they treat their people inhumane! If you can't muster up people to give you money she constantly drops your pay down a dollar. She doesn't pay for breaks and you are their 9 hours of your day and get paid for 7.5 and she only want's to give you minimum wage. It is ridiculous!

55f3f82d, 2012-03-16, 10:17PM CDT

Here is a detailed description of PCC:

When you get hired with PCC, they literally give you part of a day to make X amount of money for the company. If you don't they fire you. This continues for your entire employment with the company. Also, the vast majority of people that work for PCC are liberal. Why does this matter? Because the call center claims to support conservative causes.

The main script they use is "The Pro Life Campaign." A caller will ask if you heard of the "Freedom of Choice Act"? They Act like 1: This crap JUST came out. (It had been created in 1989...), and 2: Throwing money blindly at would change anything. Then, they try to get you to a verifier who will either get your credit card or your mailing address, (that way you can send them an envelope with money back to them).

Your money will go to the owners of PCC. That is as plain as I can say it. The money does not go to saving babies or any other conservative cause.

bde93e6a, 2012-04-07, 06:14PM CDT

I do work there, and I have seen the prayer list on the wall. Not to mention, the PAC's they collect for are legitimate. They do not target elderly, and its 3 no's and a go which is typical with any telephone sales job from ATT to Terminix. This company is not a scam.

pat r., 2013-01-20, 06:31PM CST

This place is scum and needs to be dealt with. If you work for them or are thinking about it please leave an email to contact you at, I will pay for help in Mesa, AZ ( for sure no one working there cares about any of it all the brainwashing is achieved through preset rebuttles and NO there is not any prayer list, the place is a bunch of inmates, druggies, low lifes and I believe linda chavez the same lady getting booted from bush administration for using illegals to look after her property has some kind of stake in this racket as well as her family, lawyers, etc. COME ON THEY GET EVERY SINGLE EMPLOYEE FROM CRAIGSLIST! IF YOUR COOL WITH TAKING MONEY FROM THE OLD ON SS INCOME THEN THIS IS THE RIGHT PLACR FOR YOU.

Michael B., 2013-11-11, 05:40PM CST

Lmfao.......I just got fired from that slave labor jackhole today!!! I am willing willing to reveal all to ABC NEWS or any other news station who will listen!!! My home phone number is 860-639-0543!!! An my name is Michael Balbuena! I was only ther for the last 4 days and I was cut for having a bad day on the numbers! But I had great days for my forst 3 days???? Like I said you contact the news or anyone else who will listen an I will tell all!!

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