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Vonage - Gwinnett County, GA customer I got Vonage to cut my exhorbitant Bellsouth bills ($125 and up per month). I wanted to keep my old Bellsouth number, so I filled out the LSA agreement Vonage requires in order to do this, and faxed it to Vonage, correct and complete, the next day. Two months (and $250 worth of Bellsouth bills later) the Vonage website reported that my number still had not been released by Bellsouth. I called Vonage and got no satisfaction. I called Bellsouth and was told that, as soon as the request was made, they had 48 hours to "port the number" to the new carrier. Paying my Bellsouth bill that month, I got optimistic and wrote "final payment" on the memo line. The next time I called to complain to Vonage, they told me that my Bellsouth number had been disconnected and could not be kept. Furious, I called Bellsouth back. After being bounced to five people, I finally (after three hours on the phone) got to talk to a gal who seemed to be able to get something done. First, she checked to see if my old number had been issued to a new customer. It had not, so for the privilege of keeping it, I had to pay $42 for my "new" service and $24 for a month of basic service. It's a classic case of being a tech support football, with all of the culpable players pointing the fingers at each other. Vonage tried to accuse its intermediary "Focus" of dropping the ball. They accused me of discontinuing my own service by writing "final payment" on my check. I hardly think that did it--why would they give up on a good customer so easily when they have a whole section of their company called the "winback room?" Bellsouth in turn accused Vonage of ineptness, which may well be accurate. However, Bellsouth might well be the culprit. After all, the longer they stall in processing the phone number porting (transfer) paperwork, the more they can rake in from the customer who is caught in the middle. I complained to Vonage again, and all they could do was to credit me one month's service ($15)! I may just take them to small claims court for the $316 their inept delays cost me.

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