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Mudanzas Monti / moving company

August 19, 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to advise of the disappointing experience I had with Monti Moving & Storage Company. I just recently relocated from New York to Hollywood, Florida and as you can imagine, relocating to another state is a stressful event in itself without having to worry about your personal belongings as well. Being of Spanish heritage and hearing about Monti through their TV commercials for many year, I assumed that if they were in business for so many years, my belongings were in good hands with this company. I hired Monti to transport my things to Hollywood, Florida and Monti picked up my belonging on July 6, 2005. Mr. Jose Corcios, who was their salesperson in New York, advised me that my belongings would arrive in 2-3 weeks. My belongings did not arrive until 4 weeks later. The delay was the least of the problems. Being that July must be a busy time for moving companies, I wasn’t holding this against Monti, until my belongings arrived on August 8, and I saw the condition in which they arrived in. I was extremely upset at the fact that the majority of the boxes arrived in such poor condition, squashed and some were torn on the edges. All I could do was pray that nothing had fallen out of the boxes through the holes some of them had on the sides – and mind you, I used good quality, professional moving boxes, bubble wrap, etc., which I spent a lot of money on, from Shurguard to make sure that my belongings were in strong boxes and well packed. I thank God that I did this because I could just imagine my belongings thrown all over I-95 from NY to Florida. On top of that, our 46” TV and a bin were missing. How can you misplace a 46” big screen TV? The dilemma continues. As I began to unpack my belongings, there were numerous things broken, such as a Glass Fruit Bowl and a Disney Snow Globe that had much sentimental value to me; some of my figurines were broken, which I had to glue together; 4 glasses; 1 candle holder; the door on our dresser’s hutch was cracked; my daughter’s American Girl Doll canopy bed was broken; my husband’s bicycle handles were bent; and the tops of my lamp post was bent, to list just a few. After calling Monti/Miami each and every day and speaking to Clara regarding the missing 46” TV and bin, they were finally located a week later and delivered to my home today, August 19. To put the icing on the cake, the bin had what appeared to be dried up motor oil spilled all over the top of it, which I don’t understand how motor oil got on top of my bin when it was to my understanding that these types of products aren’t allowed in the moves and I definitely didn’t have any motor oil in my belongings. As you can imagine, after paying $3,867 plus extra for insurance, for a moving company to move your belongings from one state to another, the least one can expect is good service. Monti has lost a customer and a recommendation from me and my family.

Sincerely, Lesvia Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_47895#


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I totally understand! My big TV is missing as well! Nobody seems to know where it is! Last week my furniture was delivered and no one told us that our flat screen tv was missing but they made sure they got their money! Now I'm in a situation that have to put in a claim and wait! Yeah a 42" flat screen tv in a crate when I was re-assured that my stuff was going to be safe. Nobody should use this company EVER!!!! I know I won't nor will my friends or family!

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