Epassporte Electron Card, Visa International

Posted on Saturday, August 20th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 98dcc624

Company: Epassporte Electron Card, Visa International

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Epassporte Electron Card, Visa International

August 19, 2005

I am from Manila, Philippines. I asked to be issued a EPASSPORTE Electron Card by Visa Card and requested it to be named to my former secretary's name. Apparently, my secretary stole some money and items in my office and dissappeared. With her was the Epassporte Electron Card. I therefore reported this loss to the company.

Thereafter, I asked for them to re-ssue a new card under my name instead so I can use their services in the future. They have agreed but they were asking me $35.00 for the card replacement. It was fine and we have closed the negotiation on that.

When I recieved the card, it was still under my secretary's name. The same person who stole items and money from me! This angered me and I requested them to refund back the $35.00 they deducted from my account, and I will mail back the card.

After one months of almost daily emails, they still refused my request and never admitted their mistakes. This despite showing them the initial emails I transmitted clearly stating to use my name in the new card.

This is my problem and dilemma on how to make a complaint to Epassporte higher management. Their customer service refuses to give me the names and email addresses of their big bosses. This is just a small amount, but I am fighting for the principle behind this mess.

Thank you,

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