Posted on Saturday, August 20th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by cadbdfd3

Company: 727-471-1411

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August 19, 2005

dear complaints.com,

i have been receiving calls on my cellphone for the past week from 727-471-1411, as a matter of fact they called me while i was writing this. its driving me crazy. does anyone know how to block it? all i know is that whoever is calling is calling from st.petersburg florida. im trying to find out more about the number. but i open to anything anyone else knows. i did read the other posts. so i know im not the only one getting the calls. is everyone who's getting them have verizon? i think its some kind of scam. b/c they asked me about my school loans (like if i wanted consildate or something like that-then i hung up on them). well im going to continue to find out as much as i can and if find out anything interesting i'll post again. thanks for hearing my complaint.

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