intake manifold gasket problem with Dodge 360 V-8

Posted on Friday, August 19th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 754a47fb

Company: intake manifold gasket problem with Dodge 360 V-8

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intake manifold gasket problem with Dodge 360 V-8

August 18, 2005

8/18/05 1999 Dodge Ram Van 360 CI V-8 I bought the vehicle in the summer of 2000. I drive it very little-current mileage is 37,000 after 5 yrs. Ownership. We just took a trip to California, and went through almost a case of oil! Also, the engine was pinging quite a bit-especially at highway speeds. I got on the internet when I got home from the trip, and found numerous complaints and comments from others who have had similar problems. A couple of them referred to a Technical Service Bulletin that was supposed to have been issued by Dodge, but I couldn’t find it (probably not available to the consumer). I called Kari Dodge (local dealership in Kalispell, Montana) and described the problem to the service manager. He was very familiar with this problem-said it was common among 1999 and 2000 318 and 360 engines. He said the problem is caused by a faulty intake manifold gasket, and that I shouldn’t be driving it, because engine damage could result. I made an appointment to have them check it out-and the cost will be $540 to make the repair. Looking back in time, I first noticed that the engine was pinging around 3 years ago, on a previous trip to California (it’s most noticeable on extended highway trips-which I don’t take very often). I would guess the mileage on the vehicle would have been around 20,000, which would have meant the warranty would have covered the repair. I just thought the problem was due to low octane fuel, so I started using higher octane fuel. Then, of course, from that time on, I have mainly been using the vehicle in town and rarely go over 50 mph, which makes the problem less noticeable. I really feel that this should be a recall issue for Dodge. On top of that, it makes me very unhappy that a potentially engine damaging defect like this could be allowed to exist-without some sort of notification to the owner. I suppose if they did that much, then it would be an admission of guilt on their part. I called Dodge’s customer service line, and the girl took my information, but basically acted like she didn’t believe this was a common problem. She said that if it was such a common problem, more people should complain, and more service managers should do something about it. She said that the service manager should have the authority to check into getting the repair covered by Chrysler. That will be my next step.

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9de66670, 2009-07-24, 03:55AM CDT

I had the same problem on my 99 RAM,Bad Intake Manifold Gasket. Mechanic said that it was a known problem on 99-2000 models. I agree with you, it should have been a recall or something.

797a9790, 2010-04-06, 10:36PM CDT

Have the same problem with my 98 2500 Hope the intake gasket does the trick and didn't damage the engine in the process

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