Complaint about a Samsung Refrigerator - Model Number

Posted on Tuesday, August 16th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 24229f0e

Company: Complaint about a Samsung Refrigerator - Model Number

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Complaint about a Samsung Refrigerator - Model Number

August 15, 2005

I have a complaint that I would like to post regarding the purchase of a Samsung refrigerator. It is a s follows: My wife and I purchased a Samsung Refrigerator from Best Buy on February 27th, 2003 at a cost of 1,499.99. We also purchased the 3 year extended service plan on the unit. Thank God. 2 months after purchase, the ice maker quit working, not that it ever worked that well. The ice maker does not make that much ice and if your family uses a lot of ice, it will not keep up. Anyway, ours quit working. I phoned Best Buy and they sent out someone to repair it, which they did. About 3 months later, I walked into the kitchen and there was water all over the floor and I could see frosty air coming out of where the ice comes through the door. I again phoned Best Buy. Seems the flapper door to the ice maker had quit and the door was stuck open allowing the cold air to escape and causing some of our food to defrost. The unit was again repaired. Everything was pretty uneventful until June of this year. On the 26th of June, 2005, I went to get into the fridge and noticed that it was very warm. The temp, which is displayed on the door of the fridge said 36 degrees but it was no way that cool. I sat a thermometer in there and the temp was actually 57 degrees. I phoned Best Buy and they sent someone out. The thermal fuse and sensor had blown and caused the fridge side to quit cooling. I was told that parts would have to be ordered and then the unit could be fixed. It took 9 days to get the parts to fix the fridge. The whole time, we were without a fridge and could not keep milk, eggs, or anything else in there. Thank God the freezer side did not quit. When the parts came in it was promptly fixed. A few days after the repair and after replacing the lost food, it did it again. Again, the wait was 9 days. It was again fixed. Another few days go by after this repair and after again replacing the food, it quits again. This time, it was the “heater” that kicks on to defrost the evaporator in the fridge side. I was told that parts would have to be ordered. I emailed Samsung to complain and I was told to call into their facility, which I did. I was told that their warranty was for 1 year and after that, they had no responsibility for their products. After some yelling, I hung up and decided to email them again. I told them that I was very upset and that I would never buy Samsung products again. I received an email a few days later that said, “ Your email has been escalated to the Supervisor that handles our Home Appliances, we will be in contact with you shortly ”. To this date, I have never heard word one from Samsung. I will never buy Samsung products again nor will I ever recommend Samsung product to anyone. The date of the last break down was on July 21st, 2005. Today is August 15, 2005 and I am still waiting for the repair to happen. We have not been able to keep anything in our refrigerator since July 21st. Sincerely, C. S Wichita, Kansas 67217 Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_46605#


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7c270f97, 2007-12-23, 10:55AM CST

I too have the very same problem. I paid good money for a service guy to take the shot in the dark problem solving and replace the thermal fuse and heating element. He did no diagnostics although I paid a fee for such a service. The problem is deeper than just those bad components. Instead of messing around with this problem I have decided to buy another refrigerator. Had this one 5 years and Samsung will not be amongst my shopping choices. The service tech even said this was a very frequent problem. I guess you get what you pay for. Samsung is cheap and that definitely comes through in quality.

e5a91592, 2007-12-31, 10:16AM CST

Darn, wish I had read this before buying a Samsung fridge from BestBuy. 20 months out, some kind of fan noise, and now some god awful pump noise for 15 minutes at a time. Hope my repair experience is better. Can anyone recommend how to dump this lemon?

e7b79e2a, 2008-02-27, 04:35PM CST

I am writing this on behalf of my parents. we are glad to have come accross this complaint. we have also been having ALL the problems mentioned on this posting. and we also bought ours at best buy.we have been working on the repairs ourselves to save money but the refrigerator only works well for 3 weeks at a time. this must be the 5th time we try to fix we considered getting a professional to look at it when we came accross this posting. thank you. it is obvious that we also will need to purchase a new refrigerator and stop trying to repair the one we have. i will no longer recommend samsung or purchase samsung products.

55be94c3, 2008-05-28, 05:00PM CDT

I hate my Samsung fridge two years ago, and it is nothing but junk. I made the mistake of not purchasing the extended warranty from Best Buy. I wish I would have never bought it in the first place. Also, the "customer service" team does not care at all and will not help you with a complaint.

Please do not waste your money on such an inferior product.

f9a754ea, 2008-06-15, 06:31PM CDT

I bought the Samsung RS2533SW side by side refrigerator. Power is on, but no cooling whatsoever in either section. I've had no luck with expensive repair calls. 4 years of service, but you should get more than that out of a $1300 fridge. Next time I'm buying a whirlpool.

6326396a, 2008-06-20, 05:43PM CDT

I've had a similar problem. My unit is a RB215LASH, bottom freezer and is 2.5 yrs old. For several weeks I noticed that the fridge seem warmer than usual but thought it was because of the start of summer weather, maybe the unit was too close to the wall, and so on. The digit reading always said -2 and 38 degrees. Then one day I opened the fridge door and the temperature of the kitchen was cooler than inside the fridge. I opened the freezer and all was melted. I called Samsung and they referred me to an authorized repairman. I'd highly recommend him. Unfortunately he has to call Samsung for the answers. He replaced the overheating fuse on the compressor and ordered a new compressor. With the fuse installed both the fridge and freezer sections froze everything. The compressor runs constantly. He ordered a new control board/computer for it and installed it today. Again, the digital display says -2 and 38 degrees. The compressor has been running non-stop for 8 hours and the internal temps are actually 10 degrees and 49.

Samsung Executive Customer Relations can offer no assistance since my machine "is so far out of warranty". 2.5 years old!

I can't afford to keep this piece of crap.

04e5f2ec, 2008-06-25, 10:15AM CDT

I have all the same problems as the previous ones. I bought one in 2004. The Model #RS2556SH. The first one broke down in July 2005. It broke down just two days after the warrantee. The corp refused to replce it with a new one. I fought it with their CEO and got it replaced. Now this replaced one just broke down 3 weeks agao. It has the same problem. I tried a new service center. He pointed out the problem and disaapeared. It looked like he did not want to fix it. Samsung referred 4 centers. Two don't even service my town. One has a terrible reviews and the last one will not get to us until 4 weeks later. I have had it. I am getting a new one, Whirlpool. Samsung has very poor refregerators. I wish I founf d this site earlier. Can we file a class action against Samsung to get our money back?

6a63235f, 2008-06-26, 10:52AM CDT

I too have had problem which will cost in excess of 500 dollars on a RS2556SH. It is only three years old and now I will have to replace the main circuit board and the PC touch panel. It has taken over one and half months of calls to samsung and to repair shops to find anyone who will touch their refrigerators. I too strongly suggest that anyone buy from Sears or another company that has a strong support base and not Best Buy. I am going to go one step farther and complain to the AG of Texas and to the national consumer website and will reference this posting in my complaint.

70de0d19, 2008-07-01, 05:47PM CDT

I have the RS267L. It is a 26 cu ft. Paid $2500 and it makes 7 or 8 ice cubes every 1.5-2 hours! It is those slim barely icecubes at that. That won't even fill a medium glass for a drink. There are only 3 of us in the house that use it and we don't have ice most of the day. Only early morning. Samsung had me reset, no help. Checked water line, no problem. It is just a really bad design. They are now going to send someone out, but my opinion is this is just a VERY badly designed system and I wish I had known that before buying it.

Anonymous, 2008-08-17, 08:19AM CDT

I have one less than a mo3 weeks 1 box home would not even run took it back 2 box is quit but icemaker sucs

200cb64b, 2008-09-16, 03:32PM CDT

My Samsung refrigerator, model #RS2530BSH was delivered by Fry's Electronics on Saturday, 9/13. My refrigerated food was frozen solid by 9/14. I turned down the temperature, as instructed in the manual. My food remained frozen solid. By 9/16, the water line was also frozen. So, now I have a total loss of refrigerated food, and no filtered water because the bottles of water I bought as a back-up haven't yet defrosted. I called Samsung - they had me unplug the refrigerator for 9 minutes to "reset it," whatever that means. I did so. The food is still frozen. I called Fry's -- the earliest repair appointment is two days hence. I called Samsung to see if they could do better - their wait is a minimum of 3 days. I think that I will hire a truck and have this POS returned to Fry's. I hope this review is helpful to someone in advance of purchase since it is only in my frustration that I found that review sites are available.

e0ec5414, 2008-12-12, 08:06PM CST

WOW I wish we had read this..we have been without a refrigerator now since 11/18/08. We have had Central Plains Appliance out to our house now 3 times, replacing parts & the refrigerator still is not fixed! We have had Best Buy lie to us continually and no one seems to care. We get the run around and the extended warranty Best Buy offers is worthless!! The food reimbusement they state in their PSP is a bunch of bull!

ab33ae7c, 2009-01-10, 05:44PM CST

I had to stop calling for repair and just download the repair manual for the refrigerator. It was alot cheaper to fix myself then to keep having a service guy come out to the house all the time.

The manual has saved me a number of service charges

You can find one at

7778fb10, 2009-11-18, 02:19PM CST

I have a samsung RB195BSBB 3 years old and is worthless!! ice machine broke 1 year in, and now leaks water and temp fluctuates. called samsung, and they wont help. found out through the internet that they have 1000's of refrigerators in recall all over the world. i wish i would have checked out the net before buying. DO NOT BUY A SAMSUNG REFRIGERATOR!!!!!!!

fb91ba18, 2009-12-24, 12:37PM CST

From what I understand at least some of Samsung products are made by G.E. and a samsung badge is slapped on. G E makes total crap for appliances. Had a 2 year washer stop working and had a problem with the dryer also and even the ge repair guy said they were not very good products.

2c32e7bc, 2011-01-23, 04:42PM CST

Samsung customer support is a joke. I have a brand new Samsung refrigerator (aka "lemon")RB195 and it hasn't worked one day! I finally got a repair guy in after hearing no replies from Samsung, and the guy said it's the control board that needs replacing. He said it's common with Samsung refrigerators and the estimated cost will be $200 or so.

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