Air India ..........Are you not ashamed? Read through this, it should hang your head in shame

Posted on Monday, August 15th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 1143a8df

Company: Air India ..........Are you not ashamed? Read through this, it should hang your head in shame

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Air India ..........Are you not ashamed? Read through this, it should hang your head in shame

August 14, 2005

This is with reference to the Trauma that I faced for having travelled AIR INDIA from London - Mumbai - Chennai to and fro scheduled departure from London on the 11th of July 2005 by AI 112 which was scheduled to depart at 09.45 AM. But then took off at 12.00 in the noon as I think air India follows IST - Indian Stretchable Time. The journey made me so disgusting as your Air India Crew are very unfriendly (they do not bother to even smile properly);when we reached Delhi due to rain there was rain water all over the place and we couldn't keep our legs down and was not cleaned properly and the 2 hours journey to Mumbai was like 20 years;

The story does not end here...............Thankfully after reaching Mumbai there was a big surprise. The connecting flights by Air India to Chennai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore were cancelled. And to catch hold of cowards working for air India was a tough Job as they never want to face the public; At last there was a man and a lady who turned up and said that we can fly using the Indian Airlines and Jet Airways Flight. I had a huge luggage to be carried to and fro and wander about to find where jet airways stall was and supposedly push through between 50 odd people as there was no queue system and me being a girl it was the most horrifying thing to do. I hope you understand what would it look like if you are a female or if it was your wife or daughter in my place; It was necessary for me to do else I would have to wait for the whole crowd to disappear and then it would be me.

The Question is : Do I have to go through all this in spite of paying such huge Air Fares? Is is not shameful to eat my money and give such a poor service? Air India refused to confirm the ticket on my behalf as they said it was my job to confirm the ticket with jet airways as it is me who have to fly. Did I ask Air India to cancel the flight to Chennai? For what fault of mine should I be pushed around. Do you know what is the pain to contact our family members who wait all day long for us wasting their precious time and ours as well? Do you want it is to feel the pain when you are desperately waiting to go home after 2 years? Do you what is the impact on the foreign nationals who have such high hopes about our Nation? You people are throwing the country's Image to Dogs.

Well the second part of the story is my return Journey. When the climate is fantastic you people delayed and when there is a change you people will take the best of it to earn money at our risk. My return Journey from Chennai was on the 31st of July 2005 at 03.45 AM but as usual got delayed to 05.45 AM and then we were sitting in the flight until 10.00 doing nothing as the flight did not take off; When asked they gave a reason that visibility is poor and that they received no signal that they have to move. And at last praise the lord it took of at 11.45 AM so that we can face the second half of the disaster; Once we reached Mumbai at 1.00 in the noon by 3.00 PM there was security check and all passengers to Chicago via London were stuck until 5.00 PM not knowing what is happening next whereas all other flights to Dubai and even Bangladesh took off (all operated by Air India) except for AI125. After pestering Mr. Mistry (who was Air India In charge that day) promised that it will take off by 11.00 and eventually became 02.45 AM (Monday). Water was as expensive as Rs. 70.00 per bottle, there were people with small kids as small as 3 months without proper baby food / water / diapers. There was a foreigner who even fainted as she was already waiting for 20 hours. After threatening to vandalise and shouting slogans and verbally fighting over you guys we manage to get a flight with thankfully departed at 4.00 AM in the morning.

After this horrifying terrible Nightmare I was really relieved and hoped I will never have to fly Air India as I have come out of Hell and would never have to face this again. Well I want a suitable compensation for me having to go through all this Trauma and if I do not hear anything in next 30 days I think I will be forced to take this to the consumer Court and hopefully get some results. There are lots of interesting facts that I could not mention about Your Fantastic Service I think you yourselves know as you are already hanging your head in shame now.

I hope to hear from you soon.


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4f3693b3, 2008-06-01, 06:22AM CDT


Even I too have faced such a kind of same problem on 29th feb 2008 from bangalore to chicago and again from chicago to bangalore on 30 may 2008. I did not see such a kind of worst airlines in the total world. on 29th feb it was supposed to start by 2am but it started by 8 it seems. Again they stopped us at mumbai for nearly 5-6 hrs. And we dont know the problem why it was? Now seriously I dont want travel by AirIndia as well I dont make my friends or relatives or even known perons to go by AirIndia.'WORST STUPID AIRLINES'.

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