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Cato's / clothing stores

August 10, 2005

I've shopped at Cato's in Tahlequah, OK, Sallisaw, OK and Fort Smith, AR. You may contact them at

I love Cato's clothes. I am less than thrilled with their customer service. When you walk through the door they yell a hello to you. Seems friendly enough. Except that is where the friendly, helpful service ends. When I hand them the money to pay for the products they aren't even smiling, let alone going to the trouble to act friendly. These people need to be paid commission instead of hourly. I'm from Oklahoma, the friendliest state in the country and I am stunned to find that one of my clients in New York City is always friendly to her customers and these snotty little twits in OKLAHOMA and ARKANSAS aren't ever. This is like the old Superman bizarro comic books, where everything was backwards. It's as if they think they're Tommy Hilfiger in Beverly Hills. - Only it's an ordinary clothing store in the friendly state. Seriously, isn't that bizarre?

When I came home after the first incident, my neighbor said, "Oh Catos? They're always rude. I quit shopping at Catos two years ago on account of how rude the help is.

While paying for the product at the third Cato's I went to, the sales clerk was a blank faced as every other Cato's sales clerk I've ever met. So I nudged my friend beside me and said, "Hey, did you hear that the Cato's Corporation has stopped docking the pay of employees for smiling at customers?" My friend replied that was wonderful news and the girl at the cash register, just looked curious. Makes me wonder if these girls aren't just incredibly good animatronics.

I promise I will never cut a Cato's employee to see if they actually bleed real blood like the rest of us.... however I have to admit to the desire to cut those hateful girls.... because if they're really machines, I'm getting all upset over nothing.

Word up to the Catos staff....

Rule 1.

When someone puts money in your hand, smile into their eyes as you say a sincere "thank you." Frown at your superiors if you've got a problem, not the customers!

Rule 2.

If you can't adhere to rule number one.... Quit and go work somewhere in a back room where customers never have to put up with your insolence.

I'm ashamed for anyone to come to our friendly state and have to be treated with such disrespect and a total lack of friendliness. I apologize to you for their insolence. Just remember, Cato's is not an accurate reflection of the character of our beautiful state.

To Catos I say, please contact me when we can shop Cato's online and never have to be treated with a complete lack of friendliness by your employees again. Get over yourselves. You're not Hilfiger, Lauren, Lexus.... you're just a little Cato's store next to the Doller store. Wake up and smell the coffee, you're not all that.

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8d04436e, 2007-09-27, 03:58PM CDT

Well i'm glad to know i'm not the only one haveing promblems with Cato. i just love the clothes but i

ve gotten to were i hate going into one. i live in van buren and shop at both of the ones in fort smith i like the on on zero st the best but stop going in to it about two years ago .they had the two most unfriendly if not just plain rude younge girls working. i went back in a few weeks ago to pick up something and they was both gone told the lady working that day i sure was glad to see them both gone . so whats up with that any way do u have to be a rude person to be able to work there.

82a55d40, 2007-12-18, 09:49AM CST

As I read your heartless and rude letter I could not help but pitty you. I have shopped at Cato's for years and I have been to the stores you mentioned. I have never experieced the above at any time. These poor girls are paid peaunts and have to deal with rude people like you 7 days a week not to mention all the other duties they have. So if you did not receive the perfect smile you need to get over your self you are not all that. Rude people are a dime a dozen. Cato's employees keep up the good work I as a customer can see your over worked and under paid. I know the stress you are under everyday.

1696ab03, 2007-12-28, 01:55PM CST

I was an Asst. Mgr. at Cato Jr/Miss location in Gonzales, La. for 2 years, ending this past July.

Cato is the ultimate, nightmare employer. First of all, the store is only allowed to give out 168 hours to employees and is open over 70 hours per week. Those girls making $5.25/hr. are expecting to tend to customers, stock the merchandise, unload a truck of hundreds of boxes, open, break down, empty those boxes, unwrap the plastic, sensor and hang all the clothes. Additionally, a weekly mark-down is taken in which every single item in the entire store is scanned by hand. While doing all of this, the girls (never more than 2 at a time, often only 1) are expected to meet the customers needs, operate the register, greet every customer upon arrival, tend to the fitting rooms, and practice shop-lifting prevention.

No benefits. No commission. No opportunity.

After 2 years of management at the best store in the entire region, the cleanest also, with the lowest amount of theft... this is out of about 50 stores.... we were constantly cut down by uppermanagement, had our jobs endlessly threatened, and were treated like slaves. I maxed out on pay $9.60.

When I began college, my regional manager asked me, this exact question.

"Would you consider quitting school if it meant a raise?"

She offered me .10 cents. In the year 2007, she offered me .10 cents an hour to give up my education. After scheduling my classes around my Cato schedule and ensuring that it would not put out the other (ONE other) member of management, this is the thanks I get from Cato for years of grueling work.

I'd say the biggest downside to the job is bitches like you.

You're paying $2.99 for a clearance shirt and expect me to bow down and worship you? I don't think so. I'm a friendly person and I will accomodate you however I could. But you aren't God and Cato isn't heaven.

The policies and procedures we were forced to follow left us constantly being name-called, threatened, screamed at, and basically, publically humiliated by greedy, bargain-hunting soccer moms. It was a complete nightmare.

If at anytime, upper management were contacted by a customer who had a problem with an employee following a procedure, that had she not followed would've been fired, she would then be fired because the customer had complained.

Therefore, noone at Cato gives a shit about your happiness. They hate their job. They're being paid pocket change. And you're a bitch.

Put all the together and think about it while you're pouting over some girl not smiling at you. The service sucks but hey, it fits the job.

efdbec4d, 2008-01-15, 12:34PM CST

Seriously, is the original poster on crack? You said it yourself, they are not a Hilfiger, J.Crew or Abercrombie. It's discount fashion clothing in a strip mall and you expect them to kiss your feet????

The fact is that people don't go to Wal-Mart because of their friendly staff or their knowledgeable salespeople... they go there for the PRICE. Same goes with Cato stores. As the one person said, you can get a shirt there for $2.00 and there are college kids working there for next to peanuts. You need a reality check.

71b74460, 2008-01-27, 02:02PM CST

I can definatly see CATO from both the eyes of the shopper as well as from the eyes of an employee. I've been working retail ever since I graduated from high school. I started with Wal-Mart, then I moved onto Target, and three months ago I was hired on at CATO as the new Store Manager.

I was tired of the big corporation and I wanted to work in an environment that was more personal with the customers.

Boy! I tell you - Shopping at CATO and working at CATO are two totally different things. When you walk into the store there are usually only a handfull of people shopping. And, it always appeared to me that the employees were laid back and freindly. It seemed perfect.

I was wrong.

CATO expects you to greet everyone as they come into the store. Initally I didn't mind. But, then as November rolled around into December and the holidays, it became nearly impossible to actully greet them as they came in. We only have two registers and only two employees woring in the store at any given time. So, a cashier and myself would be on register trying hard to be pleasant with the customer that we were checking out while randomly shouting out, "WELCOME TO CATO!" Every time we heard that stupid door bell.

To top it off I am BRAND NEW to CATO. So, yeah, one week training with the old store manager and one week training with a store manager from another store did not automaticly make me a CATO expert.

I came into the store without a first assistant and my second assistant couldn't open the store. I worked week after week without at day off averaging about 60 hours a week. Often times from open to close because even though my second assistant couldn't open the store I was told by my DM that I still needed to close two days a week. (All on a salary that was less then I was making per hour at Target).

My first auidt was a disaster. Most of the errors were paper work. They actually expected me to work even more hours in order to get it done.

Then my DM went on medical leave and split the district between two other store managers.

Well, I survived the holidays and I have a full staff. The other store in town had shut down for remodeling and the first assistant transfered as a MIT (Manager in Training) I was also given a new first as well as a second. Everything seemed to be getting much better.

I come from the philosophy that you can not run a store from your back room. I did everything out on the sales floor from cashiering, to merchandising, I even processed shipment from the front of the store so that I could properly greet the customers.

I never missed a day of work and I was very accomidating to all my managers and cashiers with hours and time off.

Last week I had my inventory. It was my first inventory and my DM had just come back from medical leave. Everything was going smooth until I realized that she was GIVING ME AN AUDIT while I was couning inventory!!!

No, I haven't had the time to go through all the paper work. My priorities for the holidays were customer service and loss prevention. (We are a target store)

I asked my DM if there was any way that I could just correct the problems that could be fixed easily so that I could get a better score. She said her hands were tied.

So, now the MIT is the new store manager and I'm in limbo as a first considering that the store only needs a first and second not two firsts.

I really did pour my heart into this store and I was seeing some remarkable changes. The night before inventory I had a $500 sale. I thouht things were getting better and that now I'd have the time to get to the paper work.

CATO has their priorities mixed up. It's practices like this that make you bitter. I'm not exusing this behavior, I haven't been rude to any customers since this happened. But, I am just baffled that my DM has a medical leave for the entire holiday season and still expects me to know everything already.

I have only worked there for 3 months. I was brand new to CATO and it's hard to not think I was set up for faliure.

8f76a5a5, 2008-03-11, 01:47PM CDT

Stop cryin about it, u r probably a bitch anyways and they probably hate to see u walk into the store. Who cares if u like the place. Ive been shopping Catos for years and never had a problem out of the store or staff, so the next time u walk into a store that u frequently visit think to yourself am I a bitch is that why people don't smile when they see me walk in...

b7c8b16e, 2008-03-23, 06:53PM CDT

It shouldn't matter whether you're shopping at Tommy Hilfiger, Dillard's, Wal-Mart or Cato. If you take a job that requires you to deal with the public, you should treat the paying customers with respect. If you can't, then don't work in a front-line environment. Find something in a warehouse where you don't need to smile. And it shouldn't matter if you're a college student or middle-aged person-if you're accepting the pay for the job, then do the job.

82873710, 2008-04-16, 10:59AM CDT

I am sorry you got such awful replies! Truth is, I've been to Catos in several states, GA, TX, OK, AR, and more. I was treated the same way you are.

Fact is, the employees may not like their job, but they are working RETAIL. In retail, the CUSTOMER is the important person. YES! Kiss the customer's feet! Do what it takes to make your customer happy so they spend money!!

If they are treating their employees bad, I understand why the workers aren't happy. But they should quit and find a better place to work.

It also goes for corporate, they should hire better managers who treat their employees right. Makes me want to work there and show them what true customer service is all about!

9ddc53fd, 2008-06-06, 06:45PM CDT

I am sorry you live in the states where you have that problem. All I have to say is, I'm in Delaware and I love my Cato Store. They are the friendliest and most helpful people I have ever encountered. I can name countless times when I have run into the store having maybe two hours to be somewhere and the ladies at the store have banded together to make sure I look great down to accessories. Once I was on my way to a meeting where I had to look my best. Half way there, I looked down and saw a rip in my skirt. Well my Cato store was closer than my home. The store was full and they still took the time not only to help me put together just the right look, but I got redressed in the dressing room and made it to the meeting on time. And this is how they treat all their customers not only me. I am a plus size handicapped woman in her fifties and in other clothing stores I have been totally ignored by pretty much every sales person. But that has never been the case in Catos. I think maybe you should be talking to the manager in that store or maybe gone to the Catos customer service online because maybe the salespeople there need to be talked to or fired. But, I don't think you can blame all Cato stores. My sister that lives in Maryland would tell you the same thing I am about the one there so may you just run into some nasty people because Cato is definitly NOT a nasty store.

e9e3250d, 2008-06-30, 12:00PM CDT

WOW, I too love CATO clothing, and though I have only ever had warm friendly treatment at the store here (Southwest VA)I am shocked to hear how the employees are treated. Unfortunatly I have to agree with the first comment. There is never any excuse for rude behavior. I don't care how much you charge for an item. $2.99 on a clearance rack or .25 cents at a yard sale. Good manners is not something you are paid for. You give it away free weather you are behind the counter or out in the parking lot. Treat your customers the way you would expect to be treated when you walk into a store. If the job sucks, and the pay sucks, find something else. If you are just a rude person perhaps you should look into a career besides retail. Calling the original commenter a "bitch" is not appropriate behavior for someone in the retail business. The best way for CATO employees to tell CATO they are not going to stand to be treated that way, is to not put up with it. There are plenty of jobs for min. wage. It is not the customer's fault you are unhappy with your job.

39ef30f0, 2008-07-08, 10:47AM CDT

I find this extremely hard to believe, because I have been shopping Cato stores (across Texas) (which I happen to think is the friendliest state in the nation) for approximately 10 years! I have had nothing but fantastic service and only the friendliest sales associates. It could be the clients that the stores are dealing with causing them to be a little on the rude side.

63e57c3e, 2008-07-17, 08:10PM CDT

Hi hey Cato in southern Indiana is the best the women/girls a very friendly will even help you get matched up if looking for an outfit. very very polite friendly and will shop there until i have a bad experience

4f8c8006, 2008-07-21, 05:51PM CDT

Hi Iam from Ontario Canada Love to shop at Catos wish they were in Canada. Have never had a complainte about staff. Go to woodward Oklahoma store great staff and always smiling and polite and willing to help.

ee95d114, 2008-07-29, 02:47PM CDT

Duz ineewon pruef reed ineemoore?

6c96631a, 2008-07-30, 10:06AM CDT

Haha if you only worked at Cato, you would understand. :)

Being a cato employee and getting paid min wage is just the beginning, of the Hellicious work experience.

Firstly as a part timer at Cato's where I have been at over a year, your responsiblities are endless and somewhat impossible to do.

GREAT EVERY CUSTOMER! Okay? That's fine but when there are only 2 people working at a time and there are only 2 registers with 5 people in line, its somewhat hard to sound sincere with "Hello". I would prefer not even to say it at all, and personally great the customer upon finishing ringing up sales. But NOOOOOOOOOO every customer must be greated as soon as they enter the store.. So my advice on that one is take it up with the Corporate office!! Because i would like that changed too. :)

Also reguarding your comment on Cato employees thinking they work at Tommy, trust me we DON'T, we know we work in retail hell, thats why that look is on most of our faces. Trying to unload a truck, sensor clothes, great every customer, let people into the dressing room isnt easy. Dont get me wrong I am not complaining, because I like my job for the most part except for dealing with people like you.

Every customer that comes into the store I initially great with a kind friendly attitude. But when a 40 year old soccar mom starts bitching because a shirt was marked 1.99 and rang up 3.99, dont expect me to be all smiles. My lord when something is 1.99 does two dollars make that big of a diffence..and oh on reference to working beside the dollar store..You shop there or used to, so whats that say about YOU? Hahahahaha.

Oh and try hand marking down every iteam in the store on a weekly basis. Sounds like fun doesnt it, Oh but we love doing that so cheap o's like you can actaully wait to buy a shirt that was originally priced 19.99 to drop to 2.99, so you get a great deal. Hate to tell you but the shirt you just got for 2.99 has probably been bought and returned about 5 times, HAHAHAH again not my problam, take that up with corporate office, and thats your falt for shopping at a store next door to family dollar. HAHAHAHAH okay im done. I hope you come into my store so i can laugh at you...and I hope you pick out a shirt that is priced wrong, so i can laugh even more! :)

f1e30ad8, 2008-09-01, 09:54AM CDT

First of all is you don't like your job as a customer service agent you shouldn't be working there. Second of all if the shirt is marked at 1.99 that 's how it shoud be rung up (oh, and by the way you spell soccer with a "e" not a "a". Third of all I worked customer service at Delta Airline imagine have 75 to 100 people waiting in line for their tickets to be scan. And you still have to be polite that's part of the job. It doesn't matter you need to learn how to multi-task or GET ANOTHER JOB.

c458eec9, 2008-09-16, 10:21AM CDT

I also stopped shopping at Cato..I love the clothes, but not enough to be treated like a second class citizen..and yes if I pick out a cute top and the sticker says $1.99 and it rings up $3.99 hell yes I'll say something because when that happens it is called bait and switch, that $2 can go in my gas tank instead of in your pocket after all it is MY money not yours..btw bait and switch that's a no no! Last time I was in Catos I chose four items to try own..the Girl working the dressing area snatched the hangers out of my hand made a point of not only counting the hangers, but also checking to be sure only one item was on each hanger and when she came to a hanger with two items she smugly said "why are there two items on this hanger" I smiled sweetly then said because it is a two piece outfit! all she said was "oh" she then turned and walked away without a word to me she located the same outfits on the rack inspected them to be sure I was telling the truth she then held out the hangers to me I said keep them and I walked out of the store! I went home contacted the Corporate Office lodged a formal complaint..was apologized to profusely..that Catos is now closed..I doubt they closed it on my account, but it's a nice thought!! It is my firm belief if you cannot be around the Customers and be human you should NOT be working with the public..get a job in the dog pound at least if you cop an attitude it will because a customer actually bit you and not because that Customer came inside your work place to pay your salary!! I find it funny most of the comments defending Catos comes from Employees who can't spell worth a damn..says alot about their intelligence level!! Just as their rude attitude toward the very people paying their salary says alot about their maturity level!! I also worked retail for a number of years and never once did I take out my bad day on my customers..then again I a big girl!!

dec39bd3, 2008-10-12, 08:43AM CDT

I am sorry that your Cato's staff are not friendly, The Store that I shop in Brail Indiana, have always had great staff, they are friendly always, and are always helpful it could be the area that you live, When visting other states I find that some people in diferent states are not as friendly as others,and even though when working in retail you are always suppose to put costumers first, during these hard economical times I am sure that some people find it hard to seperate their problems be it financial or personal from their everyday living. So try to be a little more understanding and compassionate, and maybe smile at them first , ask them if they are ok, maybe they just need someone to listen. They have to also deal with very rude and demanding folks all day, does not make one want to smile for the rest of the day. So try putting yourself in their shoes for once.

204e47a8, 2008-10-14, 06:26AM CDT

To the person who is mad because the girl took the hangers from her and counted them:

Just so you know, that is a job requirement. It is on secret shops, which is how we get graded every 3 months. Plus, every time the district manager comes for a visit (once a month), she pays attention to whether or not we do that. I constantly have customers like you being rude to me because I insist on doing that. It's hard to be polite and friendly to every single customer when at least half of you bitch at us just for doing what we're told. What the hell do you care if we count how many items you have? The only reason you should have a problem with that is if you are trying to shoplift, which by the way, moron, is why we do that. Maybe you should write a rant about how shoplifters affect society instead. Shouting "Hello!" to everyone who walks in is also to curb shoplifting. We do it to let them know we are aware of their presence in the store, even if we aren't at the door.

You all just need to stop thinking that you're somehow better than the girls who work at Cato. Where do you work? Can I come in and be rude, ask you to kiss my feet, and expect you to break all your company policies to satisfy me? I constantly have people in there griping at me because two shirts that are the same style but different colors are priced differently. They want me to make them all the same price. Obviously, that's not my decision. Then, when I say I can't do it, they start telling all the other customers it's because I'm a racist bitch!

To the original poster:

What are you saying about Hilfiger, Lauren, Lexus...? If I worked there, I would have the right to be a frowning snob? If you think Cato is such a piece of crap clothing store, why ever shop there? Obviously you're just a cheap-ass yard sale bitch, and you know what? You're not "all that" either. It's not like you're going to get into Heaven first because you're from the "friendly state."

By the way, I notice no one cares about all the typos and misspelled words in complainers' posts, just the ones in Cato employees' posts. That's why we have frowns on our faces (when we do, which is not all the time). It's because almost all customers think they are just better than us at a molecular level. Assholes! And I'll use whatever language I want. You don't get to say I'm not allowed to just because I work in retail. I don't use that language at the store, but I obviously need to remind you I'm still a person, still a citizen of the United States, and when I walk out Cato's door, I have just as much freedom as anybody.

One more thing, original poster, what do you mean, "I have to admit to the desire to cut those hateful girls"? Is that a threat? I think I'm going to report you.

c458eec9, 2008-10-21, 01:53PM CDT

If it is company policy to count the clothing on the hangers, then why ask why there is more then one piece on the hanger? Why not just count the clothes without the questions?..Asking a question then double checking the answer is rude and insulting, also it's funny none of the other Catos shops I have gone into has ever questioned me about the number of clothes on a hanger..

Hint for ya Plato, if there's a second piece of plastic hanging off the neck of the hanger that has another item of clothing hanging on it as well this (omg imagine that) is a sure fire tip it is a two piece outfit, besides I thought store employees were suppose to know what their stock actually is..Catos at least the ones I go to aren't that big..and yes I do find it insulting to be asked a question then have my answer double checked in front of me as if I was I was not upset that she counted the hangers I was upset with her snotty nose in the air attitude as she snatched the hanger out of my hand and walked over to the racks the whole time while smirking thinking she was going to catch me in a lie..shoplifting?? That's a laugh considering I was wearing a halter top, a pair of shorts and a pair of sandles and I do not carry a purse. I was going to try on a pair of jeans and a top, also a pair of capris with a matching top and another cute where Einstein do you think I would have stashed what I planned on stealing had that been my intent?..doi! I can tell you are a Catos employee not only by your iq level (my apologies to the smart Catos employees if there's any out there! Sorry, one can never be sure judging from the last Catos employee' response) only a Catos employee would respond to a complaint with rude insults!

I should give you a bit of advice's not a good idea to call the very people who pay your salary if you want to keep your job and your teeth out of your ass I suggest you limit your insults to the internet (I can't believe how two faced you people are) because, if you ever call me something like that in person (yea, like you ever would) not only will I take my business elsewhere, and I'll have your job, but you will also be looking out at the world through two black eyes and if my Baby hears you insult me you'll be sporting (that means you'll leave work with) a bloody nose and split lip! No, that is not a threat it's a promise..btw same shirt, same style, no matter the color should be the same price unless the shirt is made by two different companies..that's common sense..I do realize that's not your fault, lack of common sense can't be helped..By default, I am not rude to

someone unless they are rude toward me..and I have never ever considered myself better then anyone else unless you are a liar, thief, back stabbing,two faced or a slut...then hell yes I am better then you, I never said I was better then you nor did I ever believe I was, but now that you mention in judging from your tone in your post and your rude comments damn skippy I am better then you while I may not have believed it before you have proven to me I am..btw thank you for that!

As I said I am never rude to anyone unless someone is rude toward me first!! But the facts are, you are paid to serve us in retail we pay you. Do you get it now Bertha? WE PAY <YOUR> SALARY, you do not pay us to buy your merchandise and if your rude ass causes your shop to close you have only yourself to blame! Because, yes like it or not we can and will find other places to buy what we need...and if we do this you will be out of a job (which judging from your lack of people skills you should be anyway)..personally, I prefer Goodys and Kohls..The service at both those stores are excellent and the clothes are of a better quality and apparently so are the Employees!

PS. Thank you for proving my point on every level!

e2cb572d, 2008-10-22, 11:59AM CDT

<giggle> Yes, Catos employees are stupid..I went into Catos carrying my Prada bag I noticed some of the Employees drooling over my purse, you should have seen the way they catered to me..asking me what my favorite colors and styles were?..Did I need a belt or a pair of shoes? Perhaps a new purse to go along with whatever I chose to buy, or some undies..I picked out five outfits about ten pieces and received special permission to carry all 10 items in the dressing room with me..the poor Lady waiting at the register was completely ignored..I tried on each outfit taking my time..I finally picked one I thought was really nice paid oh about $40..I passed on the shoes and the belt, undies also the purse...I love my Prada..the employees were very nice friendly and willing to bend to my every I walked out of that store I sighed loudly looked down at my knock off Prada bag and said.. doofs! Want respect and to be treated as you should be not as they think you deserve to be treated, walk in wearing something expensive or at least something they think is expensive and watch them fall all over themselves..after all it's all about the $!

d954b593, 2008-10-27, 11:21PM CDT

Okay, first of all I am a Cato's employee. We do our best to be polite and respectful of our customers. At our store we do the best we can. We smile and greet every customer, We are not rude and we bring conversation with the customer even if its the climate. So I dont know what your talking about all Cato Employee's are this way. I highly DOUBT it. Thanks

db66d7d5, 2008-10-30, 08:44AM CDT

for the women or girls who work at Cato. you work in a SERVICE oriented job. its your job. service is your job. THAT is what you get Paid for. i realize you do not get paid a lot. but it is still your job . if you dont want to do your job. find another one. i hate Catos. they used to be a great store to shop in. great clothes at great prices . now its just garbage. i stopped shopping at any Catos two years ago because of the BAD service and poor quality clothing. i went in recently again to check it out see if anything had changed. no. it had not. same watching you every second from the second you walk in the door like everyone who comes in is a shoplifter. Very poor customer service. my daughter said. check it out mom. the skinny chick got waited on. she did. we did not. teach your employees about discrimination.

dec3c3dd, 2008-11-07, 10:12AM CST

i have been to several catos i live in pampa tx and i think that we have one of the greatest catos there is. as soon as you walk through the door you are greeted and asked if there is anything certain you are looking for.if any of you feel that it is not true please email me. [email protected]

8645f184, 2008-11-15, 07:14PM CST

That is too bad to have such bad experiences. I miss our Cato store in Albert Lea, MN. It was a store that you could go in and the clerks treated you like a queen. They brought clothes to you - hung them up - and were honest on what looked good and what did not. I only wish that I would have had more money to spend on myself every time I went there! They no longer have a store there and was searching online to see if I could order online. I guess clerks in Minnesota and Iowa are alot more helpful and friendly!

d57b29b4, 2008-12-01, 09:39AM CST

I think that its a shame you have such bad service in the stores youve gone to, Ive only been to one, the one in New Albany, Indiana and the girls there are marvelous! They are friendly and cheerful and helpful. They laugh and joke with you and treat you like a friend, they remember you and go out of their way to make your visit to their store pleasant and enjoyable.

What you have described, I have experienced in the higher dollar stores we have here such as Lord and Taylors, Dillards, Macys, Hollister even but not in the Cato store I go to.

I wish you luck, I think Cato is a nice alternative for people like me, a single mom with a 13 year old girl, to allow me to have nicer clothes without paying an absolute fortune for them.

96457250, 2008-12-03, 02:05AM CST

i live near New Albany, Indiana and shop at the Cato's there in town. if fact i just bought stuff on sale yesterday with a friend who has never gone in there and she was very impressed with everything. some people do have bad luck with sales people others have good luck. any store employees anywhere can be rude..

c091b763, 2008-12-03, 10:33PM CST

I guess you need to shop in Mobile, Alabama. The store clerks in all of the cato's stores are very friendly and helpful. NO! I do not personally know any of the clerks. I'am just speaking the truth. Although I would like to see cato's line on the internet.

c091b763, 2008-12-03, 10:35PM CST

I guess you need to shop in Mobile, Alabama. The store clerks in all of the cato's stores are very friendly and helpful. NO! I do not personally know any of the clerks. I'am just speaking the truth. Although I would like to see cato's line on the internet.

cd45913f, 2008-12-05, 10:58PM CST

Oh, what arrogance you have.

981c39bb, 2008-12-11, 10:34PM CST

I am the store manager of a Cato in TN and I am very sorry that you had a bad experience. We take pride in the fact that our customers love coming in mainly because of the service we give them. We strive to make our customers as happy as possible and to go above and beyond. In fact, I drove to another store that was an hour away from my house just to buy a pair of shoes for a customer since we didn't have her size. My husband and I are moving out of state in a few weeks and I called up all of my customers that I know by name and told them I was leaving. They all came in the store that same week to see me and buy something before I leave. I hope that my staff will continue to put their customers first, but I know they will. That is how we were taught in training and it makes our job enjoyable. If you are ever in middle TN you should stop by a Cato there and see if you have a more pleasant experience.

fd7a0752, 2008-12-13, 08:42AM CST

WOW! I love those people. I hae never had a negitive experience there. I don't like to be bothered while I shop so I love that they do their own thing and leave me alone.

I also am in Customer Service, and write a lot of training on the subject, so I know that sometimes the service you get depends on the respect you give. You should first ask how you can change youre atitude. The truth is the better you act, they better they react!

c2f68e16, 2008-12-13, 07:10PM CST

We can all relate to this topic, but I know it has happened to all of you at places other than Cato. I am not on any side, but in the employees' defense, they do work in retail hell. They do a lot of work for not a lot of money. However, it is polite to not kiss your feet, but to be respectful and helpful. I live in NC and have not personally had any issues with any Cato staff. However, the kindness of staff does not pertain to where you are.

To the original poster: I'm sorry about your experience - it is not enjoyable. But give these people some slack; have YOU ever just had a bad day???

bdcae63c, 2008-12-17, 08:39PM CST

I'm sorry about how your cato is treating you. I live in millington tn and the people at our cato are nice. they always say hi and try to help if you're having a hard time trying to find the right blouse, pants etc. i'm happy with them.

27e34cc5, 2009-01-23, 12:10PM CST

Wow!! what an eye opener when I started reading all the complaint's about service received (or not) while shopping at or working for Cato.

I am currently working for Cato. As a DMIT that started as a sales associate, I can say in OH not only do we strive for great customer service, but we also care for all team members. I find it hard to believe that our Corp. office would allow any of the above problem's go unsolved. I'm very sorry the incidents where poor judgement was used by an employee. But that is why we have a customer service department.

I am truly glad that we still offer great customer service, that is why we are still a leading retailer at this time.

278ff64a, 2009-02-02, 10:10PM CST

I have worked in retail before and even when i'm having thee worst day of my life and that customer is the cause of it, i still smile and say thank you. it's just what you do, and i agree that if you don't want to be nice to the customer then you really shouldn't work with people.

dd7a6477, 2009-02-08, 09:21AM CST

Wow, is my reaction as well. I shop at Cato's in New Mexico and at both stores I've had nothing but excellent service. The girls here are always friendly from the "hello" greeting to the thank you with a smile as you leave.

ae05f505, 2009-02-10, 09:38PM CST

I am a store manager for Cato in Va and I can tell you that customer service is important. It starts when you enter our store and continues as you leave our store. I am sorry you had such a bad experience with that particular store. Yet, I can reassure you, we are not all like that. I am a firm believer that all customers should be helped. There are tons of Women apparel stores, you normally get one shot to make a good impression. We have customers who come see us weekly. Same day and same time. We feel like a big family and we treat first time customers the same. NO we dont work on commission but if no one shops at Cato it wouldnt stay open. I love my job. Retail isnt for everyone and only people persons should work in this field. Before you totally give up on us check another store out. Our company does not tolerate poor service . Our customers are the heart of our business. Now to respond to the prada bag lady. If you come in my store in sweats I am going to service you the same as if you came in dressed to the nines. We treat everyone equally. A high dollar bag doesnt mean you are going to spend a lot. Our biggest spenders are the ones who had a wonderful shopping experience. Great bargains mean nothing if great customer service isnt given.

3079a307, 2009-02-20, 02:46PM CST


3bff9224, 2009-02-25, 09:24PM CST

I live in Columbia SC and I have had the same sort of thing happen to me at my local Cato. Another thing they do quite regularly is the old bait and switch routine. Especially with items like jewelry or nail polish that is for sale near the check out desk/counter. When you decide to buy something that is sitting by the 50% off sign and its rung up at full price and then you say, oh that is supposed to be 1/2 price. the Answer I frequently get is " Its not THAT one on sale. We are sold out of the one that was on sale." Sooo if you are indeed sold out, TAKE THE SIGN DOWN!!. It really pisses me off.

I know these people work in 'retail hell', but take pride in your job no matter what you do. How you do your job is a reflection of you as a person. So many of the young people working these days are rude and think they are owed a living.

f5d51fb7, 2009-09-12, 04:12PM CDT

WOW!My experience at Cato's in Tucson, AZ(where I live) amd Cato's in Goose Creek, SC(where I visited recently)was very nice. Everyone in Tucson and Goose Creek was very nice and considerate of Me, the paying customer.

HOWEVER! I lived in Durant, OK for 6 months-just long enough to get enough money AND GET OUT OF THAT HATEFUL CITY/STATE. Oklahoma was the MOST UNFRIENDLY STATE I HAVE EVER LIVED IN! The people of Oklahoma are the ones that are NOT FRIENDLY-NOT CATO'S!

6eec3465, 2009-11-18, 10:30AM CST

I love Catos and the employees where I shop are "always" nice and friendly. I have never had one employee be rude to me. I believe you can find rudness any place you go. I shop in Pasadena Texas when I visit friends.

08592b13, 2009-12-31, 05:49PM CST

I went to Catos in Knightdale NC STORE address 7110-D next too a walmart store. Well I know its New Year Eve and every working person wants to go home, but the store closes at 6pm it was 5:48p and all I wanted is to buy a skirt that was up front, the worker there (Af- American like me)would not let me in I said the store hours are until 6p I had time to get the skirt and leave, I spend two/three min just telling her all I want is the skirt thats up front, she was very very rude, I said the skirt was here on this rack she did not say a word just said to someone, I am ready to go, and started doing the cash reg. oh she did say as she let me in, don't get anything else but the skirt, I will not go to that Cato again, wow! reading what people are saying about the store, do Catos hire mean, unkind people, that hardly speak there all so, why don't the people that own the stores send undercover people in the store and they will see that the customers are telling the truth about the people that are working in the store.

ee033ac7, 2010-01-04, 03:35PM CST

The Corporate Office is in another state most of the time and as far as a "customer service" department, they are just the rude cashiers that have been given a promotion. I got a $400.00 Catos gift card for Christmas from a well meaning family member. I don't even want to use it.I got on-line to see if I could shop and have it mailed to me.

Cato's employees yell "hello" when you walk through the door, they don't look at you or even look up, an animal could have just walked in for all they know. LOL They are unprofessional here where I live, not saying that about all of them across the board. And to think for so long I started thinking it was just me.

Gotta use the gift card somewhere!!

833639df, 2010-01-11, 08:12AM CST

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9e7def31, 2010-04-16, 07:24PM CDT

I love Cato clothes and I've always had wonderful treatment by the workers. I've noticed once, though, that the supervisors were very unthoughtful of the way they treated their employees.

I have also noticed, that people who mistreat others are the first to complain about their treatment, and are very uppity and disdainful, feeling they have a right to judge others because they don't fit into their belief of how someone is supposed to behave. Such attitudes are ethnocentric and the result of bigotry. I don't ask people to smile at me. I accept them for who they are. If they aren't smiling, it's probably because they don't have a reason. I usually chat with them and then they smile. Attitudes are contagious, both good and bad.

Try smiling first and give them a reason to like you.

d8c1d920, 2010-04-28, 08:19AM CDT


c0d1caeb, 2010-05-28, 10:09PM CDT

To have so many bad experiences with different Cato's I would suspect that you have many other bad experiences with other stores as well. Unfortunately, It's probably your attitude that needs adjustment rather than theirs. How did you approach people and the attitude that you have will set the atmosphere.

I shop in Bloomington, Indiana at Cato'

s. I accidently spilled a full Large Sweet Tea from McDonalds in my lap while driving! I wheeled into Cato's and was treated extremely well. They offered their personal employee restroom to clean up and change. I have never been treated poorly in this store. My best advice, check your own attitude before you check out!!

214595e1, 2010-09-20, 02:13PM CDT

I have never had any problems with catos employess. I have went to Columbia,Mo and Wentzville,Mo at there catos they are very nice and friendly. People are going to have bad days just like everyone does. I think if u have a problem with a staff member then u need to talk to that person about it or call a number and ask to talk to someone about it. I do not see every store or staff member being hateful.

00299b49, 2010-10-10, 10:37AM CDT

I am sorry that you had a bad experience. I work in retail and I truly believe that unless you have catered to the public, you really don't understand how difficult it is to please everyone.

I shop at Cato's from time to time. They do not have the best quality apparell but they are modestly priced and fullfill a need in a lot of communities. Everyone deserves to look nice within a budget they deem acceptable. I have never had a bad Cato's experience in my hometown, and in fact, they go out of their way to be friendly and helpful.

Really, you need to check your attitude when you go shopping. I've had many experiences where the customer comes in with a bad mood, for whatever reason, and takes it out on the first person they see. Sometimes if you "Kill them with kindness" they open up and let you into their world.

People just need to give themselves some slack...we are all human and if we try to see the best part, we won't be disappointed all the time.

Plus, if you are that burned out, then it is time to find another job.

296bb4e2, 2010-10-25, 11:54AM CDT

I shop at Cato's in Salina, Ks and have always been treated well. The girls have always been friendly and helpful.

7132a358, 2011-01-28, 07:28PM CST

Fuck u...u dumbass bitch...go take your cato shopping ass back to the hood and btw...u left ir food stamps in the floor of our fitting room...that us cato morons are paying for u to have!

d97ff271, 2011-02-21, 01:23PM CST

i going to ft lauderdale is their any store near by

0a971848, 2011-04-21, 03:35AM CDT

As a store manager, i want to apologize on behalf of every employee who has been rude to our cato customers, and apologize for some of the unprofessional comments from our associates or former associates who commented. Our customers are the reason why cato is up and running, you sign our paychecks, and yes you should be treated with the most up respect regardless if the cutomer is rude or you are having a bad day hey maybe the customer had a bad day and came into shop for that retail therapy we should still provide excellent customer service, we are here to make the customer feel welcomed and comfortable we want them to feel like family and if a shirt was priced wrong because of our human error we will have to eat our mistake, to all you cato employees or past employees i am very dissappointed to hear how you really feel about Cato, im sorry if you have had any incidents but they should have been reported so that it could have gotten resolved. Here at Cato we do have high expectations for managers and our associates and we expect for all employees to provide the highest quality of customer service no matter what. It is all in writing when you sign that acknowledgment form. Its our job regardless how many hours you work or how under paid you are you know that from the beginning and you have 90 days to decide if Cato is right for you and trust me within the first 30 days you will know how Cato operates.. I am sorry for all those bad experiences, but i would like for every customer who has had a bad experience to please reconsider and shop Cato again thank you..

8e4ba6c9, 2011-09-06, 08:40PM CDT

I shop at the Cato store in Brownwood, TX and have to say the girls go out of their way to be kind and helpful. It's the little things that make the difference - offering to take my load of clothes while I continue shopping, walking around the counter to personally hand me my bag, etc.

bfdec5bd, 2011-09-19, 11:17PM CDT

I shop in the Brownwood, Texas Cato.

I want to warn everyone to be sure and keep their receipts, especially if they pay cash. I paid my Cato bill in full, in cash last month but I got a bill today saying I didn't pay last month and now owe $80 again plus finance charge. Of course, as my luck goes, I can't for the life of me find my payment receipt so I can't prove I paid it. The girl rang it up and handed me a receipt, but trusting her, I never paid attention to it. Maybe she counted on the fact I'd throw it away or something so she voided the transaction and pocketed the cash.. I will NEVER pay in cash again.. checks from now on, IF I ever shop in there again.

bfdec5bd, 2011-09-19, 11:18PM CDT

I shop in the Brownwood, Texas Cato.

I want to warn everyone to be sure and keep their receipts, especially if they pay cash. I paid my Cato bill in full, in cash last month but I got a bill today saying I didn't pay last month and now owe $80 again plus finance charge. Of course, as my luck goes, I can't for the life of me find my payment receipt so I can't prove I paid it. The girl rang it up and handed me a receipt, but trusting her, I never paid attention to it. Maybe she counted on the fact I'd throw it away or something so she voided the transaction and pocketed the cash.. I will NEVER pay in cash again.. checks from now on, IF I ever shop in there again.

62891679, 2011-10-26, 11:53PM CDT

I personally think that you're blowing this out of the proportion it is. Okay you want someone to be Happy that your their spending your money at their store. It's a clothing store for crying out loud. It has nothing to do with them thinking their better than everyone else. Why don't you put yourself in someone else's shoes before you go off ranting and raving about a cashier not smiling at you while their checking out your merchandise. Get over yourself and get a life lady seriously. Its bad enough their sales associates are under paid as it is. Why smile when you'd have to put up with people's crap, such as yourself, all day.

a595e43a, 2011-11-11, 01:33PM CST

I look forward to shopping at the Cato in New Baltimore, MI, equally for the clothing/prices and the sale's attention! I have never walked in when I have not been greeted at the door, asked if they could help, and if I tell of a particular occasion that I am needing specific clothing for, we pick a few pieces that I like, I head for the dressing room and they continue to bring different items that they think that I might like. If I like it, but it is a size off, they find what I need and bring it, instead of me having to dress again to go out and find it myself. I actually had a sales consultant suggest a beautiful cardigan once that would go with other pieces that I had chosen, but it was in orange. I have NEVER worn orange, but she was sure that it would look great with my hair and complexion. I agreed and have gotten more compliments on that color than I ever imagined. I am totally in love with the personal sales attention that I have gotten at my store, and I will drive an hour when I can to get to the nearest store any time that I can. Thank you Cato!

60cd9b23, 2012-08-24, 07:32AM CDT

I havae shopped at the Cato store in Mountain Home Arkansas and have NEVER had any negative issues with them. They do greet you with a "hello" when you enter but at that store they do aske if you need help finding anything. If you have been ther before they seem to know your favorite styles and will direct you to new mechandice. They always smile and make great eye contact as you finalize your transaction...and they are always smiling!

94c01f38, 2012-11-03, 12:12PM CDT

Well I have never had any problems with the Cato store in Paris,TN until last night. I have taken back returns /exchanges for years to this store and last night I get attitude.

All I wanted to do was EXCHANGE 2 shirts and a pair of shorts . She would not exchange my items because it had been over 90days and they were no longer in their system. THEY STILL HAVE TAGS AND I HAVE AND ORIGINAL RECEIPT. I WANT NO CASH AND THEY WERE PUT ON MY CATO CARD! OH ONE SHIRT RANG UP FOR 4.99 THAT I PAID 15.99 AND HAD THE RECEIPT THE SHOW.

I have children who play sports and I work a full time job in a medical office so if u want to hear some complaining come to work with me FOR ONE DAY! I send out the bills to the patients on what their insurance does not pay so I challenge any CATO EMPLOYEE to deal with a Medicare patient over a bill that they get in the mail to pay when they feel like everything is covered by "their Medicare" because it came out of their social security check.

I simply took my items back and left. I wasn't looking for any cash back I just wanted to exchange them. That's all.

But I have filed a complaint against that store and the lady who waited on me so we will wait and see what happens.

db6f1263, 2013-02-18, 03:33PM CST

My wife and daughter shop at the Cato store in Summerville,GA. The manager at this store thinks she's God's gift to men apparently. She is very rude and unfriendly. When I go in the store to make a payment on our account she acts as if it's a freaking crime. She evens makes comments like "if you would pay your account in full you wouldn't have to keep making payments". Now tell me, how rude is that! I called the customer relations number to file a complaint but haven't received a phone call back or anything. I've ask my wife if she would just stop patronizing this store until a person who treats their customers with respect is hired there.

e3952052, 2013-09-01, 04:41PM CDT

I go to Cato in hendersonville. The ladies there are very kind and friendly! I love to shop at Cato. . But the clothes styles are changing. I miss the jeans with a little sewing on back pockets. And stretch band in waist. Best jeans around. I've literally wore them out and love to get some more of them. I know others would like to see them back too! Please bring them back!! And the nice cotton shirts too! Thank you !!

1e8e47e2, 2013-09-11, 07:25AM CDT

I'm a former employee with this company as of 4/5/13 due to personal and job stress,having poor upper management made my life hell.on three bp med and two for emotional issue that surrounded my job.faithful and loyal to that company for almost eight district manager of the last four was the worst.if he got upset with you he would make you job hard.for instant taking point off your audits,changing thing concerning you floorset that didn't make sense,making bad judgment calls.when I tell you this guys had between 15 or 13 stores that he was over now he has 7 in four yrs,poor upper management.he has HAD MORE jobS THAN my fingers and this is his second time around with the company.i have keep a journey the last few years because of poor management.out of all I still manage to run a great store,great rvp visits,great shrinkage,great team with two been promoted out to store manager and 1st ask,and training other for the company as well as recruiting I worked hard.i visit the store that I birthed from nothing to a new baby A MESS IT SMELLS HORRIBLE,LOOKS BAD, NOTHING POPPING VISUALLY,FRONT DOOR MAT DIRTY,FLOORS NEED TO BE MOP,I STOP USING THE RESTROOM MONTHS AGO BECAUSE IT WAS NASTY,CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NOT WHAT IT USE TO BE AT ALL,AND THEY LOOKED STRESSED OUT AND ROBOTIC.I COULDN'T GET CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE TO WAIT FOR UPPER MANAGEMENT TO BE THERE IM NOT A ASSOCIATE ANY MORE AND THIS JUST HAPPEN AT ALBANY GA.LOCATION I WILL NOT SHOP THERE AGAIN NOR MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS.AND IM LOOKING FOR A ATTORNEY CONCERNING FORMER AND PRESENT ISSUES.

a4cd2e09, 2013-10-04, 12:30AM CDT

Wow! I am so sorry to hear all these complaints! I went into our Cato - Wolfchase in TN. They had a ton of clothes that were boutique style. I LOVE the new sweater-like turtleneck, so I bought 4 colors. Then I found out it came in 10 different colors. They didn't have black yet, so my sales girls (I have 2!! Doreen & Holly) Called around to find the black! Then one took my number to call me when they got the other colors. I went in today, and they knew my name!! Started showing me the shirts they finally got in? The staple solid long sleeve shirts? Totally helpful & the other 2 women were there started following us around & said it was the most fun & friendly store they've shopped in! I promise, I DO NOT work for them or know anyone who does! Well, except my 2 sales girls! I wish all employees could be like them! It's my new favorite store!

Constance S., 2014-05-13, 07:27PM CDT

I recently purchased a pair of shoes and a dress as a gift, gave it to my dauhgter on Saturday night and she wore them both on Sunday morning (Mother's Day). Both shoes (29097987). tore in the same spot. I tried to return the shoes today and I was told I could not because they had been worn. And yes they had and I did not deny that but did not expect them to tear up after wearing one time to church for approx 2 hrs. The white price sticker is still attached underneath the shoe but the store manager when on to tell me that "frankly she felt they had been worn several time". I am very frustrated that I could not get a refund or a store credit even. But I was most upset zt the managers accusation. I shop a Cato's on a regular basis and I have never had this experience that occurred at store # 1114 in Flowood, MS.


73e80bd0, 2014-06-23, 09:47PM CDT

Clarksville, TN store #39 cashier 116... She was really rude and racist. My friend and I are Hispanic and as soon as we walk in the store her and her "supposed"

manager started following us... I ask a question about a price because when I was going to pay she was charging me more than the price marked. She said an employee put the wrong price so I ask her to honor the price and she laugh at me... I asked for the manager... When the "supposed" manager came with an attitude and she said she can not honor the price, that they don't do that at Cato's Store. So I paid for the items and asked for a phone number where I can make a complain since none of the badges said manager or assistant manager. They refuse to give me a number and the only number I got was the store number.

I just can't believe their attitude and rudeness. Right after me was another lady, they treat her really nice and after her was my friend and here we go again with the attitude. So I stand up for my self and my friend and told the cashier that I needed to get their names to make a complain and she just laugh again. Stores like this should not have employees like this that are racist and rude.

ab5d8b14, 2014-09-04, 07:13AM CDT

To the lady who tried to return something after 90 days...the policy is clearly stated on the receipt. This is fashion, people. If you can't get around to returning something within a THREE MONTH period of time it is not the fault of the underpaid staff that is simply following the rules!

ab5d8b14, 2014-09-04, 01:12PM CDT

Fashion, like food, goes out of date. Do you think you can return milk after 3 months because you never used it? Of course not! Therefore it is ridiculous to expect to return or exchange out of season merchandise after the 90 day period. Actually 90 days is a lot longer than other retailers. Shame on you for thinking you can keep merchandise until it loses its worth and still get a full refund or exchange. People like you the store should just absorb the loss when you return merchandise that is worth significantly less because of your lack of time management.

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