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Posted on Thursday, August 11th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by d119067f

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Air India / Baggage & Service

August 10, 2005

My horrible experience with Air India begins on July 11, 2005 on AI flight 112 from JFK to LHR. More than half of the television screens did not work, overhead and aisle lights didn't work, and half an hour after take off- a sprite wasn't even available. A flight attendant loudly cursed a young man to hell and told him he was scum, and as I was quietly speaking with a flight attendant, her colleague told her to no longer speak to me and not to come back to our seats. This is the kind of service that I paid over $1,200 for?! And of course since this is Air India, the incompetence doesn't end there. While waiting to check-in for AI flight 690 in Delhi ( which was an hour and a half late, with no reason of course) AI employees were standing behind the counters and refused to give travelers any kind of information.

On our trip back to the US, we started in Kochi, we were given accommodations due to the flood in Mumbai where I had to share a room with 7 other passengers we had 3 different families forced to stay in ONE ROOM! When we were finally given a flight out of Kochi we first had a 14 hour flight delay, once again without any kind of information as to why our flight was delayed.

Finally we reach Mumbai, where we are given boarding passes for our connecting flight to France, but then refused entry onto the plane. We were given hotel accommodations and told to return in the morning, and when we arrive, once again our flight was delayed. No Air India employee would even listen or speak to us. When we walked up to an AI counter, they hurried away. Every hour our flight we were in the airport, we were told that our flight would be delayed. When we finally reach the US, we arrive in Newark and claim our baggage only to find every piece of luggage still dripping wet. In Newark we went directly to the AI baggage service to find a deserted office.

When we finally reached our home in Texas, we filed electronically filed complaints with Air India, and have yet to receive any kind of information. I have diligently tried to contact various offices and have arrived at the same automated message. I have had to call Reservations to actually speak to a real person, only to be refused any kind of number where I could make a complaint.

I have never imagined that it would be this difficult to try to contact Air India. I would like to speak with them concerning compensation for the damaged luggage, loss of work, and other damages.

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