Virgin Mobile's Bad Service

Posted on Thursday, August 11th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 1823553f

Company: Virgin Mobile's Bad Service

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Virgin Mobile's Bad Service

August 10, 2005

Hello, My complaint is as follows: I switched my phone service from day to day minutes to month to month minutes. I completed the switch online on Virgin Mobile's Web site. I checked my bank account balance online and noticed two separate charges from Virgin Mobile on the same day. I called Virgin Mobile and told the customer service representative who said that this was my fault because I had topped up for $29.99 and switched to month to month for $29.99 as well. They refused to give me a refund because I had used the cash balance that I unwittingly charged to my phone. Apparently calling 411 is not covered by my regular plan. If I indeed entered $29.99 in two separate places on their Web site it was because their charging practices are confusing not because I wanted these two separate services added to my phone at once. And to make matters worse I had to call the customer service center more than once to receive help. First I had to navigate through the voice activated system to no avail, and then after I was disconnected, I then called back and I was connected to a live operator. After the customer service rep couldn't help me she transferred me to a supervisor. But still the supervisor offered me no help except to point out that it was my fault for entering $29.99 twice on the Web site. He could not offer me a refund because the entire cash balance was not on my phone. Moreover, I used a total of 20 minutes on my phone for their version of "help." I was duped. If there was a mistake it was their Web site's set-up and not my fault. I didn't appreciate

using twenty minutes of my airtime calling their customer service line not to be helped. Thank you,


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