LG Tromm washing machine

Posted on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by a04b7055

Company: LG Tromm washing machine

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LG Tromm washing machine

Dear Mr. S.S.Kim, Greetings and warm wishes. Mr. Kim, I request you to go through my mail only if you feel that a feedback can help your organisation or you can just delete it and do not take 'trouble' to trouble yourself by going through a long and lengthy mail. I have always believed that LG's products are innovative and services are 'handy and best'. I am forced to use this column only to highlight my plight and request your attention (inspite of information of not to use) to write to you as I have been 'ditched' by LG for a request of just a "check-up". This is my 5th communication to LG requesting your assistance for checking up my LG Tromm washing machine. I have been 'cheated' inspite of an assurance on mail and on telephone too. I have been sitting at home today, 1st August, 2005 anticipating that your service engineer would attend to me around 4.00 pm IST as promised to me on my mobile phone. My first communication was through your automatic mailing system in your website for which I got a call almost after 10 days enquiring that 'would' I be interested in 'purchase' of a washing machine inspite of writing down the complete details including serial #, model #, date of purchase, dealer name. Looks like your company does not understand simple and clear details. The caller then gave me an email id to which I was requested to inform the entire story, after doing so, the mail bounced back into my inbox. I took the trouble to write a fresh mail again for which I got a response was very 'cool' and as usual a delayed one assuring me that the problem would be attended to. Surprisingly, I also got a call enquiring that 'would' I be interested in 'purchasing' a washing machine. I had to go through my entire saga again and was assured that your engineer would visit me. And now, I am still searching all over the net to lodge a complaint until I found yours. Dont know what is going to happen now................. On the other hand, because I liked the features of this particular model, I have been telling all my relatives and friends to buy 'only' this particular model since it would save time and energy and would be helpful to the working womenfolk. I was also planning to purchase to a LG GoldenEye TV as I liked the features along with a Microwave Oven suitable for my family and making my budgets ready so that I could avail on easy instalment schemes. Now, I have second thoughts to buy....... In view of such kind of 'troublesome inconvinience, false written assurances, negligent attitude and wastage of consumer's time, I demand that the "entire cost of service, spares and charges of any kind levied" should be done "free of cost" and "no charges should be taken" from me. Mr. Kim, hope atleast now you would realise what is meant by "Dream Service of LG." This really a "Dream Service of LG." Thank you, D.N. C Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_47299#


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