Jacob Forrer - Masonry Walls, Home Repair

Posted on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by e87d63d0

Company: Jacob Forrer - Masonry Walls, Home Repair

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Jacob Forrer - Masonry Walls, Home Repair

The Southeast Valley 's Jacob Forrer (of Forrer Brothers and Management Design), claimed that he was a licensed contractor. I found him in the Yellow Pages of the Phone Book. We had an agreement that he would furnish all material and perform all labor necessary to complete an 8' masonry block wall with #4 re-bar @4'spacing - 12X12 concrete footing with #5 rebar. He asked for $2,000 up front, which I paid. He planned the project, put in the footings and stopped. Five months later, amid complaints from neighbors, I purchased the block to build the wall and had to hire another company to do the job. The job cost me almost $2,500 dollars more than I was quoted.

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c9183760, 2010-11-12, 12:35PM CST

None of the payment was ever returned. I lost it all. This person lived in Gilbert, Arizona. God only knows where he has gone to steal from others.

82644a04, 2010-12-01, 11:34AM CST

we also paid Jacob Forrer $1800, 50% of quote, for supplies and labour to remove and replace the coping and tile around our ingroud pool. He removed the old material, cashed the cheque failed to complete the job.

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