Maytag Neptune TL Washer

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Company: Maytag Neptune TL Washer

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Maytag Neptune TL Washer

Bay Area, CA Bought Neptune Top Loading Washer for over $1000. Broke down at 10 months; and now again at one year old. Same problem with the circuit/control board and the wash tub locking up-not spinning. Repairman doesn’t come for close to 3 weeks after calling in a service. Until then, you’re stuck spending lots of money hauling clothes to the laundry.

Customer service at Maytag essentially told me to “get lost”. They only warranty their products for one year, then will do repairs - MAYBE--if your really lucky. When I told her the miserable thing broke down at 10 months, got the “too bad” response. Please don’t shop the MAYTAG name because you think it means quality. It DID in your mother and grandmother’s time…but sadly, not anymore. Save your money and get an old Kenmore warhorse.

I certainly wish I had. Oh, and as for saving money on your water and electric bills - this too was bogus. This machine used just the same amount of water because I had to run an extra rinse cycle to get clothes suds free. Saving money on soap? Nope. Had to purchase special “he” soaps that are a lot more expensive and can be hard to find at most stores, and never at Warehouse/Club stores. I bought a lemon, and a very costly one at that.

Until this company does the right thing and acknowledges the design flaw of their products -you will be the one who loses out. They’ve all ready settled a class action lawsuit on the front loading model. Here’s the frightening fact - the top loader is just as bad. Starting to track a trend here?


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6f59fcb3, 2008-01-16, 03:09PM CST

The same thing happened to my May"Broken"Tag Neptune TL top loader. The machine will get caught up in the spin cycle and tell me that there is a unbalanced load or the clothes have to be shifted. It will never complete a full cycle. I have spent over $250 trying to fix it, when the service repair man comes out he tells me that there is nothing wrong with the machine and we can replace the speed sensor to see if that works! Guess what, it didn't work. May"Broken"Tag was kind enough to pay for the speed sensor, even though they should have know that would have not fixed the problem. Now the service repair man suggests that I replace the clutch kit which will cost over $350. May"Broken"Tag tells me that they will not help me out with the part and will not give me a credit for the Broken Machine because my warranty is up. I don't have a problem replacing parts as they wear, however I do have a problem paying for a guessing game of which part is going to fix this problem. The model has since been discontinued and I can only suggest that you look elsewhere when considering buying your next washer. Don't buy MayTag.

a6ff78c6, 2008-09-13, 11:09PM CDT

Same exact thing, ours broke after almost 4 years in action. No worries, we got the extended warranty. They came out replaced said board and exactly 2 weeks later it breaks again. They just order part, replace again and 1.5 weeks later it breaks again. I think I'm in the twilight zone.

I am working with a repair company that is working with Maytag, I'm hoping they will just cut us a check since we do have the extended warranty and there is a guarantee, I just don't want them to replace it with the same model.

Maytag told the repair company that this has not been an issue with other costumers....what a crock!!

82b09aa7, 2008-09-30, 08:20PM CDT

We bought a magtag neptune tl three years ago. I have replaced on three different occasions load level parts. I am waiting for the forth time the same item. Now at the same time it will not drain water. It is sad that a consumer pays this much for a product and all it is a hunk of junk.

be186b59, 2008-11-07, 07:56PM CST

We have the same neptune junk my Mother purchased at same time as us and they have serious issues as well. Repairman left here today said it would cost $700.00 for repair Main board and Transmission. WE SHOULD START A CLASS ACTION ON THE TOP LOADS AS WELL! Every body in the industry says same thing (JUNK)

18437b21, 2008-11-21, 09:03AM CST

This washer is a failure. There should be some kind of recoarse we can take. I paid $1,000 for this piece of crap that is destroying me clothes. Not to mention they smell like mildew. Please let me know if there is some kind of action we can take.

f5a6584d, 2009-03-01, 06:13PM CST

Wow, I feel stupid. Bought the same product Maytag Neptune TL FAV9800AWW based on prior high level status of the maytag after having an Elite frontloader from KenMore made by whirlpool with Mold Mildew problems.

Had this Maytag for 4 years 3 months, price was approx $1100 from Sears. It failed last week and will cost $500.00+ to fix failed Waterpump, Bearings and some other parts and wasnt sure if that would fix all problems until pump and bearings were fixed to determine what the other issues were. Of course I expected it to last 10 or 15 years or better in accordance with its reputation. With a product with this many problems I feel I should file a small claims legal suit in Missouri as the value of the item and repair bills falls under the small claims maximium suit amount. There is an obvious reason it was taken off the market. Maytag (now Whirlpool) knows it is a lemon and they should make it right. They are obviously preparing for the next class action suit.

PLEASE NOTE: I called Maytag, their repairman advised parts for the Neptune were hard to get and would take a while and advised if I decided to buy another washer not buy Maytag. Additionally, he did not say, but indirectly inferred to not have me pay him to fix it for the $500, as he would probably be back out for some other problem due to all the many issues the unit had, moving parts and many wear items. I chose to not have him fix it as it wasnt worth it to fix the piece of junk that most likely will break down again. Its a Sad day when I have spent more than $5500 (including warranties, tax and delivery fees) for washers and dryers in the past 6 years (differnet brands) and cant get one to last like they used to.. Poor engineering puts companies out of business, I hope whirlpool figures this out and takes care of their recently aquired customers (otherwise GE is an option)..

6d2e51c1, 2009-06-12, 09:46PM CDT

I also bought the neptune washer. Bearings went out and clothes smell like mildew. Was told would cost more to fix it then it would be to just go buy a new one. I remember when I was growing up there were eight of us kids and moms washer held up to that! What the heck happen? Everything is disposable now.

22b316bf, 2009-07-06, 02:05PM CDT

My story is almost identical....Maytag Neptune TL with matching Maytag Neptune dryer (total original cost well over $2,000). My washer has the same circuit/won't spin nor empty water problem. I have been strung along for over 3 months and paid for 2 service calls and parts totaling over $400. I am a disabled Mother of young children going through a bitter divorce in a remote area. It's my husband's hometown and I know no one to help. Due to the remote location, there is no pick up laundry service available and with my disability, I am unable to carry the laundry in to be washed. It also took alot of time to get appointments, parts delivered, and service to the house with apparent incompetence as the repairmen disagree which parts needed to be replaced. My trust lessened as both Sears and Maytag suggested 15% off a new washer the past three weeks while the part was on "backorder". Today they notified me that the wire harness is no longer available. Sears passed the buck to A & E Repair Center who passed the buck to Maytag/Whirpool. After reading others horror stories with this same model, It is apparent that consumer action must be taken. Maytag/Whirlpool needs to be held accountable. No one will acknowledge my loss of money and time. Maytag also needs to change their commercial that the "Maytag repairman has nothing to do".

b86d4338, 2009-07-30, 04:24PM CDT

We bought the washer through Home Depot. We had the same problem during the warranty period. Repair companies approved by Magtag asked for $50-75 to check. A Maytag repairman came many days later and charged us $400+- to replace the circuit/control board, telling us that the board was not covered by the warranty. When we called Maytag, we were laughed at. A few years later, we have the same problem again.

fa82332d, 2009-10-23, 12:07PM CDT

I got my washer/dryer from my ex husband in our divorce. I recently had the repairman out to look at it, he told me it was my board. The part itself is over $200. I am a single mom of 7 children and can't afford the repair bill or to go buy a new washer. I haven't had the mold/mildew problems, but I dry mine after each day of use. I'm hoping to get something done with this soon!

7e993ff4, 2009-10-24, 08:25PM CDT

After about 5 years of light single person use, very similar problems have developed on our Neptune TL model FAV6800AWQ. The machine got stuck in a soak/wash cycle with the countdown clock stuck. Changing cycles didn't help or unlock the lid. Unplugging power didn't help either. Leaving the power connected with the machine in pause unlocked the lid after about 15 minutes. All things considered, this is a poor quality machine!

c37cbec3, 2009-11-16, 07:25PM CST

I have a maytag neptune topload washer and when I first got it the rubber seal under the lid shredded and i had it replaced under warranty then it did it again.I just said forget it and used it anyway.I bought the washer and dryer set and paid a lot for them.I have had them now four or five years and now the compute5r board went out on the washer too.The repairman came out looking at a manual on it and said yes the computer board is out on it.The repairman was suppose to be out toaday and fix it however he said this part is on back order. I have a feeling this is going to be a big headache.The repairman looking at he manual cost me 58.00.The board is going cost 180.00 if it ever comes and no telling what else its going to cost.

a4919115, 2009-12-20, 08:44PM CST

We bought a Maytag Neptune TL washer and dryer combo from Sears and after 2 1/2 years the bearings started making a lot of noise. Very Loud. Had a certified service rep come out to look at it. He called Maytag and they said that the bearings were not covered under warranty. $ 500 dollars to fix. We decided to live with it. After two more years and some hearing protection, the unit quit working. This machine looked great but that is the extent of it. I have purchased used washers in the past that have performed better and lasted longer. Very dissappointed in this product. I am taking it to the dump tomorrow. Dryer still works however.

f3b1e35c, 2009-12-23, 10:16AM CST

I bought the same washer in 2004 or 2005 and got the extended 5 year warranty which will expire soon, and am really scared when that happens. No matter what the clothes are so wrinkled, we have the same mildew smell problem, we have the same unbalanced load problem. Our ring seal on the top shredded as well after the first few months. The fabric softener doesn't drain. Service guy says we need to dilute downey because it's too thick???? And also said this isn't his favorite machine....and how it ties up all the clothes in balls and stops machine is just the "nature of the beast". Sounds like he has to deal with this thing a lot. let me know if any legal action is taken...I want in!!!!

fae98ecf, 2009-12-28, 12:54PM CST

Wow! I too purchased the Maytag Nepture TL Washer and Dryer. I have had small issues in the past (e.g. clothes not rinsed properly leaving soap residual, shredded rubber seal surrounding the upper edge of the mouth of the machine and a few eaten pieces of clothing).

I am now experiencing issues with an unbalanced load (e.g. error codes JC/LL) which cause the machine to stop during the spin cycle. I have rebalanced and/or changed the machine settings to attempt load completion but 2-4 hours later the same load continues...

Maytag repairman will be out tomorrow. Wish me luck.

25b34510, 2010-01-11, 05:36PM CST

My NMaytag Neptune Tl is a piece of junk!!!!! ITs ONLY 3 1/2YEARS OLD.

Maytag used to be a name of quality. now I no it means " you MAYTAG IT FOR THE JUNK YARD".My NEPTUNE twists clothes up so tight from the spin cycle its like trying to take apart a rope thats all in knots!. now its getting stuck during the washing cycle and water leaks all over the floor. it also has a dc error mesage that comes up all the time. one more thing... it sounds like a freight train coming through your house when its on. way to go maytag Ill never buy another product from you again. EVER !!!!!

9ef63e12, 2010-05-11, 08:22PM CDT

I am now Expiriencing this same issue and would like to be part of any law suit that takes place. this is crazy my struts went bad i was under warrenty but now 400 dollars later and a new clutch i still cant wash clothes because the same thing is still happening. Maytag is a crappy company I am now on a personal mission to make sure that noone buys a maytag/whilpool who now owns this problem

199d0579, 2011-12-10, 05:49PM CST

our washer did exactly what you described. i'm not happy you are going thru this but i can't tell you what it's like to have your washer making you crazy!!!to find others out there going thru the same least i don't think i'm the only one to pick out a lemon. i already bought a new control panel. it worked like it was possessed for about 6 months, then all was well for a year. now it washes and never stops.

c42783a3, 2011-12-11, 01:49PM CST

I agree with the complaints about the Neptune TL washer 100%!!! I've heard of a car being 'a lemon', but never of a washer... Maytag is NOT a great brand, and the Customer Service, excuse my language, it simply 'sucks'. The washer was a headache since day one, I bought it in 2004. Every time I called Customer Service, they managed to make it look like the problems with the washer were MY fault, or MY doing!! Without going into detail, all I can say is this washer is a disaster, it has NOT saved me any money, energy and surely not any of my time. We will never buy anything made by Maytag again, and neither will my kids who are adults now. We now own a Samsung Frontloader & Dryer, and so far so good :) Also our Samsung dishwasher is wonderful and just as quiet as the much more expensive Maytag and BOSCH model.

abd7f280, 2012-11-24, 02:47PM CST

In 2005 bought the set with the upper drying cabinet. I love this machine and I am shocked upon reading all the negative reviews. It cleans great, never wrinkles clothes, and seems built quite well. I guess I was lucky. But I will never buy a maytag again because of the terribled comments. Maytag, just because I got a good washer doesn't mean your a good brand and how dare you sell a washer with so many problems. scroo maytag never again.

bc6bb06a, 2013-01-21, 03:52AM CST

I too have a Maytag Neptune TL and it is now stuck in "tumble/agitate" cycle. I had to take the wet sudsy clothes out and rinse them in the sink before throwing them in the dryer. I will never purchase Maytag again and I will point anyone who is thinking of purchasing a Maytag to this website.

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