2000 Ford Focus Ignition Switch / Brakes

Posted on Wednesday, April 6th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by c81bb0f6

Company: 2000 Ford Focus Ignition Switch / Brakes

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2000 Ford Focus Ignition Switch / Brakes

I purchased a 2000 Ford Focus as a "certified used" vehicle with an extended warranty, with 30K miles on it. Just after getting the vehicle home after the 35K maintenance inspection, I could not get the key into the ignition.

I was told that the extended warranty covered the ignition switch, but not the ignition cylinder, which is what the Ford dealer told me I needed to have replaced.

According to what I'm seeing on the internet, there is a greater-than-normal frequency of this type of problem, and I wanted to add my 2-cents-worth to any effort to have Ford issue a recall.

Also, notification of any other forum for voicing product dissatisfaction would be appreciated. As a side note, this vehicle also had to have brake rotors replaced due to "warping", which prevented them from being turned.

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