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(I have a friend helping me lodge this complaint, I'm from a country town in western NSW Australia)

My children have been fascinated with ebay, they tried to sell a few things (which didn't sell). I don't use ebay or the internet ( because of my disability, takes me a long time to learn). But, I'm still responsible for our email address and phone lines to use the internet, and my details are on ebay because the children are under 18.

My problem is, that Ebay sent me an account ($4.75) via email, I replied to it asking if it was real. Meanwhile I deleted the email because it was from Switzerland, and I thought it might be a hoax and cause problems with my computer ( which I'd just had repaired).

A few days later I rec'd an email telling me that the account as real and that I had to pay it asap.

I replied stating that I needed the postal address to send the cheque, therefore could they re-send the original account with the postal details etc.

They replied, referring me to their www sites, but this is no use to me because I don't know how to do this and everyone was away ( ie no-one has been here to go on the internet for me).

So I wrote back asking again for the info I wanted/needed. Still they referred me to the www site, and how it is important to print out a coupon to accompany the cheque, how am I meant to do that?

I've continued to seek assistance for ages now, I've explained that I can't use the internet and why, I've asked for a supervisor to contact me, but still they keep ignoring my requests for assistance.

I've asked them to ring me, I've faxed them and they haven't replied. Every time I email, they keep replying as if they haven't even read

my words. Then they told me they don't ring customers. (Telsta have a fax & phone number for Ebay, but it refers all inquiries to the web site).

Then I rec'd a reminder from the same 'names/people' about the amount due, and why hadn't I paid it ! They should know why I haven't been able to pay it.

I've been told by friends that their accounts area is in Melbourne (Vict.) Australia.

So I have put the ebay customer number and our postal address on the back of the cheque, I printed out an email relating to the issue,

and sent the payment (last week) to

Ebay- Australia,

c/- G.P.O. ,

Melbourne, Vict. 3001

I have emailed them to tell them how I've sent the payment, all I can do is wait and see if it shows up on my bank statement.

They just reply with the same garbage.

My family are away, I've been trying to get Ebay's customer service area to co-operate but the wont or they can't. Why can't they adapt to help people with disabilities, or don't they want us/our family to use ebay. ?

I can't even make a complaint about the customer service people who write to me. It's so stressful. Makes me feel so useless and sad.

I wish we had never heard about ebay !

Thank you for your time,

Yours sincerely


& ( sally )

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