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Posted on Saturday, April 30th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by a1bb5cae

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Zoysia Farms and Nursery ZoysiaFarms.com

Complaint from a consumer (Zoysia Farms Nursery)

Zoysia Farms and Nursery ZoysiaFarms.com I ordered 2000 plugs with the additional 400 for free in early February 2005. April 1st I called customer service to get an indication of when our grass would arrive. The representative told me that she was sorry for the delay and due to strict California inspection codes, my order would be leaving later that day and arriving in only 8-10 business days. I called again April 28th after no grass had arrived, and a different representative told me the exact same thing the prior rep. had said in exact words. Due to strict California inspection codes, my order was leaving later that day and arriving in only 8-10 business days. I requested her managers name and if I could speak with her. The representative suddenly became very snippy and defensive and wasn't able to give me a phone number or time to call for her manager, saying that she "was always in and out".

I called again today, April 29, and asked for the managers name I had been given, and was delighted that she answered the phone. After pulling up my information, she told me that my grass had been packaged but the shipment carts were too full. "It would only take 8-10 business days due to strict California requirements." And isn't it interesting that on their advertisement I got in a magazine it says verbatim "We ship all orders the same day plugs are packed..." She then informed me, upon closer inspection of my account, that there had been other mistakes and it wouldn't be possible for me order to leave until May 16, and then it would take 8-10 business days due.......blah, blah, blah. After getting somewhat upset and becoming very rude, she told me that my order didn't take precedence over orders placed last year since it was only a 2400 plugs, compared to much more important and larger shipments they commonly make. After asking for her supervisors information, I was only able to obtain a name, which this supervisor also evidently has no schedule or phone number. I was also unable to get any information of who was running this so called "company" or any other department. I canceled my order and hopefully I'll get my money back. From numerous other complaints I’ve read on other sites, many other people have had problems with Zoysia, and from what I understand, the product is not what it claims to be and doesn’t work the way it claims to. R

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cfadd262, 2008-03-08, 09:36AM CST

the company itself is horrible at handling customer service related issues. Howevr, from what I have researched, the Zoysia grass product is pretty good if the directions are followed. There are much better companies to buy this product from. Buyer beware!!

f62ccfb4, 2013-04-08, 11:59PM CDT

thank you so much your comment saved me loads of money. was going to buy , but not now

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