SBC phone Company, Oshkosh, Wi

Posted on Thursday, April 28th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by e64c7da0

Company: SBC phone Company, Oshkosh, Wi

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SBC phone Company, Oshkosh, Wi

SBC phone Company, Oshkosh, Wi. I'm a deployed Airman and activated Reservist and my wife work out of our house. SBC informed us that we were past our long distance minutes, funny because that is why I paid the premium I do for unlimited long distance. Come to find out there is a $200.00 limit. Funny how that never came up when we signed up for the plan. My wife was in contact with SBC first thing in the morning and found out what had happened.

She was told by a SBC employee that the bill had to be paid. My wife went to the SBC building and made the payment. With the promise that it would be on in the next 3 hours. No service at 1300, calls again with another 3 hour promise. 1500 still no service. My wife who makes her income working on the phone and computer is not livid, since we are out a couple of hundred dollars and her boss in Oklahoma is looking for his proposal paper work. Well, as of 2000 last night and still no service.

With the threat of I quote my wife "You don't like the service find another company" This is totally unacceptable from any company who PRIMARY service is customer service. They will gladly turn you off for a late bill no problem, but, let the CUSTOMER need something GOOD LUCK!!! This companies arrogance is unbelievable. I wonder how far up the supervisory chain we will have to take this.

We are all ready at what I would say is mid level management ALL with the same arrogance and absolutely no support. By the way we were inform that we can claim up to $2.50 a day for lost income GOD only knows how long and how much more crap that would take. CONSUMERS BEWARE,


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d2badcf9, 2008-10-03, 07:47AM CDT

thank you for your info.

I was searching for a company and see

that this is not the one that I should even give a wink at.

To the lost business with what you call 'service'.

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