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Berlin Wheeler

Hi my name is Jacquie Ybarra. I had been paying Berlin Wheeler (a collection agency based out of Topeka Kansas) out of my checking account for about 4 months now and have paid them over 500.00. I had ran into financial difficulties including losing my job and overdrafting my checkbook just to pay my rent, elec bill, etc.

I had called Berlin Wheeler to explain to them my situation and let them know that the remaining 5 checks for 50.00 a month had to be deleted from their database, since my checkbook was already overdrafted to the 500.00 limit and the checks would bounce. The lady represenative I spoke to told me she would deletet the pmnts, which I was so grateful for. I told her I would still be able to send in a pmnt each month, but not by my checkbook beacuse I wasnt sure when I was going to be able to put enough money into it to retro it back to its un-overdrafted state.

The lady on the line with me told me if I didnt pay the balance in full in the next two weeks that she was going to send me to her legal department and sue me and hung up on me after that. I called back and asked for a manger and the lady on the phone told me just to pay my bill and hung up on me again. So thanks to their very nice hospitality and wonderful attitudes, they will never get their money! EVER!!!!!! Jacqualine Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_43144#


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Anonymous, 2007-09-22, 05:42PM CDT

I used to work for Berlin Wheeler in Topeka, and the way the conversation went it's very likely you talked to me. I would like to say sorry. Collections are an extremely stressful job, especially when it's commissions. Basically if you don't pay your bills I can't pay mine. I have since left & am 10 times happier!! I know this doesnt help your situation now, but I would like to give you some tips when dealing with collection agencies. Dont call them, just send the money in. Try to have the account paid off with in 6-12 months, that way if it does go into legal..youll have it paid by the time it goes to an attorney. Most clients dont want to sue someone that is making regular payments on an account, and in order to sue the majority of the time the client has to say yes. Hopefully everything is going well for you now but in the future, just remember we are awful people trying to get money to pay our own bills & just do everything through the mail. Take care! Amber

PSwe used fake names

9d16ea30, 2007-12-03, 02:22PM CST

I spoke with a representative at Berlin Wheeler and she was as rude as I could ever imagine. When she asked me what was my intention on paying the debt I let her know that I would like to settle the account and I wanted to know if she could check into that and let me know. She repeatedly asked me if I was granted a settlement where would I get the funds from. I am explaining to her that I work so she could just let me know what the settlement is so that I can take care of it. This young lady asked me, and I do quote," What do you think we are gonna do run to see if you can get a settlement and you can not pay it?!" I then told her that we were not going to have the conversation with her sarcasm or ignorance. She continued to be rude so I just hung up the phone. I later spoke with someone and paid the account off. I could not understand if I am telling her I am trying to pay it off why she continued to be so nasty. I am used to hearing people complain about how nasty they are when they are trying to collect but what is the point of being ignorant with someone who is trying to pay?

d343cdfb, 2009-01-23, 04:26PM CST

Kudos to the Berlin Wheeler employee who took the time to explain.

I had a hateful call from an employee and she made me so upset I was shaking. It was impossible to stay calm, and she seemed to be waiting for me to say "FINE! Take me to court". I did not, and told her I would just continue to pay. I had to ask 3 times for the mailing address. She was judgemental and tried to intimidate. I know I dealt with this the best I could. I will continue to pay what I can by mail as suggested.

41a4a742, 2010-10-11, 03:11PM CDT

You have to watch Berlin Wheeler. They lie about how much you owe sometimes. They said I owed them 2,000. I sent a registered letter asking them to prove I owed 2000.00. They sent me info stating that in fact I only owed 700.00. They later dropped all "legal" talks and just asked that I pay the 700.00 (which I haven't paid and won't pay). They are suing a co-worker for a life or death surgery and she can't even afford to pay for gas in her car most weeks. They are literally taking clothes off her children's backs for a surgery she had to have or she would be dead. When ever they call here we refer to them as "Satan" or "the pale rider". I wonder how they sleep at night?

1be11181, 2011-11-11, 10:54AM CST

First, NEVER give a collection agency access to your checking account. There are MANY MANY horror stories about them taking out whatever they want. 2nd, make them PROVE that you owe the money and that they have the right to sue you. They have laws that they HAVE to abide by.

They will lie and cheat to get what they want, which is as much money as possible from you. Most times, they pay PENNIES for your hundreds of dollars of debt. (this is a general YOU, not you specifically)

ca4f3e46, 2011-09-27, 03:28PM CDT

i had also made payments to berlin wheeler and when i called to find out my balance the extremelyrude lady on the phone told me they had no records of any payment made to my account i sent them cancelled checks from my bank to them and still cant get any answers from them the number i had for them is no longer in service im not sure what to do

C A., 2012-09-15, 03:39PM CDT

Folks, the first step when a collection agency contacts you should ALWAYS be to send a Validation of Debt letter to them. Berlin Wheeler will have mine shortly. Make sure to send it certified mail. If they can't prove you owe a debt, then you don't - not to them anyway. This link: has some good info on it, as well as some templates you can use.

Also, read up on the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act). Know your rights before you send a single payment, or admit to a single thing. Often times these collection agencies will try to tack on a ton of extra charges. You can avoid them if you know your rights.

Remember as well, as soon as you send a payment, you reset the Statute of Limitations. Since Berlin wheeler is in KS, most of you should know the SOL in KS is 3 years. Aside from special circumstances, any debt that has not received a payment in 3+ years in KS can not be taken to court.

A lot of people say to send a Cease and Desist letter; however this is really bad advice unless you've tried everything else. It's kind of a red flag to tell a creditor to go ahead and take you to court, as you won't talk to them otherwise.

Hope this helps some of you.

233754b3, 2014-08-25, 01:32PM CDT

I received calls from them today on my work phone as well as my cell . They both came up "Unknown" numbers. i explained to them I had documentationt hat I paid this debt with the creditor. They stated in order to file an " extention" they would need to get the following info, my bank acount info, ss number, what I paid in rent, my job title, when I was paid and then asked what kind of car I drove etc. I halted her and stated I did not feel comfortable giving this info and asked why she needed it at this time. She was very rude and stated" we just do " to file the extention.

I said I wont do that and would fax my info showing I paid the debt and she was like. " I cant guarantee it wont get your credit report before then" I was like hmm I am faxing in the Am less then 24hrs.

I will be sending "Cease & Desist" to get this resolve. I did contact the origiinal creditors and they are looking into my payments as well

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