The latest Prada perfume

Posted on Wednesday, April 27th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by bff614bd

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The latest Prada perfume

I recently purchased the new Prada perfumer with the atomiser and the perfume itself seems to have evaporated and I have only used it twice on two separate special occasions. I am just very concerned that I paid &#16365 for a perfume that I can not get the full use out of.

I don't know if it is because of the atomiser but I can smell it in the room all the time, even though I have not used it. I can not take it back to the shop I purchased it from due to throwing away the receipt, can you please help? the perfume seems to be disappearing!!

Yours Faithfully

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92d5b8b1, 2008-01-23, 09:51AM CST

I have experienced the exact same problem also it has taken the paint off my dressing table ! Did you have any joy with your complaint ? Tried the Prada site which is no help at all

60de3f7d, 2008-08-01, 08:38PM CDT

I recently just bought the prada perfume with the atmosier and it is leaking or evaporating also. I called the store where i purchase the perfume and they said that i need to contact prada, i am trying to find contact information and have been unable to

4a73aad4, 2009-11-18, 11:41AM CST

Hi, I purchase a Prada parfum bottle from Norstrom and used not even one-fourth of the bottle and now the spray does not spray. The little button does not go up and down. What am I suppose to do in order to use the parfum? It has been sitting there not being used. Can you let me know where I can take it so I can get the use of it. Thank you so much.

9835ac28, 2010-02-01, 10:57PM CST

I have had the same problem the first bottle I never even used it and it just evaporated. I figured it was my fault..just leaving it in the drawer so I bought a 2nd bottle although it didn't evaporate all the fragrance is gone It's just a bottle of water. They are going to have to accomodate me someone. I'll let u guys know

cfc61512, 2010-07-12, 04:18PM CDT

I Have purchased the prada perfume Amber from a duty free it is still half a bottle but i can not use it as it won't spray the atomiser is not working can you please suggest what i can do as i have paid a lot of money.

e5347973, 2010-07-13, 02:26PM CDT

its happens to me too ! i bought the new perfum of prada and put it on my necessarie and all the perfum passed throught the atomiser !! how can a company like PRADA do something low life like it ... well the company isnt doing so well ..

9ee01519, 2011-02-16, 03:13AM CST

i too bought a large bottle from debenhams they told me to write to prada uk, huh no such address i have written ti prada italy huh no such luck, appears i am stuck with a near full bottle of prada that cannot be taken from the bottle, lost a customer i am affraid not worth your attention then not worth my money i will endeavour to tell all and sundry about my problem, and face them to the internet to see first hand, what an utter disappointment

d7beac40, 2011-03-15, 08:22AM CDT

I have same problem too. The sprayer is not at all working so I don't know how to spray from the bottle? Didn't check whilst buying as it had seal.

I waste my money for a useless branded product.

There is no email id on its website where you can complain...Please suggest what to do.

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