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G.E. - General Electric oven

HELP!!! THAT IS WHAT IS NEEDED AT ONCE. On Easter Sunday at my niece's home in Plainfield IL. We were waitng for the beautiful ham to be taken from the oven. Everyone was helping set the table and the smallest child (1 YEAR OLD) was just put in the high chair. Then BOOM! The glass has blown out the the oven. I have pictures... and there is the ham inside waiting to be resued also! HOT HOT Glass flew everywhere and as it hit the kitchen floor it popped and burn wherever it landed.

Thank goodness the baby and all others were out of the line of fire....does that really make things better? Well ..appearantly the huge corporation of GENERAL ELECTRIC thinks they are Gods and we should be grateful none of us are blinded or burned. General electric was called and their customer service treated the situation as though it was a normal occurance...and even commented that it was not an unusual thing for an oven door to blow out and be able to mame or blind. We were treated as though we did this act to ourselves...a 350 degree oven should never be able to blow up glass...no? The customer service rep. went on to admit there had been at least 4-5 other occurances. They then stated we had to pay them $50.00 to come out...CAN YOU BELIEVE THE NERVE??? We question if we could reach corporate office and someone else who had a brain in their head, that could understand this was not a damn toy that broke! The very rude man stated listen the BUCK STOPS HERE, and it was his way or no way. I myself told them to get an attorney and sue the hell out of G.E....but it was Easter and everyone was upset. The $50.00 was paid and some guy came out to look at the oven said they would order another piece of glass! You have to be kidding.. let's put a bandaid on a huge cut. To this day she still has no oven to cook with...They have 3 small children and the 4th due withing the next 2 weeks. Please help us here. THE PUBLIC NEEDS TO KNOW THIS! wHEN ASKED ABOUT THE DAMAGE TO THE FLOORING ...THEY STATED WELL YOU CAN FILE A CLAIM BUT THEY WILL NOT KNOW IF IT WILL GET PAID. Their home is only been lived in for 3 years and all appliance were new per the builder...but that's another story. Are these builders of all the new homes being built everyday buying sencond hand ..dangerous appliances that General Electric knows about but feels sooo powerfulf that they don't give a damn? Please e-mail me back and let me know how I can get someone (an investagative reported into this if possible).

What would be much better would be a story to notifiy the other unsuspecting owners og G.E. ovens. I would appreciate if you would contact my Niece, Dawn. Please contact her and let me know if you are the correct people to ask for help. Thank-you for your time and I will be waiting for your response. SINCERLY

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ad792bef, 2008-03-10, 01:15PM CDT

No one cares.

Anonymous, 2008-06-09, 10:33PM CDT


9000c358, 2008-07-28, 07:15PM CDT

27 September 08

Same thing happened here. No one was in the kitchen or near the oven (GE by the way) and all of a sudden a loud explosion and the glass front of the oven exploded into the kitchen. Luckily, no one was hurt but apparently as I've been reading this is not an uncommon occurrence. I'm looking for a class action suit of some kind, but as far as I can tell none have begun.

f02c9fbf, 2008-11-27, 09:44PM CST

Yep, Same thing here. Thanksgiving day 2008. We were cooking our nice thanksgiving turkey about half way and then BOOM, a loud bang and the inside glass blew up. Glass everywhere inside. Luckily no one was around the oven when it occured. What a F'ing disaster. I am getting fed up with GE;s inability to take problems and provide solutions.

545d4dda, 2008-12-02, 03:06PM CST

This is the samething that occured to our GE oven. I made to pies for thanksgiving supper. after setting the self cleaning feature we left to my parents home to have dinner. when I returned home I found glass all over my kitchen floor. My first called to GE took 5 days to render a response.The help I received was about as good as a parachute opening on the first bounce. Needless to say I will be calling to as many people as I can.

e143a8a5, 2009-02-01, 01:02AM CST

I've had my GE Oven since November 2008 and had backed supper and 2 batches of cupcakes. I turned on the self cleaning feature and was standing in the kitchen icing the cupcakes and the internal glass cracked and popped and completely shattered the oven was extremely hot my husband had to unplug the stove thank god it happened while we were around or else our house could've burned down. We plan to contact GE in the am but their website indicates we have to pay for a service call and labor which is ridiculous we could have died in a house fire.

8fd5c3b6, 2009-02-23, 12:15PM CST

The same thing just happened to me yesterday. I have a GE microwave/oven combo model. I pre-heated the over for about 7 minutes on 325, put the meat in, and went upstairs to tell my husband I was going to the store. At that moment, we heard a loud boom from downstairs.

We went down to see what it was, and we shocked to see that the door to the oven had exploded. The glass was very hot and still crackeling on the floor. It shattered, and was everywhere. Thank God I left the kitchen when I did.

The strange thing is, the glass on the inside of the door was still in tact. It was only the outter layers of glass that exploded.

In addition to this problem, the microwave interior has bubbled and peeled away to the point where we can't use it anymore. GE told me last year, that this was normal wear and tear.

I'll see what they say this time about the door exploding. I did call them this morning, and they will be sending a service technician out to do an assessment. I was also given a number to their insurance company to file a claim. If you need it, the number is 888-456-7445.

I'm am seeking a full replacement of the unit at no cost, and If I don't get it, I will be pursuing a class action law suite. I already have an attorney that I am working with on an action against the builder of homes in the community where I live. In fact, I'm going to call them anyway and let them know what happened. Maybe they will want to start a seperate action against GE. I'll come back and post an update when I know more.

5aeedc2f, 2009-10-27, 09:27PM CDT

Same thing here, except we hadn't baked in days. We were in the other room when I heard what sounded like a bag of cereal spilling on the floor. I went in to check and the outside glass from the GE Spectra had shattered and was all over my kitchen floor. What a mess. GE really ought to offer a recall or they're going to have a serious PR problem on their hands.

00a92b5b, 2010-05-27, 12:56PM CDT

I can beat all of you guys. I turned the power off to my house because our home had mold issues so we had to move out. I walked into the house to do a check and make sure house was ok since we were all moved out....then I saw glass EVERYWHERE!!! It had exploded with no power going to it in the house all alone!!! It wasn't even being used and couldn't be used because the breaker was totally off!!! The stove was 2 years old. I hate GE!!!

5ff87d7c, 2010-11-19, 12:37PM CST

Well, I was shocked when I had fixed toast in the broiler and cooking bacon and eggs on the top stove. I turned off the burners and the oven. I had just served my husband & then fixed my plate and went to sit down to eat. All of a sudden I hear this explosion and the whole glass door in front of my GE stove had blown up and hot glass was everywhere. I was in shock!!! I had just had my face in front of it just about 2 minutes before!!! Something needs to be done!!! I was thanking God for protecting me!! What if my grandchildren had been here and I was fixing them something to eat!! I will never buy another GE appliance. After reading all the complaints here, GE needs to do something immediately before someone really gets hurt or dies.

dcc0c3a8, 2012-12-25, 06:29PM CST

Christmas dinner 2012 ruined... My GE Oven glass door just broke...it just spontaneously shattered. I'm in shock. There is glass all over the kitchen. The food on the counter tops is covered in glass. I have to throw away Christmas dinner. It's pouring rain outside. The kitchen is a disaster, the food is wasted, and all I have is a half cooked turkey in a broken oven. Do I have any recourse? This is truly awful!

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