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Posted on Sunday, April 24th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by e663e1c0

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anderson windows and home depot

June 23, 2005 - Consumer Follow-up Message:

I am pleased to say that Home Depot has really stepped up to the plate and made this right with us. They substantially adjusted the price we paid for the windows and continue to be very responsive when we call. I will continue to shop at Home Depot. Anderson Windows took no responsibility for the problems and basically said it was all Home Depot's fault we had problems. I will not purchase or recommend Anderson in the future.

April 23, 2005 - Consumer Message:

In Nov. 2004 we ordered new Anderson windows for our condominium from Home Depot, Marina Del Rey, California. We planned to have the windows installed when my husband was home in March on a medical leave following back surgery. The windows were delivered the day before installation. On March 14 the installers came and found that of the 4 windows we had ordered, they could only install 1. One of the other windows had a damaged frame and lacked weather stripping.

The other two windows required extension jambs and the wrong size had been shipped. Unfortunately, this was the second rainiest winter in LA history, so now we have new wooden framed windows, in open cardboard boxes sitting outside. In a pouring rain, my post-op husband and I had to go out and move and cover the windows, not an easy task in any case.

Approximately two weeks later the replacement window arrives. The installers return and now say they can install all of the windows, but we will have to still wait for the extension pieces, which were not

shipped with the window because they are a custom order. We wait (with all of our furniture in disarray because the installers need access to the windows) for another two weeks until the extension pieces arrive.

During this time I have emailed Anderson and received a stock "not our problem" response. When the installer comes to install the new extensions, they are the same size as the old extensions. Needless to say, it was not a happy day in our house. My husband went back down to Home Depot and spent two hours waiting for the Anderson rep to call and tell the Home Depot people how to write the order (custom windows need custom jambs). The Anderson rep never called. On Monday my husband

gets a call saying the new jambs will be here by the end of the week.

Today the new jambs (for only one window by the way, not the two that we have) arrive and so does the installer. However, while these jambs are now the correct length, they are not the correct depth. One more time, our windows do not get installed. Neither Home Depot nor Anderson Windows have been responsive to this problem. Home Depot management is absent and non-responsive unless my husband stands in the store and complains. Anderson does not take any responsibility for the

problem, they are only the manufacturer. Buyer Beware is clearly the watchword here. Gail

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0ebcb92e, 2007-11-26, 09:04AM CST

I too have had nothing but troubles with Anderson Window--but I got taken for about $35,000 and have never been satified. I my situation we ordered standard size windows for a new dream house and ordered the EXTERNAL grids/panes that clamp inside of the framework inside of the house side of the windows---HUGE MISTAKE__HUGE MISTAKE. The problem is that when the grid work arrive it is in thin cardboard boxes that get results in the grid work to get bent and busted. The problem is that the local supplier says it is Andersons fault for maybe delivering in flimsy boxes and they are not at fault and Anderson just quotes "not our problem" so I am in the middle with half of the window panes in bad shape or broken. If Anderson only knew how much business that they lost by people seeing our windows. I can not understand because these windows was the top of the line called 400 series and you would think a company such as Anderson would want to protect their word of mouth reputation. Robert

3728b014, 2008-04-13, 10:43AM CDT

I have been in home building for more than 30 years and i can tell you that the few times i needed to have something corrected with a order from Anderson Windows & Doors they have always come through with flying colors

on the other hand Home Depot is usually the source of the problem they are the ones Placing the order, unloading and storing the order and delivering (if needed)

In my humble opinion for the money Anderson is the best windows and doors you could use Period!

I would also like to say that Velux is the best choice for skylights

0ebcb92e, 2008-08-25, 12:06PM CDT

When dealing with Anderson they will not back their product!! As for as I am concern that they advertise the good talk but will not back up anything. If you call the Anderson Corp they will blame everyone else. I just wonder how many sales or future sales that they LOSE for small problems such as ours and yours.

Robert Pender of Griffin Ga.

2964e778, 2008-09-16, 01:43PM CDT

Hello! I am an Andersen Dealer and sell thousands of dollars of andersen products a year

Boy! What a great window. have hardly

any problems. If the problem is an Andersen problem they are quick to resolve the matter. the problem with buying from a Home Depot is there is usually no one who knows the product

very good. it can be a little tricky

to get everything that is needed to go with the windows. Unless you have been trained properly selling Andersen windows can be a challenge to get it all correct on the order. (getting extention jambs, the right grilles, ect.)

79545879, 2008-09-19, 03:59PM CDT

As a remodeling contractor, I would NEVER by Windows or Doors from ANY BOX STORE....Because you get what you pay for. I always use a reputable Lumberyard. That said, I have heard many horror stories about Home Depot and there representation of Andersen Products. Several years ago, I was hired to install a storm door at a Customer summer place. The job was in MA and they lived in CA. They gave me the stock number and come to find out, Home Depot, has there own numbers they use on ALL Andersen products. SO I cross refernced with Andersen's website, found the door and was able to get that door for cheaper money, faster delivery and a MUCH Better quality.....but purchased it thru one of my suppliers...The Customer was happy.

At a meeting last year with other Builders and Andersen reps, the Owner of the Lumberyard, I mainly use, sat with me and out of the blue, told me that Home Depot was in hot water with Andersen Corp. Seems someone filed a warranty claim on a Home Depot Andersen window...come to find out, the unit and warranty were null and void. Though the Customer did have an Andersen window, the hardware and screen were not Andersen, but fakes and because of this, it made the warranty null and void.....

Lastly, here on 09/18/08, I am going thru this again with a Customer who wants to buy 2 Andersen storm doors and is told by Home Depot he can have them in 7 days...including a Custom Sized unit and the color he wants......I've cross referenced oonce again and HD has alot of different numbers compared to the actual Andersen site and my supplier ststes that the brass hardware is not from Andersen, but alas, another MFG....

SO BUYER Beware on any products purchased in those BIG BOX Stores......

80c70b38, 2009-01-14, 04:29AM CST

Andersen windows has been a problem for a long time. They always seem to have something go wrong and they assume the least amount of liability of any of the big window companies. The contractor and consumer beware... avoid Andersen windows if you have a choice. Their premium grade thin line sliding glass door is the worst! How can their top of the line unit have any quality control if they have the assembly done on site? Just to say, the last 4 times I have had to use Andersen windows or doors I have had 8 problems.

be00b5b5, 2009-11-05, 11:41AM CST

This story illustrates the reasons for using experienced, qualified contractors for this type of work. Home Depot is great in many areas and I do not mean to put them down. However, ordering and installing custom windows is not an easy task. Working with an experienced window dealorship and contractor as your contacts with Andersen should have avoided all of the problems that you experienced. I am a general contractor and I have contracted for window orders and installation for over 30 years. It is complicated. There are many factors involved. It takes people with experience. The Home Depot people are not specialists in this area. Good for them for sticking with you through the resolution!

e6f86fed, 2009-11-19, 07:45AM CST

I have also had significant problems with Andersen warranty and hardware finish issues. I am consistently amazed at their lack of customer service, when a problem arises.

We always use reputable lumberyards, with large Andersen accounts, and this has not proven to help.

Despite reasonable quality (with the exception of their sliding glass doors, which I agree are horrible), I will no longer purchase their product.

c861dc3d, 2010-03-16, 03:36PM CDT

Anderson sold us faulty windows. We now have to have twenty five of them replaced! Anderson is sending the replacement windows but will NOT pay for the installation since "the warranty doesn't cover it" even though Anderson fully admits that the windows are faulty. Do NOT trust in Anderson Windows. They do not stand behind their product. We spent THOUSANDS with the company and now they are having us spend a couple thousand more to have these windows replaced. We've even had the glass panes collapsing in on eachother!

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