Rawhide International - Rawhide International (Please Read if you are considering buying at Rawhide)

Posted on Saturday, April 23rd, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by b4758b91

Company: Rawhide International

Location: MARKHAM, ON, CA

Category: Stores, Shopping

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS PLACE. In the last week they had three of their stores shut down and their Markham store is being overloaded with all complaints around people getting the wrong furniture or not getting there furniture on the scheduled date. I have run into many people there and we have exchanged number just incase a civil suit is launched. i also forgot to mention Brian Green (the owner) is a liar AND SCUM. The company charged my credit card without authorization for $2800.00 ( i hear they have done this to others).

Brian told me that the Whitby store was closed down last week as the employee was sick, when I went back the next day all the furniture was gone and so were the other two stores (WHAT A LIAR). I got a refund slip and now need to go through Visa to get my money back (but at least I am getting it back). People who paid with cash are screwed. Oh and I also heard that the Visa terminals were confiscated by the government.

The funny thing is that they are still trying to sell customers furniture. I don't know how much longer they can stay open given the amount of complaints that they have been getting. Oh and if your waiting for a call back form the owner, Brian GOOD LUCK!!! he sneaks in there at 7am and is out by 7:15am leaving his poor employees to get verbally abused by the angry customers. One again DO NOT BUY FROM RAWHIDE PLEASE!!!!! IF ANYONE NEEDS INFO ON HOW TO PROCEED WITH CREDIT CARD COMPANIES, I WOULD BE HAPPY TO HELP. IF YOU ARE WAITING FOR YOU FURNATURE TO BE DELIVERED, DUE YOURSELF A FAVOUR AND GET A CREDIT CARD REFUND FROM THE COMAPANY AS YOU PROBABLY, MOST LIKELY, WILL NOT GET YOUR FURNATURE ON TIME, OR THE RIGHT FURNATURE. ALSO IF THE PLACE GOES COMPLETLY BANKRUPT WHAT KIND OF AFTERCARE WILL YOU GET FOR THE PRODUCT, ANSWER: YOU WON'T Vince


c3aba75f, 2012-06-28, 02:04PM CDT

And he is still at it. Brian Green took our money, did not deliver what we ordered-as he admitted- and now we can not get a refund. Since the previous post he has also been convicted of tax evasion and been placed on the government of Ontarios "buyer beware" list. Now having to sue in small claims court. Now operates as Green Sofa Design and Hides Custom Furniture, but it actually Sylvan Upholstery that makes the sofas.

fc29030c, 2012-08-22, 06:45PM CDT

Hello c3aba75f

Have you By any chance received your furniture or a refund since this post?

Have you taken any legal action as I am currenty having the same issue.

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