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To Whom It May Concern: I am probably joining thousands of others who have the same feelings about ASKO products. ASKO is probably the WORST customer service organization on the major appliance category. ASKO is probably the most OVERPRICED, CONTINUOUSLY BROKEN DOWN APPLIANCE, with POOR QUALITY CONSTRUCTION/PARTS in the universe. When attempting to contact ASKO "customer SERVICE?????" I was disconnected by THEM while waiting on line for OVER 20 minutes...they just cut me off...must have been "break-time" ! My problem is that since I originally purchased my ASKO appliances in 1995, Washer, Dryer and Dishwasher, The first month, they had to replace the motor in the washer, then again the next year, they replaced the motor again, along with several other electrical components. In 1995, the new dryer continued to "blow" the electrical panel inside of has been replaced a MINIMUM of 5 times in 10 years [ the circuit panel would have “burn“ marks on it, after replacing it numerous times, the repairman made a frustrating decision, he “overrode“ the panel wiring, whatever that is.

The LINT flies all over every house I have ever owned....masses of lint dust ! Last December 2004, I had ANOTHER motor installed into the ASKO washer and less than 16 WEEKS later, the motor is OUT again ! I just spent ANOTHER $550 last December on this piece of junk ! The repairman told me to use the washer only half full and STILL I had to spin the clothes twice because the new motor RPM doesn’t spin as fast as the others and I had to spin the clothes twice and it still takes the dryer longer to dry….I can wash two loads to one dryer load.

Then after only 16 weeks, it quit again and is now hauled off to the repair shop. am sitting here today with a family of 6 and no washing machine OH! and NO DRYER, because the two are plugged in together ! The appliance repair company brought be an old standard washer to use....but I cannot dry I have clothes hangers all over my house drying clothes for a family ! This is ridiculous ! I pray that someone will read this and have the guts to make this right ! Is there NO ONE at ASKO with character to do the right thing and just REPLACE my LEMON of a washer and dryer ?????? The dishwasher is great. No does what it said it would's quiet, it cleans. Please feel free to contact me. J. Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_42571#


1baae407, 2009-07-23, 10:57AM CDT

I agree with this person. I am really ticked off by Asko's advertisement that their machines are made to last 20 years. Like what ... the frame because after only 7 years, my dryer is a piece of junk. There are only 2 of us, so we don't have huge laundry days. First, the drum rollers broke; we fixed that but then the dryer vibrated so much that I couldn't stand the noise. Finally, the belt broke. The repairman can't seem to fix the unit; he says it vibrates too much yet. And yes, I can't do any laundry because the units hook into each other. Try to find a plug that fits this stupid set-up. I was so excited about my Asko when I bought it, but I will NEVER buy or advise anyone else to buy Asko products. And yes, the units are expensive; you'd think that they would last more than 7 years. I've had cheaper appliances that did last over 20 years with NO problems. When we called Asko, the comment was: "Oh, they just don't make things to last anymore." Why is Asko allowed to advertise that their washers and dryers will last 20 years. "Consumer Reports" where are you???

john m., 2013-05-08, 02:08PM CDT

"I am really ticked off by Asko's advertisement that their machines are made to last 20 years." You should be ticked off because you think something last for 20 years with out service? Do you own a car or do you walk to work? Because cars and trucks get serviced all the time. With warranty or not. My truck needed water pump and a timing belt in 10 years.

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